Taimi Marks Trans Awareness Week 2020

Last Updated 13.11.2020
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November 13–20 is Transgender Awareness Week this year. The week that leads up to Transgender Day of Remembrance is meant to educate on the issues trans people face in society and create a supportive environment. Now let’s talk trans rights!

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Trans Rights are Human Rights

Despite this fact, many still struggle to digest the idea of some people being born in the wrong body. This leads to trans men and women facing discriminatory and even dangerous challenges on a daily basis. Even today, more than a quarter of trans people lose their jobs due to their identity and more than half of them admit they’ve been harassed in the workplace, based on this National Transgender Discrimination Survey Report (https://1map.com/endtransdiscriminationorg)

Taimi stands for Trans rights, and we believe that there are so many issues to address in the current status quo. Alex Pasykov, the founder and CEO of Taimi, is a huge fighter and believer in allyship. Recently he shared his journey of becoming an LGBTQ+ ally and started an Ally Speaks Out initiative.

The initiative became popular among both LGBTQ+ and straight social media followers and inspired Taimi to push this conversation further. Take a look at some of the steps you can take to become a better supporter of Trans rights and raise awareness.

Listen to What Trans People Have to Say

As a trans ally, you need to ask yourself — in your activism, are you centering trans people or yourself? Remember that if you truly want to help transgender men and women, you need to be open-minded and listen to their needs. Try to be the voice they sometimes do not have.

State Your Pronouns (In Real Life and On Social Media)

One of the most valuable steps we can take to create a more inclusive space is by stating our pronouns. For instance, by introducing yourself as a he/his or she/hers or they/them you make it more comfortable for trans people to also share their pronouns. We need to normalize this practice — whether on your social media profile’s bio or when meeting new people. It really is not a difficult thing to do but is a real change-maker!

Apologize When You Mess Up

You might have difficulties with using gender-inclusive language if you just found out about it. Or you might have forgotten to ask someone’s pronouns. If you sincerely try being a good ally but feel like you’re messing up a lot — we are here to tell you that it’s ok! Everyone makes mistakes, and don’t worry if you’ve done it too. What matters is your motivation to be a better human and ally.

Make sure you do your research, learn about the issues trans folks go through, and most importantly — listen to them. Once you follow this short beginner’s guide to being an ally, you’ll do great and help contribute to creating a better and safer space for trans people all over the world!

At Taimi, we believe that nobody should be punished for expressing their true identity. We all deserve to love and embrace ourselves — and live in the world without judgment and harassment. That is why we are always going the extra mile to ensure we create the most secure and loving environment for our app users. With our high verification policies and safety features, we are confident that everyone can showcase their true spirit on Taimi without fear of being misunderstood or judged. So join our family of 8M LGBTQ+ people and shine!

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