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Taimi: Dating for Lesbians Made Safe and Easy

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Taimi Finder is the best way for lesbian and bisexual women to find new friends or romantic partners. Taimi is an inclusive community for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. So, lesbian dating is an integral part of the LGBTQ+ platform. Taimi is a safe space for lesbian chats and the perfect place for women who like women to make new friends or start romantic relationships.


Taimi is an inclusive community for LGBTQ+ people that provides a safe space for lesbian chat online. Taimi offers countless possibilities for lesbian chats - exchange texts, pictures, videos and voice messages whenever you want. Taimi is not a lesbian chat room, but a platform that offers many options for its users. If distance is an issue for your new lesbian friend - live and free video chat will help you take your lesbian chat to the next level.

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digest & groups

Many people are used to using dating chat rooms, Taimi offers something completely unique from lesbian dating sites. Taimi has custom groups where users can share their thoughts, express their ideas, show off their talents, share content, comment, like and so much more! Taimi groups are your chance to find like-minded people to share your special moments with.


If you have ever been on a lesbian dating site, you know how important it is to create a catchy profile. Your profile on Taimi is what catches the attention of a potential future life partner. Share info on your favorite things like music and movies, talk about lesbian icons and of course post a great picture of yourself. Taimi profile is the place to express yourself to the fullest!

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live streams

Taimi Live Streams will offer you to grow your following and connect to LGBTQ+ people from different corners of the planet. Being a part of the lesbian community is vital, but you will have access to a wide range of audiences. So, don’t be afraid to talk about your favorite lesbian movies or lesbian books, share thoughts on the latest news headlines or simply show your talents off! Taimi's new Live Duet feature lets you connect to any Streamer via video and co-host the live streams! The possibilities are endless!

What are Taimi’s Advantages for Lesbian Dates?

Taimi is not only a fully inclusive dating app for lesbians, it is a platform for LGBTQ+ people looking to network and find friends. Taimi is different from other dating apps available to women who like women. Taimi offers many features that are tremendously popular among its lesbian users. The platform is a safe and secure place to communicate, chat and date.

Joining Taimi’s community means that you will become a part of a global Taimi family. This is the place to find your next lesbian relationship, to meet new friends and improve your life.

Taimi is not only for lesbians or bisexual women looking to date, the platform is open to all gender identities, which means you can find great connections on the platform.

Taimi is fighting to change the public’s perception when it comes to gender identity and sexuality. It is hugely important for us to keep our platform safe and secure for all LGBTQ+ people.

Whether it's a long-term relationship, casual dating, hookups, or even friendship, Taimi is the best dating app for lesbian or bisexual women searching to expand their social circle.