Genderfluid Lesbian - What is it? What does it mean?

Last Updated: 12/19/2022
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Genderfluid lesbian flag

Genderfluid lesbian typically refers to a genderfluid person who describes their sexual orientation as a lesbian. A genderfluid lesbian most often identifies as a woman or woman-aligned individual but it should be noted that they may also be male on some occasions. 

The term falls under the non-binary lesbian umbrella but some people may choose to solely use genderfluid lesbian.

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Genderfluid lesbian is a combination of the words used to refer to people's gender and sexual orientation. Whether partners are described as lesbians has little to do with their sex but rather their sexual and romantic orientation. Some lesbians may use butch to describe themselves similarly there are non-binary lesbians.  

Genderfluid meaning is used to refer to people’s gender. It means that one's gender identity fluctuates. Their gender is not fixed. Genderfluid individuals may have an expression that is of a single gender or multiple genders or none at all.

Lesbians are females or woman-aligned individuals who are sexually and/or romantically attracted to other females or female-oriented people. 

As far as the meanings are concerned, this is a person whose gender may fluctuate but attraction is exclusive to women or women-aligned individuals. 


The history and the meanings behind the terminology are up for debate. The term seems to have an online background with some tracing its history to Tumblr and Reddit. 

In 2018, a Hollywood actor Ruby Rose, drew quite a bit of criticism and backlash about the way she identifies herself causing Rose to create alternate terms to match her sexual attraction as well as her choice of partners who are not male. 

Flag and Symbols

There are several versions of the genderfluid lesbian flag currently available online. Some of the genderfluid lesbian flag versions are quite similar to the lesbian flag. One of the most commonly used and earliest versions of the genderfluid lesbian flag was created in May of 2018. 

Genderfluid lesbian flagGenderfluid lesbian flag


Genderfluid lesbians may use neutral pronouns like they/them or neopronouns like xe/xem, ee/em, ze/zir, and so on. They may also use specific pronouns like she/her. Their pronouns may change and fluctuate over time. 

Remember to never assume what pronouns an individual prefers. Always share your pronouns in conversation, oral as well as written communication. Sometimes people avoid pronouns and use only their name. Be respectful and ask if in doubt. 

How to Know if You’re a Genderfluid Lesbian? 

If it seems like a great label for you then go ahead and claim it. There may be a lack of resources available online to give more insight into the meaning. However, a person identifying as genderfluid may also be a lesbian if they like femininity. 

If you are a genderfluid individual that loves females or woman-aligned people and identify with the term lesbian best describes your sexual orientation then go for it. There is truly no test available to tell you whether you should or should not use the label. A few questions that you may ask yourself are: 

  • Do I like women-oriented people? 
  • Do I seek relationships with ladies only?
  • Do I prefer partners who do not display masculinity?

Remember, you are the only person to decide whether the label fits you best. Sexual and romantic attraction changes. Labels may shift and change over time. Your sexuality is valid no matter what. 

How to Support Genderfluid Lesbians? 

If you would like to show your support, here are a few steps you can follow: 

  • Join LGBTQ+ community organizations
  • Research and learn more about the history of genderfluid lesbians  
  • Do not judge
  • Be an ally 
  • Provide access to a safe and supportive environment 

The best way to showcase your support is by being an ally 365 days a year. Avoid judgemental statements and listen to people who have chosen you to open up to. 

An alternate version of the genderfluid lesbian flagAn alternate version of the genderfluid lesbian flag

Another alternate version of the genderfluid lesbian flagAnother alternate version of the genderfluid lesbian flag

An alternate version of the genderfluid lesbian flagAn alternate version of the genderfluid lesbian flag

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