• Check out to whom you’re talking. Do a reverse-image search of the person’s photo. If the photo is associated with another name or details don’t match up, that’s a sign of a scam.
  • Don’t share personal information such as your cell number, email or social-media profile with someone you just met on an app. 
  • Don’t pay scammers to destroy photos or conversations; there’s no guarantee they will.


Taimi does not allow violence against or discrimination toward people based on protected characteristics: race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, religious affiliation, caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, and serious disease.

Our policy strictly prohibits all behavior and media promoting or perpetuating harmful stereotypes and generalizations, dehumanization and statements of inferiority, threats of violence and discrimination, fear-mongering, prejudice, and calls for exclusion or segregation.


It is prohibited to distribute explicit or suggestive content and requests publicly. Such content includes, without limitation, the promotion of pornography, depictions of nudity, people in explicit or suggestive positions, and overly provocative or potentially abusive activities and requests.

Whether explicitly or implicitly, imagery displaying intercourse, masturbation, visible genitalia, and fetish-related content is not allowed. Media wherein the focal point is directly aimed at or zoomed in on explicit areas of the body, nude or covered, will also be removed.


Taimi takes the safety and financial security of our users very seriously. We don’t allow our platform to be used as a vehicle for the promotion of goods and services in exchange for money or other forms of compensation that have the potential of being monetized.

Sharing your personal financial information - or requesting that of others - to receive or send money from or to other individuals or groups of people will result in a suspension.

This policy prohibits sharing bank details, credit card details, all forms of digital payment method credentials and links (e.g., Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, etc.), and actively sharing other social profiles or services that either require or offer paid memberships and subscriptions (e.g., Snapchat Premium, OnlyFans, Patreon, etc.).


We don’t allow our service to be used to further unlawful activities or facilitate the circulation of illegal goods or services, including certain types of regulated goods or services, including but not limited to, drugs, weapons etc.

Authenticity Is Key


Taimi is a place to create meaningful connections and inspire others by sharing unique content. Any behavior aimed at aggressively adding inauthentic engagement to your profile or activity on the app is strictly prohibited.

Furthermore, it is not allowed to artificially amplify or manipulate all forms of reward-based and level-based features by operating multiple accounts or coordinating interactions with other users. Fraudulent attempts to inflate your in-app benefits or disenfranchise others from enjoying theirs are strictly prohibited. Additionally, you can’t be engaged in offering or requesting features (e.g., coins, gifts, etc.) in exchange for goods and services, both in-app and offline.


We prohibit all artificial activity that creates a disruptive or negative user experience on our platform and can potentially threaten the security of our users.

Such artificial activity includes, but is not limited to, the promotion of other social profiles and all artificial means to gain likes, followers, shares, or viewership, posting or sending inauthentic and repetitive content, uploading posts or videos that include third-party advertising, and sharing links to promote goods and services by redirecting users for commercial gain.


Any attempt to impersonate another individual is not allowed. Creating fake accounts, uploading misleading photos of your friends, celebrities, or other people to your profile, registering an account on behalf of a minor or other third party, and identity theft are strictly prohibited.

Moreover, all forms of false representation of a brand or organization are equally prohibited. The prohibition, without limitation,includes behavior and content aimed at deceiving or confusing others, spreading misinformation or disinformation, defaming individuals or organizations, and other malicious or fraudulent activities.


To ensure the authenticity and integrity of all interactions and conversations on our platform, we request that users refrain from posting profile pictures where the face is obscured or where the image is overly digitally altered.

All accounts registered will pass a two-step verification process to make sure there are no fake accounts. Verification and profile images should match at all times.


We wish to keep our community well-informed and require all content to represent real and reliable information. It is not allowed to share or promote manipulated media or false information that may cause real physical violence and harm, undermines public safety, or furthers hate speech, discrimination, and harassment.


Taimi’s Terms of Service strictly prohibit posting or sharing any content subject to third-party copyright or trademark rights without their explicit permission or authorization. We ask that you respect all applicable intellectual property rights when adding content to your account.

How do I report a violation of these Community Rules?

If, at any time, you encounter a community member who violates our Community Rules, we invite you to report them immediately.

All user reports are subject to a thorough investigation, and appropriate enforcement will take place with respect to the nature, severity, and context of the reported violation, as well as the user’s profile history.

You can block and report a user directly by going to their profile and tapping the options icon (three dots).

How does Taimi enforce these Community Rules?

To keep Taimi a safe space for everyone, we employ a range of consistent enforcement measures.

The consequences for violating our Community Rules vary depending on the nature, severity, and context of the reported violation, as well as the user’s profile history.

As a result, we may send a warning, remove content from our public areas, restrict access to certain features (e.g., regarding Streaming violations in particular), or temporarily disable a profile.

Despite warnings and temporary account restrictions, continued violations or violations that pose severe safety risks will lead to an account being suspended permanently.

How do I appeal a decision concerning violations?

All users have the right to appeal a decision. If you think we made a mistake, please forward your request via our Live Support Team or send an email at support@taimi.com.

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