Homoflexible - What is it? What does it mean?

Last Updated: 12/19/2022
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Homoflexible is a sexual orientation in which someone is primarily attracted to the same sex, but also experience attraction to the opposite sex. Often, for people who identify this way, the gay orientation takes priority over the straight attraction. One can also identify as homoflexible if they are homosexual but also enjoy (only) romantic and/or sexual encounters with people of the other sex.

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Merriam-Webster defines the term as "Sometimes attracted outside one's predominant orientation." As such, this is a term closely related to labels such as homosexual, heterosexual, and bisexual. Most people who identify with this orientation have (had) a clear preference for one gender for their partners (at some point), but have since become attracted to a person or multiple people of a different gender. Many used to identify as bisexual or bi-curious, the latter of which is often considered a synonym, although not without a difference. 

In addition to homoflexibility, there is also heteroflexibility, which is used to refer to a person who is predominantly heterosexual but can feel attracted to people of the same sex as well.


This word is a relatively simple contraction of the Ancient Greek "homo," meaning "similar" or "the same," now commonly used when talking about sexualities, and flexible. 


The exact history of this label is, unfortunately, unknown. What is known is that the term came to exist to fill the gaps that some encountered between homosexuality and bisexuality, between heterosexuality and bisexuality, or to give a more accurate description of one's bi-curiosity. Even now, many identify with both homoflexibility and bisexuality, so understand that the two orientations can co-exist.

Flags and Symbols

The homoflexible flag looks a lot like the LGBT flag that many know already. The main thing different about this flag is that it has a vertical stripe down the middle consisting of multiple shades of grey.

Homoflexible flagHomoflexible flag

The homoflexible symbol consists of different symbols put together.

Homoflexible symbolHomoflexible symbol


Being homoflexible is about how you experience attraction, not about what genders you identify as. As such, the term does not say anything about one's pronouns, as it is available for more than one gender in particular. Since gender identity is not inherent to this term, no one set of pronouns is used. It should be noted, however, that you should still always ask people how they identify and by which pronouns they like to go by, so that you can respect their preferences and not harm their feelings.

Am I homoflexible?

After reading this article, you may ask yourself: is this label for me? Does this describe me? There are essentially two steps to you figuring out the answer to that question. Ask yourself whether you are predominantly attracted to people of the opposite gender. If so, ask yourself if you can also get enjoyment from being with romantic or sexual partners of your own gender. If you answered yes to both questions, ask yourself if this attraction is, indeed, focused for the majority on one of these genders. If so, the label may work for you. If not, ask yourself if you would identify as bisexual instead.

How to support someone who is homoflexible

If you want to support your partners or friends who identify this way, here is a short list of all the different things you can do!

  • Try to understand that your partner, despite being mainly attracted to the gender you identify as, it is possible for them to be attracted to other genders too.
  • Don't ask someone to "explain" their identity or sexuality, much like you would never ask someone why they are lesbian, homosexual, or bisexual.
  • If something bothers you about your friend or partner, try to talk openly about it. Nothing like the truth!

Alternative Homoflexible flagAlternative Homoflexible flag

Alternative flag by pronouns.pageAlternative flag by pronouns.page

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