Afeminine - What is it? What does it mean?

Last Updated: 12/16/2022
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Afeminine is a new identity that typically refers to people who identify as agender but exhibit some form of feminine gender expression. Among the forms of fem, expression may be womanly names, presentations, or expressions. Some say the identity is similar to librafeminine. 

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Terminology & History

The term is fairly new when it comes to LGBTQ+ history. It was coined as a counterpart to amasculine. It was suggested by a FANDOM user FoxFanana in August 2021. 

The definition may be somewhat similar to librafeminine, but it is not the same. People are completely agender but exhibit some form of a woman or woman-aligned expression at a certain time in their life. 

Flag and Symbols

Currently, there is no flag and symbol available online. 


The individuals are 100% agender. They may use neutral pronouns like they/them or neopronouns of their preference. That said, some may choose to use gendered pronouns like she/her or he/him. 

It is crucial never to assume someone’s pronouns based on expression or identity. Please remember always to share your pronouns in written and oral communication. Avoid using pronouns if you are uncertain of the set a person you’re conversing with prefers. Always use inclusive and diverse language. Use the person’s name if you are unsure of their chosen pronouns. 

How To Know If You’re Afeminine?

If you are agender but exhibit feminine characteristics or have some form of feminine expression, you may be afeminine. If you feel comfortable and content with the label, then go ahead and use it to describe your identity. If you feel like your name may be feminine, yet you are 100% agender, then you may claim the label for yourself. 

Remember, identity and expression may change and shift over time. You are the only person to determine what label fits your identity best at any given point in life. Never let anyone tell you that your experience is not valid. 

How To Support Someone Who is Afeminine?

If you have someone who identifies with this term in your life, there are certain ways to support them. You can be an active listener offer a helping hand and advice when asked for it. You can also showcase your support for the community by doing the following: 

  • Joining LGBTQ+ organizations 

  • Joining online forums and groups

  • Volunteering your time at events 

  • Raising awareness at work, school, university 

  • Being an ally 365 days a year

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