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Tips to Help You Stay Safe at Pride

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Pride month is coming up and that means pride festivals and other pride based events all throughout the month of June. As you and your loved ones celebrate who you are and who you love, take a moment to read through our tips to help you stay safe during pride events.

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    Read up on local laws and regulations

    In recent years, the supreme court has overturned many federal laws that have protected those in the LGBTQIA group. In response to this, many of the red states in the country have done much more than simply pull these laws from their rosters. In fact, some states such as Tennessee have effectively made many aspects of the LGBTQ+ community completely illegal.

    For example, in some states attempting to display yourself as a gender you were not assigned at birth can lead to arrest, potential jail time and fines. This is a mere example of the types of homophobic laws being passed due to the many federal reversals of the supreme court. Therefore, it is important that you read up on the laws that may apply to you in the state in which you are celebrating pride. 

    Stay Well Fed and Hydrated

    Dehydration and exhaustion are things that happen at Pride as many people tend to forget to eat and drink during the day. If you are going to Pride, take the time and provide your body with the water and nutrients it will need as you go about the event. Of course, most events will most likely have vendors selling beverages and snacks. It is important that you have your own stash with you just in case. 

    Avoid Going Alone

    There is safety in numbers, and it is important for you and the people you go with to feel safe as you enjoy your time at Pride. By taking the time to employ a buddy system, you and a friend will be able to keep tabs on each other. Report any potential issues you come across, and be able to act as some kind of safeguard for one another. 

    Follow The Rules That Are Set in Place

    This seems to be something that is said in almost every kind of guide on how to enjoy any sort of event. While rules are meant to be broken at times there are times in which rules are set in place for a reason, and at events rules are set in place to keep everyone safe. From the attendees, to the vendors and performers. It is everyone's job to follow the rules in order to keep everyone else safe. 

    Even if a rule you see set in place seems to be ridiculous most rules made for events were created for a reason. Usually something happened at one point or another that led to the rule being created. 

    Practice Drug Safety Measures

    At events such as pride recreational drug usage is something that happens and while it is understood that people cannot be stopped it is important that you and everyone you are with know how to practice drug safety measures, whether or not you are planning to partake. Examples of Drug Safety Measures you can take include: 

    1. Knowing the Number for the Local Emergency Line
      In times of crisis in relation to drugs it is especially important to get those who know how to do the correct job as quickly as possible. While people can and have lived through overdoses ensuring that paramedics get to you or your friend quickly is of grave importance.

    2. Have Someone You Trust Look After You

    If you decide to partake in recreational drug use then it is important that you have someone trustworthy watching over you. After all there are times in which things can go wrong. Having somebody watching over you can ensure not just your safety but the safety of those around you. 

    Approach Law Enforcement With Caution

    There will likely be protestors at Pride events this year, and they may become violent. Ideally, you will be able to contact law enforcement and receive protection and assistance if there is trouble. Unfortunately, in many parts of America, this isn’t always the case. Recent history has shown that police will often ignore the violent and illegal behavior of certain groups while using oppressive tactics against marginalized communities.

    Know the relationship between local police and the LGBTQ+ community. If you are traveling for Pride, follow the lead of the locals. Finally, if your group includes BIPOC individuals, please understand that while you may feel safe approaching law enforcement their experiences may be different from yours. Pride organizers may have their own staff on hand to provide assistance during these events. 

    Have a Plan in Place For Worst Case Scenarios

    Sadly there is a lot that can go wrong during pride. Someone can slip you drugs without you realizing it. An accident could happen that could lead you and your buddy getting separated, or a shooter could infiltrate the area. While we would hope that none of these things would happen while you are at Pride, the fact is that it is important to plan out for the worst case scenario. Talk to your friends and family about what you all should do in the moment such an event happens. Who should be called first? Where will you go? How will you hide? How will you fight back? 

    We never want to think about the events of a worst case scenario, however as terrible events have happened at pride based events in the past it is important for your safety that you have a plan in place. 

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