Taimi Celebrates Intersex Awareness Day 2020

Last Updated 26.10.2020
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Today Taimi is beyond proud to celebrate Intersex Awareness Day, and we urge everyone to join us! Today is a perfect chance to raise awareness and challenge those around us to question their possible stereotypes — so let’s dive into understanding what being intersex means, shall we?

Many misconceptions need to be addressed when it comes to Intersex people. It is often assumed that the world is divided into the binary groups of people — male and female — hence that everyone’s biological characteristics fit into one of these two categories. The reality, however, is so different from this! To begin with, there are millions of people in the world who have sex and gender characteristics that do not fit typical binary notions of male or female physicality. Many of these people identify themselves as Intersex.

You can view Intersex as an umbrella term that you can use to describe a wide range of variations that affect reproductive organs and result in a mix of physical identification. Even though these characteristics are often visible at birth, they can also appear during puberty or at later stages in life. Sometimes they remain not physically apparent at all.

Intersex activists worldwide call for openness and acceptance because of the growing diversity in our society. We need to ensure that kids are comfortable to grow the way they are — without the fear of judgment or harassment. By leaving this topic ignored, as a community, we could fail to help more people accept themselves and their own bodies.

In Taimi, we stand for representation and inclusivity of Intersex people as a part of our broader strategy — making this world a safer and kinder place for queer folks. Being the most inclusive social network and dating app on the market, Taimi is the best place for Intersex people to find dates, friends, or networking opportunities, start new relationships, engage with the content by many creators — or even become an influencer themselves!

We are happy to see some major steps being made forward thanks to the tireless campaigning of Intersex activists and organizations. And we want to express our full support and love towards the Intersex community. Now help us celebrate by spreading awareness and love towards Intersex people all over the world!

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