Taimi presents: LGBTQIA+ Dating in 2023 Wrapped

It’s been an exciting year for Taimi. We’re so proud of what we accomplished, and super impressed by you too! Let’s take a look back!

Decisions were made

3.17 Billion

Total number of mutuals

65 Million

Total number of dialogues

52 Million

Likes sent

730 Million

Total number of sessions

288 Million

Photos were uploaded

18 Million

Taimi Sessions

Session Data

288 million Taimi users sessions were started in 2023. That’s 15 millions hours online with an average time of 4 minutes

Hours online

15 Million
Decisions Decisions Decisions

Interested or not? Pass or play? You make a choice on every profile. In fact, Taimi users made 3.17 billion decisions!

They Really Like You!

You all have been busy! 730 million likes, wow! 78% of you got your first like within 15 minutes.

Got first like within 15 minutes

Time For a Chat!

There have been 52 million conversations on Taimi this year. 680 million messages have been sent, and 80% of mutuals have a dialogue with one another.

Messages sent

680 Million

Taimi Across America

Show some state pride! See how your home state stacks up against the others when it comes to making the most of Taimi!

Most Active

These states have Taimi users who are interacting with dating profiles more than anyone else.

Most Engaged
Closing the Distance
The Camera Loves Them!
Putting it All Out There
Follow ‘em on Insta!
Playlist Love
Smooth Talkers

Taimi Users: Interests Hobbies & More!

Free Time! What’s that? Take a look at how Taimi users are spending their free moments.

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Loves reading, nights at home in front of the TV, getting out on long walks with the dogs, and hitting the road. Self care is a top priority, and that includes mental health.

Always have time for the gym. Comfortable at home watching movies or gaming. They are hardly couch potatoes though! Always up for a night at the club.

Love dancing, hanging out in coffee shops, and rarely seen without at least three beverages. Definitely into self-care, and treating their pets like children.

Creative expression is definitely a priority. Into art of all kinds. Love body art and travelling.

Fiercely independent and on the go. Could be at the ballgame, working it out at the gym, or in an intense gaming session.

Gaming ranks high as an interest, and so does reading. Enjoy watching anime, hanging out with pets, and relaxing while reading an amazing book.

Interests are varied but often deep. Love gaming of all kinds. Can often be found making art or simply enjoying it. Dedicated pet owners. Tend to love cooking and eating.

Make Your Dating Profile Pop!

Even if you aren’t a data nerd like us, you’ll love these evidence-backed tips for getting more play on Taimi!

Clubs Reading Traveling Movies TV shows Sports Gaming Music Gym Photography Food Pets Art Adventures Dancing Singing Anime Drag Outdoor Make up Fashion Self-care Cosplay Tattoos Psychology Camping Painting Writing Hiking Theatre Crypto

Have a Deep Convo

Connect with people with shared interests and your conversations will be 3.2X longer!

Let’s See Your Face!

Users who include a picture with their face are 6.4 times more likely to get a like on their profile.

Show Off Your Insta

Add Spotify and Instagram Cards. Your profile will be 3.1X more attractive.

Get Intimate

Users who have private cards on their profile get more mutual connections - 12X more to be exact.

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