TAIMI ignites Germany’s gay dating scene

Last Updated 05.07.2019
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The platform that is more than just a dating app is about to penetrate further into the European market. TAIMI prides itself on being a community, a safe place for everyone, a forum where every user can be out and proud.The social network, that recently added France and Brazil to its list of available countries is now giving Germany’s gay population an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. TAIMI offers a chance to find a date, a friend, a companion or just an acquaintance.The launch in Germany comes right in time for one of the biggest Pride events in Europe — Cologne Pride’s CSD (Christopher Street Day) Street Festival starting July 6, 2019.CSD Street Festival is an extravagant celebration full of performances, motivational speeches and emotional events, not to mention the fact that this year’s festival will include an appearance by 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Winner Conchita Wurst.In a recent interview with the Sudkurier, Wurst opened up about traveling to New York City for the 50th anniversary of Stonewall riots and taking part in World Pride.A strong stance on LGBTQI+ rights and the fight for equality! This is what prompted TAIMI to launch its recent multi-media social campaign #taimipride.Everyone is encouraged to participate by posting photos or videos from Pride events in their country. Of course, German users will have plenty of opportunities this month as pride parades and marches are in full swing up into August. Users automatically enter to win free tickets to one of the fabulous shows currently running in Las Vegas, Nevada where TAIMI’s headquarters are based. A modest reward for showing the world that love is love!Although flamboyance, glamour and visual stimulation almost always go hand-in-hand with Pride, TAIMI’s founder stresses the true meaning of #taimipride is much more than posting a sexy shot of yourself surrounded by a rainbow-clad crowd.“#TAIMIpride goes beyond the visual. We want people to share their stories, talk about love, respect, diversity and equality. We need to make it loud and clear — love is love! We want everyone to speak up, be out and proud — for those that are unable to”, stresses TAIMI’s founder Alex PasykovThe campaign runs until the end of July. TAIMI will be fully available in Germany on July 6. The gay social network promises to announce the winners of #taimipride on the day of Amsterdam Pride Parade. Although unconfirmed yet, the Netherlands could be where TAIMI heads next.

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