Tantric Massage For Better Foreplay

Last Updated 06.05.2022
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Tantric massage is a full-body, intimate form of massage. The purpose of this technique is to increase your sexual energy, bring your partner and you closer together, and make both of you more present during sex. Ultimately the goal of tantric massage is to feel sexual pleasure on a deeper level.

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Keep reading to learn more about this form of sensual massage, its benefits, and how to give tantric massages to your partner.

What is Tantric Massage

Neotantra is a westernized version of the practice of Tantra which is based on the beliefs of the Hindu religion. Tantric massage is a technique that is part of the practice of Neotantra or sacred sexuality.

Tantra massage is intended to focus on intimate areas of the body, but also to help two people obtain a more intense and spiritual connection. In addition to using touch. Tantric massage incorporates breathing techniques, mindfulness, and maintaining eye contact.

The Goal of Tantric Massage

Tantric is decidedly erotic massage. However, the goal is not necessarily to have an orgasm or to give one. This may happen, but it is secondary. Instead, the goal is to focus on the exchange of pleasure. The idea of this is to increase the emotional and spiritual connection between two people.

How to Give a Tantric Massage

Here are the steps for performing this whole body, erotic massage. The space should be quiet with dimmed lights. Consider using candles for lighting. The person receiving the body massage should be undressed. You can decide for yourself if you'd prefer to be clothed or not.

Begin the process with steady, eye contact. Take five deep breaths in unison. Rub a natural oil into your hands until it is warmed.

Tantric massage should begin with your partner lying face down. Massage their upper body. Include their ears, neck, and back working down for an ideal tantric massage experience.

Have them roll over so you can continue this massage technique on the front of their body. Massage their chest, stomach, arms, and legs. Then, move to the inner thighs, and eventually the pubic area.

The next steps depend on whether your partner has a penis or vagina.

Lingam Massage

The late Psalm Isadora was a tantric massage expert and spiritual practitioner. She wrote an excellent piece on the practice of lingam massage. This is the erotic portion of tantra massage that focuses on the penis. Her article goes into great detail about the massaging techniques used in this spiritual practice.

This massage technique does involve stroking and rubbing the penis. However, it also incorporates the testicles, perineum, and prostate. In Hindu sacred practice the penis or lingam holds a tremendous amount of erotic energy.

Work slowly. The idea is to create a slowly building pleasure in the erogenous zones. This is not the same as the standard approach to sex where the goal is orgasm, then moving on to other activities. In tantra massage, pleasure builds and intensifies. It's possible for the person receiving the massage to orgasm multiple times.

You can even use massaging as a way to experiment with edging. This can help you increase your sexual energy. Some people with penises can increase their sexual energy and longevity to improve their ability to last with their partner for quite a long time. This can bring confidence and healing to a relationship.

Conversely, they may not orgasm at all. That's okay. The goal is not necessarily sexual climax. There are people who experience tantric massage without climax and still feel satisfied with the experience.

Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is a tantric massage for people who have a vagina. Again, Psalm Isadora explains the techniques involved in this and the spirituality behind the practice. Like other forms of tantra massage, the idea is to give pleasure and focus on enhancing the sexual energy of the vulva and clitoris. It also includes the G-spot. This is often referred to as the sacred spot. Massaging this area is known as the sacred spot ritual. However, many people choose to begin with the breasts, working down to the genitals. Start by massaging the breasts in a circular motion with natural oil. Then, work your way down the midsection.

There are many erogenous zones in and around the pubic area. Tantric massage should focus on all of these. For example, one technique is to massage the pubic bone in a circular motion.

Many people who haven't been able to orgasm before will experience their first orgasm during a tantra session. Some even climax multiple times.

Ending Tantric Massage

Whether your partner orgasms or not, it's important to have a cooldown. This helps them to calm, become centered, and relaxed. It isn't unusual for a tantric massage to take more than an hour. You want to be peaceful, present, and relaxed.

It's perfectly fine for you and your partner to stop when the tantric massage session is over. Many people find this whole-body experience very pleasurable on its own. However, you may also move on to tantric sex. Either way, you and your partner benefit from evoking tantric essence that is created by ritually massaging one another's bodies. Feel free to enjoy a relaxing meditation session together when you are finished.

Tantric Massage Benefits

Tantric massage has been shown to be beneficial to your health as well as your sexual relationships. Here are just a few of the perks you might realize.

Make Your Sex Life Less Monotonous

If your sex life has become boring and routine, tantra massage is something new to try. Don't be afraid to talk to your partner about trying this form of full-body foreplay. This applies to both women and men.

It Takes The Focus Off of Orgasm

Many people struggle to reach orgasm for many reasons. They may have erectile dysfunction, take certain medications that make it difficult to climax, or simply find the intense sensations to be unpleasant. Rather than expending energy and becoming frustrated, try tantric massage.

By doing this, you focus on pleasure and the tantric message of spiritual connection. This can be very helpful to the mental well-being of someone who might otherwise feel as if they are failing in the bedroom.

Tantra Massage Helps You And Your Partner Connect

Although the amount of time can range significantly, the average length of a sexual encounter is 5.4 minutes. If done correctly, tantra massage will usually take at least an hour. Then, you may follow that up with tantric sex. During this time, you will be focusing intensely on one another.

Tantra Increases Mindfulness

Many people struggle with distraction during sex. You may have had your mind wander, then felt guilty about it. Or perhaps you find yourself becoming bored or you may even feel understimulated by the act of sex in general. By allowing yourself to participate in tantric massage you are able to become more open and welcoming to sexual pleasure. This is because the act of tantric massage allows you to pay more attention to the physical sensations you feel, as well as your emotions, and of course the sexual pleasure that comes with the massage. There have been studies that have shown that being more mindful of your sexuality allows you to have greater satisfaction within your relationships.

Tantric Massage Improves Your Health

When you participate in this act with your partner you will find that your health is improved significantly both in a physical and emotional sense. The benefits of being massaged by your partner have been proven to decrease the levels of stress and anxiety, and even helped many develop better mental clarity.

There are also the healing benefits that come with massaging your partner. Massage and other forms of touch have been proven to lead to relaxation, which can lead to the muscles becoming much less tense. This relaxation can also be accompanied by the ease or even disappearance of muscle pains as well as a reduction of toxins in the lymphatic systems in the body.

Tantric massage has also been proven to have the same health benefits as other types of massage. This can include lowered blood pressure, improved circulation, and even a boosted immunity system! This special type of massage has many benefits and can be done at home by a partner or by a specially licensed massage therapist. A tantric massage is relaxing, invigorating, and above all else it is enjoyable.

Tantric Massage Improves Mental Health

While mindfulness and mental wellness have some similarities there are some differences that allow us to believe that mental well-being deserves its own section. But the question remains, how does tantra massage help to improve mental well-being?

This is mainly because of the stress-relieving and pleasure-releasing hormone known as Dopamine, and the happiness hormone known as Oxytocin. When you are touched in a way that is enjoyable by another person your brain will begin to release these hormones. After all it has been proven in many ways that touch is one of the best forms of anxiety relief. Whether it be a simple hug or a massage most people love to be in physical contact with others. It truly improves health on many levels.

Tantric massage also relieves many people of stress, and can even encourage a better sleep cycle, help with insomnia symptoms, and even relieve people of depression and anxiety. When your mental health has improved you will find that you perform better in many aspects of your life. Whether it be at work, at home, or even in the bedroom. It is important to take care of your mental and emotional well-being as it can really affect your health overall. By taking the time to spend with your partner you will find that a relaxing tantra massage will stimulate the physical self and free the mind. Consider adding a bit of meditation to fully enjoy the benefits to this experience.

Tantric Massage Improves Your sex life

For many people tantra massage is an excellent way to understand their body through the power of touch. After all just like how all bodies are different we should assume that each set of genitals and other erogenous zones are different as well. The way we reach our arousal point can easily differ depending on the partner. For example someone with a penis may find that stimulating that part is all they need to be aroused with one partner. But for another partner they may find that a massaging of the neck is what they need to reach arousal. The same can be said of women who may find that in some cases touching of their breasts can awaken their own arousal and lead to orgasms, while for others a simple display of intimacy is what is needed for their arousal.

The Final Word

By taking the time to practice tantra you will find that you will understand your body more and that you are able to awaken a part of yourself that you have never thought about before. There is of course the exhilaration that comes from having orgasms that are left from giving up control. Remember that the acts that come before complete sex is just as important if not more pleasurable than the climax of the entire event. Don't be afraid to explore each others bodies. From genitals, to each others breasts. You will find that giving and receiving a full body rubdown can be freeing to the mind and even meditative as well. These things can improve your sex life in ways you never imagined before.

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