Top 10 Holiday Season Date Ideas

Last Updated 19.12.2019
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’Tis the season! The holidays are fast approaching and many of TAIMI users are wondering what to do when it comes to dates. Not to worry!

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TAIMI is here to rescue you! We’ve come up with a top 10 list of dates.

We also think New Year’s Day is the best day to set up a date on. New Year’s Day date is a great way to kick off 2020 with a fresh, fun and most importantly stress-free exciting start. FYI, these ideas are fairly flexible and can be applied at any time of the year! 

Set Up a Brunch Date

Hangovers are never easy to deal with. So, to make the after effects of the last night of 2019 linger a little less, we suggest booking a lovely date at a brunch spot in your area. And if they serve mimosas — you’re in for a treat! No brunch places around? 

Find out, if there are coffee shops that serve food or offer late breakfast, don’t be afraid to be creative. 

Volunteer Together 

If you’re an animal lover and so is your date — spending a day volunteering at a local animal shelter will do both of you lots of good. Also, there are plenty of soup kitchens and homeless shelters that require extra hands during the holidays, so a little research will go a long way. 

We believe this type of date will melt even the coldest of hearts and certainly receive a few extra points in terms of good karma. 

Book a Spa Date 

An extremely popular New Year’s resolution is limiting the amount of stress in one’s life. Yes, we’re all for stress-free dating and relationships. So, how about a relaxing date at the spa? You can lounge in the sauna, get awesome facials treatments together and dare we say, a couples massage? Bonus — lots of places offer special discounts in time for the holiday season so you may even score a nice deal. 

Jump in Together, Literally! 

Trying out something completely out of your comfort zone could be really cool in time for winter. Weather permitting, of course! Skydiving, bungee jumping, zip lining, bridge climbing, and the list goes on! Just make sure to double check whether your date is afraid of heights, you don’t want to catch them off guard on this one. 

Work on Your Fitness

There are lots of fitness buffs on TAIMI. Yes, getting in shape is one of the most common New Year resolutions. So, it only makes sense for us to suggest booking a fun fitness class together. Make it fun for the two of you by scheduling a challenging and fun exercise. If you’re into yoga and your date isn’t then consider booking something that will be new for both of you, like spinning or parkour. 

Try New Cuisine

New Year is all about starting anew. Therefore, giving something new a try is a great way to do that. How about a cuisine that neither one of you is familiar with? Granted, please be cautious when it comes to food allergies. Sprucing up your taste buds is a great way to get to know each other’s likes and dislikes. Don’t be shy, feel free to experiment and expand your horizons. 

Book a Cooking Class 

Cook for your partner. Some of us really love to cook — others not so much, and that’s perfectly fine! To help get you on the same page when it comes to cooking there are plenty of cooking classes and workshops available. If you can’t find one that’s either close to you or exciting enough for you to take your date on, how about you invite them for dinner that you’ve made yourself? Be cautious of allergies and preferences, our word of advice? Ask about it. 

Watch a Movie or Binge Watch a Few Shows

Who can resist snuggling up and watching several episodes back-to-back? If that’s a bit too early in your relationship then grab a movie ticket, a bucket of popcorn and catch the latest release in a theatre near you. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this date idea.

Go Ice-Skating

Nothing says winter date more than ice skating. Yes, it may be somewhat overrated but it’s fun. Don’t forget to bundle up for the date, several layers will keep you warm when needed and if you get too hot, then it’ll be easy to take a few extras off. If you’re both experienced skaters that’s great, if not — that’s alright too. We are sure that you’ll have so much fun spending time in the holiday atmosphere that your lack of experience will probably not impact your date at all! 

Explore Your City

Need we say more? NO traffic! Generally, most people wake up quite late after a long night of drinking and partying. So, the city is yours for the taking. Get out and explore all it has to offer: go on a romantic stroll, talk along the boardwalk or lake shore, get to know your old town and the streets downtown, see the beauty in its parks, most importantly enjoy it to the fullest! 

And to help you get a date just in time for the holidays — get TAIMI and meet someone to share your holidays with! To find out more about TAIMI visit our official website, or download the app here. You can also follow TAIMI on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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