The Best Cuddling Positions You Should Try Today

Last Updated 08.05.2022
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Cuddling is something most people enjoy doing with their partners, and it has a lot of benefits for everyone involved. Whether you are a big fan of cuddling or not though, there are plenty of cuddling options you can try and see what you like the most and what makes you feel the most comfortable.

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Even if you just want to cuddle your favorite four-legged friend or a comfy body pillow, cuddling can help you get rid of a lot of stress. If you're looking for the best cuddle positions to try, then look no further. Here are some of the best positions to try today.

Benefits of Cuddling

There are quite a few benefits to cuddling with your partner, which can make your relationship a lot stronger and more loving. Cuddling is known to release the cuddle hormone Oxytocin, which is better known as the love hormone and can promote bonding between partners and have many benefits to your sleep, stress levels, and immune system.

Apart from making two people come closer, this cuddle hormone is also responsible for providing individuals with stress relief and pain relief. It can even play an important role in regulating your appetite and even help you sleep better as Oxytocin plays an important role in helping individuals relax.

It is notable to share that studies have shown that relieving a person of their stress through cuddling can also lead to a better immune system and overall well-being. If you're already sick with a common cold, cuddling your significant other can help your symptoms improve and not let your immune system weaken anymore.

Probably the most important part of cuddling though is how much it can affect the bond between two lovers as mentioned previously and create intimacy. Being this close and intimate with someone you care about can help create a much stronger attachment, both physical and emotional.

Couples who cuddle after sex actually report a much higher level of sexual satisfaction and overall happiness in their relationship. Even if you are not the most cuddly person in the world, there are plenty of cuddling positions to help you not sacrifice intimacy in your relationship and still let your partner sleep comfortably next to you.

The Spooning

Spooning is one of the most common cuddling positions, which most people love as it is easy to replicate and can help two people cuddle and fit even on a small couch.

The way to achieve the spooning position is by first of all choosing whether you wish to be the one hugged or not. If you are the "little spoon", all you have to do is lie on your side and slightly bring your knees towards your chest.

Then, your S.O. will lie behind you, being the "big spoon", wrapping their arms around you and holding you close in a cuddle until your back can rest on their stomach.

The best thing about spooning is that either partner can choose to be the "little spoon" Just because someone is bigger physically, it doesn't mean they have to always be the "Big Spoon" or that they can't be embraced in this way and held close by their physically smaller partner!

Also, Spooning can be used while making love and holding the person you love close. It is very a very intimate cuddling position both during sex and not, reduces stress in the body, and can make your time in the bedroom more fun. Hugging the one you love while also being sexual is a great experience for lovers.

“Being cuddly has nothing to do with size.” –Brigitte Nielsen

The Half-Spooning

Similar to the Spooning, the Half-Spoon cuddle is one of the best positions to lay in while resting or even talking about your day. It allows both people to look at each other's faces while still being in an embrace and very close.

In order to achieve the Half-Spoon, one person needs to lay on their back and the other will replicate the original spooning position. This time though, they will hug the side of their significant other who is laying on their back.

Another big benefit of the half-spooning is that you won't get as warm as you would with the regular spooning position, which makes it the perfect cuddle for all year round.

The Leg Hug

Physical contact through cuddling doesn't have to solely revolve around touching each other as much as possible, especially if physical touch is not your love language. The Leg Hug is a perfect cuddle for this situation where you want to be close without necessarily being in your partner's arms.

In order to achieve that, you can both start by finding a comfortable position to lay, somewhat close to one another on the bed. All you have to do then is put your leg over your partner's leg and just enjoy resting while maintaining this amount of physical contact.

You might have to occasionally shift and change where your legs touch one another, but there is no right or wrong way to do this. Therefore, make sure to just be comfortable and enjoy your time together.

The Seated Hug

When you are sitting next to each other on the couch, you can simply extend your arm over your loved ones' shoulders and give them a nice seated hug. It is just as intimate, especially if they decide to lean into you and hug you back.

This is also a great cuddle for when you are with friends or other loved ones and want to stay close without looking too clingy. It is the type of hug a more experienced couple would give that shows trust in the relationship and two people who feel comfortable with one another.

The Cheek-to-Cheek

If cuddling in any other way feels unbearable during the warmer months and neither of you can get comfortable enough to fall asleep while holding one another, there is always a solution.

This position is called the Cheek-to-Cheek and it is probably exactly what you have in mind. All you have to do is lay on your sides and simply make sure that your butt cheeks are touching.

You can go ahead and touch your backs to one another too if you want a little bit more contact or move a little further if you get too warm. This is a very comfortable position to sleep in that will allow you both to relax fully while sleeping.

The Honeymoon Hug

When your relationship is in the Honeymoon stage, you crave that physical contact with your significant other more than anything and you want to be able to be cuddled more. The Honeymoon hug is the perfect cuddle position for this stage.

While it is very similar to the spooning position, there is one main difference that makes this hug a lot more intimate. The two partners face one another in this embrace.

In order to achieve this cuddle perfectly, you need to both lay on your sides facing one another. Then, embrace each other and stay close. One partner lies with their head on their partner's chest while the other has their head on top of theirs.

You can even go ahead and entangle your legs in order to be as close to one another. This hug is perfect for couples who are still developing feelings for one another as it keeps the body close and can allow you to kiss your person while cuddling easily.

It is especially lovely to be able to hear the other person's hug and fall asleep to the rhythm of it. Not only is this very relaxing for your body, but this cuddle can also help you feel safe and loved in the relationship.

The Lap Pillow

One of the most romantic and even playful cuddling options you can try is the Lap Pillow. Not only is it better than hugging, but it also can allow your partner to rub your head or play with your hair. This is an amazing way to reduce stress and even if you end up falling asleep, your partner will know you feel completely safe around them.

All you have to do is for one partner to sit with their legs extended while the other partner lies on their lap. This is also a great position for those who reserve cuddling for the bedroom and can help you even steal a few kisses while you watch your favorite show together.

Laying on your partner's lap is one of the best cuddling positions because it can help you stay close without the cuddle being the main event. You don't have to be in bed to do this and it doesn't have to lead to anything sexual.

You can simply keep hugging one another in this way, and reduce stress while watching TV or simply talking about your day. This is a great option for every relationship and it can be a stepping stone to how close you feel to one another without needing to cuddle more intimately all the time.

The Sweetheart Hug

Similar to Half-Spooning, the Sweetheart Cradle is another position where you can find intimacy and allow your partner to nurture you when you need it most.

One person needs to be laying on their back while the other person puts their head on their partner's chest. From there, you can hold hands and the other person can embrace you and hold you close.

“Things I like: cuddling, you, cuddling with you.”-Serpil Ozturkmen

The Arm Draper

If you prefer to cuddle while looking into your partner's eyes, the Arm Draper is the perfect option for you. All you and your romantic partner have to do is lay on your sides, facing one another with your arms draped around each other.

This is great if you love the feeling when your partner wraps their arms around you but you still want some personal space so you're able to look at them and talk to them.

Cuddling in this position in bed can be great for sleeping without it having to turn sexual. Your body can still enjoy hugging the one you love while still being comfortable in the cuddle.

The Lounge Chair Hug

Laying in a lounge chair is one of the most relaxing things ever. Turning this into a cuddle is just so much better. You don't necessarily have to be in bed to try it, you can simply sit on the couch and watch your favorite show while you cuddle one another.

What you have to do to achieve the Lounge Chair cuddle is for one person to sit behind the other and embrace them from behind. This is the equivalent of spooning while sitting up instead of laying down in bed.

Not only is it comfortable, but it allows you to have your hands free and also be able to give your partner a nice massage while they enjoy being in your arms.

The Butt Pillow

Laying on regular pillows is so overrated, especially when your partner has a perfectly comfy and natural pillow on their behind. Make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity and lay your head on their butt for a quick rest.

All jokes aside, cuddling helps make two people more intimate with one another, and laying on their butt can show that the two of you have a great deal of intimacy and trust between you. This cuddle is fun and you can easily switch to a different position after some time.

Finding the Perfect and Most Comfortable Cuddling Position

While you might not be the biggest lover of cuddles, you might come to find that some of the positions mentioned previously are comfortable and can help promote physical intimacy and stronger emotions between you and your partner.

You can try these different cuddles after a long day while relaxing on the couch and watching a show and see which ones work out for you. No matter the cuddle, being close and held by your partner is always a great feeling that can spark some very loving emotions in the relationship.

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