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Last Updated: 02/07/2023
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Finsexual typically describes an exclusive attraction to people who are feminine in nature. Feminine in nature may include AFAB and AMAB individuals who are either express or present themselves in a feminine way. 

Finsexual persons may experience attraction to all and any feminine-aligned individuals including potentially feminine men. The term is typically used by non-binary persons.

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The term finsexual is quite similar to the term gynesexual. These two terms are sometimes deemed synonymous and may be used interchangeably by non binary people.

According to Urban Dictionary, the term refers to:

“A person who is attracted to other people who are FIN, usually used by Non-Binaries but Binary People can use it too.”

Gynesexual has several meanings whereas finsexual is a unique term which means finsexual people are attracted to females, feminine aligned people, feminine presenting non-binary folks, and men who are feminine.

A finsexual person is likely going to be attracted to someone who presents in a feminine way. They are not going to experience feelings towards women who present in an androgenous or masculine way.

There is an equivalent for masculine attraction. The word for people who are attracted to masculinity is minsexual. Finsexual people may also be sapphic since it does not require them to feel attraction exclusively towards women. 


Finsexual was created online in August 2015. The word quickly gathered support among non-binary communities. 

There are other terms that stemmed from it. Among them are: 

  • Finromantic which describes the romantic attraction to FIN people
  • Finflexible is a flexible variant of the attraction to FIN people. Finflexible individuals may also experience sexual feelings towards other gender expressions and presentations.

Flag and Symbols

There are several flags available online to represent finsexuality. Among the most popular ones is a flag that features pink and orange hues with a pink pin in it. Although the colors tend to symbolize femininity the flag has no specific meaning. 

Finsexual flagFinsexual flag

There is also a finsexuality symbol available online. It has no known meaning

Finsexual symbolFinsexual symbol


Finsexual folks are generally non -binary individuals. They may use gender-specific pronouns but tend to use gender-neutral pronouns most of the time. Some people may prefer not to use pronouns at all. 

They may use gender-neutral pronouns like:

  • they/them
  • ze/zir
  • xe/xem
  • ee/eem

Some may use gender-specific pronouns: 

  • she/her
  • he/him

How to Know if You are Finsexual?

If you feel the term best describes your sexuality then it is a valid label for you to use. Finsexuality focuses on attraction to femininity. It does not mean that you have to be a non-binary person who is attracted to women. On many occasions, it is the case but it is not necessarily true.

So, if you feel sexually attracted to people who are FIN, you may be a finsexual person.

Remember that your experience and orientation are yours alone. No person can tell you how to feel and whom to be attracted to. If you are a non-binary person who experiences sexual attraction to FIN people then you are likely a finsexual individual.

Alternate finsexual flagAlternate finsexual flag

Another alternate version is available onlineAnother alternate version is available online

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