The First Sleepover – Tips for Success

Last Updated 24.10.2022
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The first sleepover for a couple, whether a one-night stand or the result of a dating relationship, comes with challenges and “rules.” These will vary based on the type of relationship and whether they are impromptu or planned in advance. And the rules for the “host” and the “guest” will vary too. If both parties intend for the sleepover to be a success, here are some key tips.

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If You are the Host

  1. Clean up your space in advance, whether the sleepover is planned or even if you think you might get lucky with a one-night stand. No guest wants to have to help you get the crap off the bed, climb into grungy sheets, or use a disgusting bathroom.

  2. If having sleepovers is a regular “MO” of yours, keep a supply of new toothbrushes on hand – your guest will be forever grateful that you were so considerate, and their mouth doesn’t have to feel and smell like dirty sweat socks when they clean up in the morning.

  3. If penetrative sex will be on the menu, make sure you have a supply of condoms and a good lube on hand. And the same goes if you plan to use any toys. Make sure they are clean and disinfected. 

  4. Always keep some kind of breakfast stuff in the freezer that can be microwaved, especially for those one-night stands. There are lots of breakfast sandwiches of all varieties.

If the sleepover is pre-planned and you want your guest to hang around for a while in the morning, have the stuff to make a decent, home-cooked breakfast. Barring that, if you have a good diner nearby and your bathroom allows nice clean-up, then take that squeeze out for breakfast. 

If You are the Guest

Your list of rules is a bit longer – practice consideration and basic etiquette if you want a rerun.

  1. Make sure your phone is fully charged and that you have the cash or card to get yourself home, especially if this is a one-night stand. Don’t assume your host will be paying. You could suggest going half on this expense.

  2. Don’t make assumptions about breakfast or the next day. Assume you will be leaving in the morning unless you are invited to stay.

  3. Be honest. If you want to just have sex and then leave before dawn breaks, say so.

  4. Respect your bed-mates sleep space. Once the sex is over, they may want to roll over and sleep. Give them their personal space without being “clingy.” Don’t be a bed or cover hog. If you are cold, ask for a blanket.

  5. Clean up after yourself. If you shower or use the bathroom for your personal cleanup space, make sure it is as clean as you found it. Ask about where to put used towels and washcloths

  6. Never use their toothbrush unless offered. You have swapped lots of spit (and other fluids probably), but don’t assume that includes the toothbrush, hairbrush, and other personal items.

  7. Don’t snoop while they are sleeping. It’s really rude, and you might get caught – the end of you

  8. Be prepared in advance. If sleepovers are something you do often, or if the event is pre-planned, keep a small bag for the occasions – including a toothbrush, deodorant, hair tools, clean underwear, and any other personal items you use on a daily basis.

  9. If your host has pets, be kind to them. They are probably “family” members. If you want more sleepovers, give them some attention and a bit of love.

Being Prepared is a Good Thing

Whether a host or a guest, sleepovers require some pre-planning, some basic etiquette, and certainly some consideration for your “partner in crime.” Whether you are involved in a one-night stand or the first sleepover in a new relationship, take these tips into account. You never know where this sleepover may lead, so you do want it to be a success.

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