Mirror Pronouns - What is it? What does it mean?

Last Updated: 02/07/2023
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Mirrored pronouns or mirrorpronomial typically refer to a person who goes by the pronoun sets of an individual they have a conversation with. An individual who is mirrorpronomial has a different pronoun set for each individual they interact with. 

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Terminology & History

According to the Urban Dictionary, mirrored pronouns are often used by people who are comfortable with any but prefer to use yours when talking about them.

It is interesting to note that the concept of using someone else’s pronoun set in conversation is not new. That said, the actual term “mirrored pronouns” was not coined until 2021. 

An alternative term, mirrorpronomial, appeared in July 2021. This term is meant to resemble other pronomial terms. 

Flag and Symbols

There are several versions of the flag available online. Perhaps the most popular one is the flag that features a mirror in the middle. It was created around the same time as the term but has no specific meaning. 

Mirrored Pronouns flagMirrored Pronouns flag


To some, using mirrored pronouns may sound tricky - it isn’t. People who apply the concept in daily life have multiple pronoun sets they go by. An individual who prefers mirrored pronouns uses the same set as the someone they currently interact with. For instance, in a conversation with someone who uses neopronounces a mirrorpronomial person would simply apply this neopronounce to themselves. So they may use whichever pronouns at any given time. There are subsets of mirrored pronouns:

Clear mirroring refers to people who use whatever set the human being is using for themselves

Foggy mirroring refers to people who are fine with others using any of their pronouns

An easy way to distinguish using mirrored pronouns in written communication and on social media is putting an abbreviation “mir.” or “mp”. People may also use a mirror emoji. 

How To Support Mirrorpronomial People?

If the individual you’re conversing with is someone with mirrored pronouns, do your best to upkeep the chat. Never assume someone’s pronouns based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. Ask them if you are unsure whether mirrorpronomial individuals use clear mirroring or foggy mirroring.  Always use proper pronouns at all times. Suppose it does not work for you and makes you uncomfortable; pause and tell the speaker how to make the conversation flow easier. Do your best to use inclusive and respectful language at all times. You can always do some research online on using mirroring in conversation or on social media. Join LGBTQ+ organizations and volunteer your time to help raise awareness and eliminate discrimination against people who are mirrorpronomial.

An alternative version of the mirror pronomial flagAn alternative version of the mirror pronomial flag

Alternate stripe version of the mirrorpronomial flagAlternate stripe version of the mirrorpronomial flag

Three stripe version of the mirrored pronoun flagThree stripe version of the mirrored pronoun flag

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