Top 7 Tips to Strengthen Romance for LGBTQ+ couples

Last Updated 28.08.2020
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TAIMI’s thoughtful guide to relationships with advice you can actually use

Queer love is it any more difficult than say “straight love”? TAIMI — the world’s largest LGBTQI+ platform that features a social network and dating app sure doesn’t think so! Love is LOVE! Romance however, that’s a whole other ball game.

Every August the world marks Romance Awareness Month, so in order not to miss out on all the things romantic — TAIMI has decided to put together a list of tips to strengthen your LGBTQ+ relationship. Here are TAIMI’s top 7 tips for all couples.


We are all human, and we all need our space. Sure, spending time with your loved one is great, but make sure to give each other space from time to time. It’s crucial to have your own hobbies and interests. If you don’t have any time to pick up art or music classes.


TAIMI wants you to be realistic. No relationship is perfect! People have arguments and even fights. So, to make sure you have a healthy, loving relationship, you need to be on the same page with your partner. You have to be ready to face struggles and celebrate accomplishments together, only then you will have a strong foundation for a long time.


Whether you’re planning a trip to a LGBTQ+ friendly destination or just down the block in your neighborhood, going on trips together is a sure way to strengthen your connection. You can either plan the journey together or surprise your partner with a spontaneous 1-day trip to a destination nearby. Just make sure to pack well!


TAIMI cannot stress this enough. Being physical doesn’t always mean in bed, it’s about the random hugs and kisses, holding hands, etc. Make sure that you express the fact that you love each other in physical ways as well. Often couples fall into a routine and forget that being intimate is a very important part of a healthy relationship.


Congrats if you already know what your partner likes and how they express their love. Many of us forget that love means different things to different people. Some are more physical, others prefer emotional connections, then there are folks that care about the actions much more than words. It is your job to figure out what your partner’s love language is in order to strengthen your relationship.


Communicate your expectations. Often people think that their partner is somehow supposed to figure it out on their own. No, unless they’re telepathic, people can’t tell what’s inside your head. So, don’t be afraid to talk about your needs, and in return ask about the needs of your partner. Your relationship is 100/100 not 50/50!


Communication is key in any relationship. Be open to talking about your issues. Listen to your partner, ask them questions, offer answers, talk.


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