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The Best Gay Nude Beach Guide for All Around the World

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Summer might not be exactly close for most of the world, but you and your boo might have already started planning your summer vacation and are eager to visit a gay nude beach. This is the perfect season to book so you get the best deals and cheapest hotels. 

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    This guide features places from all over the world that you might not have heard about so you are bound to find a place you will want to visit. This way, you can plan your vacation on time and know exactly what to expect when visiting any of the gay nude beaches mentioned!

    Platja de l'Home Mort, Sitges, Spain

    While this might be a good 45-minute walk from the center of Sitges, it is a gay nude beach worth visiting as it is a pretty popular place amongst the gay community. This might be because there is a great wooded area behind the beach that is just as busy and crowded as the beach itself!

    The beach is not sandy so it might be a good idea to get an inflatable mattress with you for your nude sunbathing. Also, make sure that you are careful near the area as it can go really close to the local railway line.

    Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii

    Little Beach locally known as Puʻu Olai Beach is another nude beach that is popular with gays. You will easily be able to find it as it is in Makena State Park. 

    You might have to do a little bit of hiking after you find the big beach, but this is one of the nude beaches that is definitely worth the effort! 

    Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, New Jersey

    Also known as Area G, Gunnison Beach is a must-visit if you're in the area of Sandy Hook. Apart from the friendly crowd it usually gathers, this nude beach is the only legal clothing-optional beach in the state of New Jersey. 

    In addition, on days when the sky is clear, you can take in some stunning views of the city of New York! LGBT folks like to head to the southern end of the beach to enjoy some tan-line-free sunbathing, just like nature intended since it is clothing-optional! 

    Brighton Naturist Beach, England, UK

    While you might not have expected to find nude beaches that are also gay-friendly in the UK, the Brighton Naturist Beach is just that. When the weather allows it, it is accessible and very popular by a lot of people. 

    You can easily find this nude beach as it is close to a local train station by a shingle bank. One of the things to keep in mind is that it has pebbles and not sand, so make sure you pack your flip-flops before you visit.

    Elia Beach, Mykonos, Greece

    Mykonos is known worldwide as one of the most gay-friendly islands and it definitely has some of the best gay nude beaches. This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Elia beach as it has beautiful waters, seaside restaurants, and sun-lounges for rent so you and your man can relax and tan.

    While the whole beach is gay-friendly, the right side is where you will be able to locate all the rainbow flags of the beach as well as all the gays. After that part, there is another small beach behind a tricky outcrop where nude sunbathing can be enjoyed. 

    Baker Beach, San Francisco, California

    California is known for having some of the best nude beaches and Baker Beach in San Francisco is a great option for gay men and other nude beach enthusiasts. 

    A big part of the beach is considered family-friendly where you can also find picnic tables and grills. If you keep heading north you will easily come across the gay section of Baker Beach which is also the clothing-optional section of the beach.

    While San Francisco might have a bigger selection of nude beaches to choose from like the San Gregorio beach, Baker Beach is definitely one you will enjoy visiting and the view of the Golden Gate Bridge will definitely not disappoint!

    Sandy Bay Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

    While it is one of the unofficial nude beaches, Sandy Bay is one you should definitely visit if you find yourself in South Africa. Sandy Bay is a great nudist beach to visit in Cape Town as it is located in a very secluded area.

    Its gorgeous white sand and the beautiful blue waters are mesmerizing but remember that the water in Sandy Bay tends to be pretty cold so if you're planning on bathing in your birthday suit, make sure you have a warm towel handy.

    Cavallet Beach, Ibiza, Spain

    Cavallet Beach is locally known as Platja des Cavallet and it is the official nude beach of Spain. Not only is it a gorgeous place to visit if you want a break from the local nightlife and parties, but it is also one of the best gay beaches to visit thanks to the number of gay people it attracts. 

    This is also one of the nudist beaches that include restaurants you can sit for lunch at, at the north end. Most importantly, you will visit the Chiringay Beach House at the south end. This is a popular spot for gays and you will definitely have an amazing time if you stay to party.

    North Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

    North Bondi Beach is one of the more popular beaches in Australia which also features a gay beach on the north of it that is a must-visit. It has smaller waves than most surfer beaches in the area so that makes it perfect for swimming and tanning.

    This beautiful sandy Australian beach might seem family-friendly at first, but if you head towards the northern end you will find the nude gay beach you were looking for! This is essentially why it is also called North Bondi Beach for the gay crowd so you should definitely stay north to have a great time! 

    Hippie Hollow, Austin, Texas

    If you're looking for one of those nude beaches that include many different activities, then this is the perfect one to visit. Located above Lake Travis, Hippie Hollow is a great party spot where you can spend the entire day relaxing and then partying into the night.

    Aside from that, you can also participate in rock climbing and of course, some tan lines free sunbathing! Hippie Hollow is not a gay-only beach but it attracts a big crowd of gay people and the big parties and nude section of the beach make it worth it. 

    Mari Pintau, Sardinia Island, Italy

    Sardinia is such a gorgeous option to visit when in the Mediterranean and surprisingly, it has a lot of gay-friendly and nude-friendly places to visit. One of those is the Mari Pintau Beach. Located around 20km from Cagliarum this is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

    This nude gay beach has a nude section that is a clothing-optional area, where gays of all ages can relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The right part of the beach, which is the gay and nude area, is actually a natural park.

    Pines Beach, Fire Island, New York

    Another must-visit place on the nude beaches list is Pines Beach. Fire Island is also known as Gay Fire Island and is one of the most popular destinations for people who love to party. 

    Being nude is allowed onshore and you will be able to enjoy the view of both the scenery and other sunbathers. Fire Island has some beautiful beaches and Pines Beach is not the only one of the nude beaches you can visit there!

    Cherry Grove, Fire Island, New York

    Along with Pines Beach, another place you should not forget to visit is Cherry Grove. If you're a fan of the iconic show Sex and the City you definitely remember the gay nude beaches of Fire Island. 

    The main rule for Pines Beach and Cherry Grove is to see who will look better in their birthday suit aka who will wear the skimpiest of swimsuits or be totally naked at these nude beaches! 

    The main nudist point of Cherry Grove beach is between the two main beaches and is separated by a forest. Most importantly, there is no parking lot or cars allowed in Cherry Grove, so you are bound to finally relax and enjoy the view.

    Bellevue Beach, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Another popular name for Bellevue Beach is "Miramar" and it is a gorgeous nude beach just outside Copenhagen. One of the coolest aspects of this beach is the lifeguard towers which are plotted all through the beach. 

    While you might not have thought that Denmark would have a selection of nude beaches, it is one of the most gay-friendly countries in Europe, if not in the whole world. This is exactly why you are bound to have an amazing time and enjoy bathing in the nude along with other gay guys. 

    "A nudist is just a human being without artificial additives" 

    Black’s Beach, San Diego, California

    If you're near La Jolla's Torrey Pines in San Diego, it would be criminal not to visit Black's Beach. This is another one of the most famous nude beaches in the world for gay people.  Black's Beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches you can visit in general, especially in the San Diego area. 

    Another plus is that La Jolla's Torrey Pines has a lot of beautiful natural sea caves you can also visit during your stay in San Diego. This, combined with the fun gay beach at Black's Beach, will make for an unforgettable trip.

    Just remember that San Diego can get very hot during the summer months, so packing light clothes along with visiting your favorite nude beaches is a must when staying in the area!

    Wreck Beach, Vancouver, British Columbia

    Wreck Beach is another very popular beach among lovers of nude beaches who love to enjoy the sand and amazing summers in British Columbia. 

    If you would like to visit Wreck Beach, you should keep in mind that the gay and nude-friendly side is on the south end of it. The rest of the best is not nude-friendly but as long as you head south you're good.

    Obelisk Beach and Lady Jane Beach, Sydney, Australia

    Sydney has two main nudist beaches you should definitely visit, and they are both located on the Sydney Harbour's headlands. The Obelisk beach is located on the middle head while the Lady Jane beach is on the south head. 

    While both beaches are officially nude-friendly, you will find a much larger gay population in the Obelisk beach. It is a good idea though to see both so you can enjoy the walking paths in nature and other local attractions.

    Mar Bella, Barcelona, Spain

    With gorgeous sandy blue waters, Mar Bella is truly another one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and had to be included as Spain's official gay nudist beach. This is a great beach to visit if you're eager to see hot Spanish guys in their birthday suits.

    Most importantly, there are some amazing gay clubs and bars perfect for gay dating and summer romances on the beach that proudly display rainbow flags. You can also easily access the beach with just a short walk from the local metro station of Poblenou. 

    Beach 19, Lisbon, Portugal

    Beach 19 is officially called Praia de Bela Vista and it is one of the best nude gay beaches you will come across in Portugal. It is located at the south end of Costa Da Caparica, Beach 19 is pretty much hidden by sand dunes and large trees. 

    Here you will have the option to be either nude or partially dressed in your swimsuit. One thing you should keep in mind is that the water can get a little dangerous so if you're not an expert swimmer, you can enjoy having fun under the sun while you collect zero tan lines. 

    Orient Bay, Saint Martin, Caribbean

    Orient Bay Beach has one of the gorgeous nude beaches of the Caribbean. Not only is it full of lively restaurants, but it also has some of the most beautiful sandy blue waters you will come across on any beaches you visit.

    At the front of the Orient Bay beach, you will find the place you are looking for - the official nude part of the beach where many gay people of all ages like to relax under the sun. Another big plus is Club O, which is a fully nude club where you will be able to grab your favorite cocktails and party into the night. 

    Abrico Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

    Abrico Beach is the perfect go-to spot when visiting Brazil, especially if you want to see some hot local men. It feels like a local sports game always takes place there, and this is a great opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches as well as the gorgeous men. 

    The beach is surrounded by a beautiful paved path which you can use to enter and exit the beach but there is no parking lot so walking is necessary. The nature and gorgeous waters truly make this an unforgettable experience.

    Haulover Beach, Miami, Florida

    The Haulover beach park is one of the very few nude beaches in Florida you must visit, along with South Beach. While it is about an hour's drive from Miami beach you should definitely not skip on visiting it. 

    The north part of Haulover Beach is where you want to head towards if you're looking for the clothing-optional part. This north portion usually also gathers people of all ages and walks of life but the very north end of the beach is where the gay nudists like to gather. 

    When it comes to South beach though, keep in mind that it is not one of the nude beaches but one that is gorgeous to visit since you are in the area.

    Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain

    When it comes to nude beaches you must visit, Maspalomas is one of the beaches considered a paradise on Earth. In general, Spain has some of the most beautiful beaches and the fact that some are nude beaches just makes it so much better. 

    Maspalomas is the biggest of the beaches on the island which also attracts the biggest group of gay nudists and since it is clothing-optional, you can see people of all preferences. Also, don't forget to take a walk along the coastline to Playa del Ingles for some truly gorgeous scenery.

    Lokrum, Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Lokrum is a small island off the coast of Dubrovnik and it has one of the nicest secluded nude beaches with the most beautiful waters. 

    The gay section of this beach is on the east side and it is rather protected by rocks, making it perfect for a summer swim. While many nudists also swim on the north or other parts of the island, the east section is the only official one from the nude beaches. 

    Chihuahua Beach, Uruguay

    Uruguay is not only gorgeous but also very gay-friendly and has some of the best nude beaches in South America. Chihuahua beach is right outside Punta del Este, a known gay party city that can make for amazing and fun experiences.

    This way, you can party during the night and then spend your days soaking in the sun in the nude on Chihuahua beach. There isn't a better summer vacation plan.

    Hanlan’s Point, Toronto, Canada

    Hanlan's Point Beach doesn't only have beautiful views of the city but also a clothing-optional and gay-friendly area, where you can relax in the nude. You can easily find it by taking the Hanlan's point ferry at the point of Bay Street out of Toronto and with a short walk along the wooden paths, you will find the beautiful beach right on the Lake Ontario side.

    The crowd at Hanlan's point is mixed and you will come across many older gay men who are relaxing and listening to dancehall music. While it gets to be more crowded during the weekends, Hanlan's point is a perfect gay spot amongst nude beaches for every day of the week.

    Praia do Abricó, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Praia de Abricó is the only official one when it comes to nude beaches in Rio. Located close to the Grumari district, you will be able to find a lot of Brazilian gay eye candy in the nude while enjoying your swim.

    When it comes to hot men and nude beaches, it doesn't get much better than this. Accessing it might be a little difficult though if you don't have a car so you can either consider getting a rental or an Uber from Recreio.

    Finding the Perfect Nude Beach for your Summer Holidays

    Whether this will be your first time visiting a gay beach with your other half or you are a frequent visitor of nude beaches, you are bound to have an amazing time. Parties usually always start after sundown and you will have an amazing and memorable summer no matter which of these gay nude beaches you choose to visit!

    Which ones are you adding to your bucket list for this year?

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