Faunic - What is it? What does it mean?

Last Updated: 12/16/2022
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Faunic/Daunic flag

Faunic which sometimes may be spelled as daunic typically describes an orientation characterized by non-men being attracted to other non-men. It can also encompass non-male who wish to be partners and form relationships with other non-males.

The term does not refer to an exclusive attraction. Gay women, lesbians, wlw, nblw, wlnb identities may all fall under the term faunic. Faunic is the non-man counterpart to sapphic

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Terminology & History

Faunic seems to have its origins online with most of the information posted on fandom sites. The synonymous term daunic was coined on Tumbler in 2019 and rose to popularity on forums. The majority of the content relating to the attraction may be found when you visit fandom websites. Both terms describe sexuality in relation to non-men having attraction towards other non-men. 


Faunic people may be cisgender, agender, transgender, and nonbinary. These individuals may have partners that are non-male but identify as other genders. In order not to miss anything in conversation and keep the person content, pay attention to their pronouns. 

They typically use gender-neutral pronouns but may also use gender-specific female pronouns she/her, some may even use male-specific pronouns he/him. 

Remember to always share your pronouns in conversation and written communication. If you are unsure of the pronouns a person is using - ask them or their partners. Never assume someoneโ€™s pronouns based on their gender identity or expression. 

Flag and Symbols

There are many different versions of the faunic as well as daunic flags on fandom websites. Among the content online there is also an exclusive faunic flag that features five stripes. 

  • Spring green for expression and identity
  • White for history and solidarity
  • Pink for a diverse community
  • Green for femininity
  • Dark green for power and independence

Faunic/Daunic flagFaunic/Daunic flag

How to Know if You are Faunic?

If you are a person that identifies as a non-man and develops sexual or romantic feelings for other non-men you may be faunic. If you feel the term fits your sexuality well, if it makes you content - then go ahead and use it. It is valid no matter what as long as you are content with using it. 

It is important to note that labels may shift and change over time and that is absolutely okay. You are the only person to determine what word and term you best. 

A simplified versionA simplified version

Neon colored version of the flagNeon colored version of the flag

Non-men exclusively attracted to non-men flagNon-men exclusively attracted to non-men flag

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