What is the Psychology Love Eye Trick and Does it Actually Work?

Last Updated 05.10.2022
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One of the things that more people would like to know is how to make someone fall in love with them. A 2021 TikTok video said that all it took was a simple eye trick and you could have whoever you want to fall in love with you.

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    This definitely sounds a little too good to be true but with over 17 million views, one might start to wonder. Is there actually any truth to this psychology love eye trick and if so, how does eye gazing help someone fall in love? Let's find out!

    What Exactly is the Psychology Love Eye Trick?

    As mentioned previously, it all started when Tiktok user Sophie Rose Lloyd uploaded a series of videos in 2021, saying that there is a simple eye trick that can make anyone fall in love with you with a simple gaze. Since then, the video has gone viral having gathered over 17 million views and the attention of many who have claimed that the trick works.

    The eye-gazing trick is fairly simple, but as Lloyd, herself says, it has never failed her. The steps to doing it are pretty simple and easy to follow and consist of the following:

    1. When you are in a conversation with someone you like, make sure to look in your crush's left eye for about one second. Looking at the person's left eye only at first will help you possibly catch their attention as they will see your eye movement shift.

    2. Right after that, shift your gaze and look at their lips. You don't need to hold your gaze there for very long, but make sure that you show a sense of interest and look right at their lips.

    3. Lastly, about 1,5 to 2 seconds later, bring your eyes back up and look into their right eye. This is the last step of the actual process and after looking at their right eye you can focus your attention on both their eyes once more.

    The psychology love eye method is a great way to give a clearer message to someone you have a crush on that there might be more feelings from your side. In general, looking at someone's lips and then right back into their eyes can make them sense the attraction and possibly reveal the sexual tension in your relationship.

    Will This Eye-Gazing Trick Work on Anyone You Just Met?

    While some hope that the love eye trick will work on strangers and all the people you meet, Lloyd has made a few videos where she explains that this is a psychology eye trick that will most likely not work on strangers. There needs to be some interest already, otherwise making eye contact with a stranger is rarely as intense as looking into someone's eyes that you already care about.

    The reason why this won't necessarily work on a stranger is that you won't be able to look into each other's eyes the way you would with someone you already know and possibly have a crush on. You might feel awkward trying this on a stranger or become distracted over the course of the conversation.

    The best way to make the actual psychology love eye trick work in your favor is to do it on someone you have a crush on and have already spoken to a few times. This will give you the opportunity to get them in a one-on-one conversation where they will be much more likely to give you their full attention while you look into the person's eyes.

    The point of talking to them only and not being surrounded by a group of peers is that you will be able to have their full attention while maintaining eye contact. If you are talking while out in a group setting, they will be more likely to also listen to or look at other people around you. This won't help the eye trick work as effectively and won't help the relationship progress.

    A tip you should not skip on is doing the trick while they are the ones talking and you're listening. This is when they will be looking at your face to see whether you are listening to them or not and they will be more likely to notice the eye gazing trick. When you have their undivided attention is when you will have the maximum efficiency of this.

    Taking all these tips into consideration will ensure that they won't easily miss the actual trick you are trying to play and this will increase your chances of them getting the message. The point is to let them know how you feel and if they also have feelings for you, they will find it much easier to act on them and possibly pursue a relationship.

    Is There Any Actual Science Behind It?

    When it comes to the love eye trick itself, there is not a lot of scientific data to back it up as it hasn't really been studied individually. What we do know though is that this eye-gazing trick relates to something well-studied and proven. That is body language.

    Eye contact is one of the most important aspects of it that most people use to communicate certain things with others. The eyes of a person can show you when they are upset, sad, and even in love. Making eye contact can help you discover all these cues and allow you to understand someone's eyes much better but make sure you don't get caught staring at your right person for too long.

    Another reason why eye contact is important in showing our emotions is that prolonged eye contact has been thought to release phenylethylamine, a chemical that is responsible for creating those feelings of attraction. Another chemical that is thought to be produced is oxytocin, which is known as the love chemical that brings people closer together.

    By spending time with that person you like and having one-on-one conversations with them, you will be able to look into their eyes more. This is a way through which the love eye gazing trick can be very effective in helping you score their affection.

    "Research shows us that holding your gaze with someone you're interested in can really foster connection." - "There's a lot more that goes into falling in love besides doing a trick like that," said psychotherapist Annette Nuñez in an interview with MindBodyGreen.

    When you look at someone you like, you should also never forget to keep a closer look at their pupils. Pupil dilation is known by many experts to be a sign of affection towards someone. So, if you have this private conversation and you are able to see that their pupils dilate while they look at you, a relationship expert would say this is definitely a sign that they are falling for you.

    Even if you have little to no experience reading the body language of others, you will see that you still pick up on people's nonverbal cues. The love eye trick works in a similar way, by giving the other person the nonverbal cue that you are interested in them. This can help you see whether a relationship with this person would be on the cards.

    Similar Psychology Tricks That Have Worked and You Can Try Out

    A similar psychology love trick that has been used to make people fall in love in the past is the "36 Questions to Fall in Love". This was introduced in 1997 as an experiment where scientists were aiming to study whether they could foster intimacy through a list of personal questions.

    Along with the questions, there was another part of the process that was mandatory. After the two people went through all of the questions, they would then have to spend the next four minutes having uninterrupted eye contact. At the time, this was thought to help increase affection between the two people, and the experiment was considered a success.

    In addition, a 2019 study that examined the role that eye-contact plays in the development of romantic attraction showed that it can greatly reduce feelings of uncertainty between people. Moreover, this can help create more intimacy between people, especially when compared to interactions where little to no eye contact is present.

    Once again we see the role eye contact plays in creating intimacy between two people and it certainly is an important one. This can greatly contribute to these people falling in love, especially if they have the chance to repeat this frequently through one-on-one talks.

    It can be weird having to maintain eye contact for this long though and if holding someone's gaze for that long is not comfortable, you can simply give the questions a try. You can try this trick with someone you have a crush on, and propose it to them as a little experiment without explaining what it's meant to do.

    At the very least, you will be able to discover a lot of new things about each other that can make you more compatible. This is honestly a great way to find a mutual interest between you. Whether you try this with someone you like or even friends, it is a powerful tool that can help you get to know another soul better and create intimacy.

    So, Is It Worth a Try?

    If you look at the comments below Lloyd's video, you will see that a lot of people showed interest and even tried the eye-gazing trick for themselves. Some say the trick works while others are hesitant to believe that a simple gaze can help create attraction.

    While you might not manage to make those around you fall in love with you with a simple trick, you can still give this fun psychology love eye trick a try. If you have a crush on somebody and you want to make that someone fall in love with you, maybe this will finally give you a shot with that person.

    It is a fun and easy way to give the other person a nonverbal cue that you are interested and you see them romantically. You can even try and do it more than once if they don't get the message the first time. And most importantly, remember that if this doesn't work the way you wanted, being open and honest about your feelings will help you know whether the other person likes you back. Don't be shy and give both of those tips a try!

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