Boyflux - What is it? What does it mean?

Last Updated: 12/19/2022
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Boyflux is a category whereby someone has a male identity most of the time, but also experiences varying degrees of maleness or masculinity. For one's gender, for example, one could feel male most of the time, but feel agender (0% male) or demiboy (50%) at moments, their identity may quickly jump from one to the other.

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Boyflux is a term for someone who has a form of masculine identity at any given time. A boyflux individual feels some degree of masculinity most of the time, but experiences varying degrees of male identity. For example, one can feel mostly or completely masculine one moment and only weakly masculine or much more in touch with female and feminine genders the next moment. Some people are also known for feeling fluctuating intensity when it comes to their experienced masculine identity. For instance, one moment, a specific gender is felt with high intensity, whereas the next moment the same gender or similar identities are felt but with far lower intensity.


The term was first coined in 2015 by Tumblr user kitsuneshay. There was a strong link with genderflux, which is the relevant umbrella term for related flux genders, with different names depending on the exact gender identities. Genderflux was coined in 2014.

Flags and Symbols

It is unknown when the original flag was created. What is known is that this flag has been reworked a number of times. The original flag consists of three horizontal blue stripes of varying shades, representing the fluctuating intensity of various degrees of masculinity, with five vertical stripes in the upper left corner in the colours pink, purple, green, white, and grey, representing the relevant identities between man and woman, including identities not on this spectrum. 

Boyflux flagBoyflux flag

The currently-used flag was created by Fandom-user Jamy123456789 in 2020. This flag combines the symbolism of the original flag into a simpler format.

Alternate boyflux flagAlternate boyflux flag


In general, most people who identify as boyflux relate to masculine pronouns, fitting with their feeling like a man or identifying to any other amount of unnamed genders on the male side of the spectrum. In most cases, therefore, masculine pronouns will do nicely. However, it is better not to assume anything. Compare how it is always better not to describe someone as a boy without you being absolutely certain that they are feeling that way at that moment. 

Am I boyflux?

If you're struggling with figuring out your gender identity and think you may be boyflux, you've come to the right place. There are couple of simple questions you can ask yourself to help you on your way to figuring it out for yourself! Ask yourself:

  • Do I feel mainly masculine most of the time but not always?
  • Do I want to describe myself with a term that gives others more information about my link to masculinity?
  • Do I experience these various feelings of masculinity with varying degrees of intensity?

If you answered yes to one or all of the above, you may want to start looking for more information. Note that only you can decide what labels you create for yourself, but you can always ask others for their input or to share their lived experiences with you so you can figure it out for yourself.

How to support someone who is boyflux

There are a few different ways to help out your boyflux friends. 

  • Be an ally! Create a safe space, wave the flag, and inform yourself.
  •  Be supportive of one's identity, and realise that the way they choose to present themselves doesn't change who they are as a person.
  • Treat your LGBT friends with kindness, and help create a safe space in your university or workplace.

Original boyflux flagOriginal boyflux flag

Alternate Flag by RoseWateraAlternate Flag by RoseWatera

Alternate flag based on the Girlflux color orientationAlternate flag based on the Girlflux color orientation

Alternate flag by RezRobinAlternate flag by RezRobin

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