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Last Updated 25.02.2020
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TAIMI is thrilled to announce a key partnership with PAINT — a platform that gives LGBTQI+ people the chance to tell their story. TAIMI is the only social network and dating app with a strong social mission so a partnership with PAINT only makes sense, as both want to promote equality and acceptance.

PAINT was launched by multi-lingual twins Aline and Cedric Feito. To spread their message, the Feitos travel throughout Europe in search of stories.PAINT focuses on topics and issues that are relevant to LGBTQI+ people. Aline and Cedric are certain that by sharing people’s stories, they not only increase LGBTQI+ visibility but also raise awareness.“Our mission with PAINT is to give visibility to LGBTQIA people all over the globe with our videos, so that they understand that both their identity and sexuality are valid. That’s why it’s truly amazing working with incredible allies and partners like TAIMI who have been a massive support in helping to make everyone understand they are worthy of love. We are grateful to be supported by a platform that believes in equality and love, and fights for it.”, says co-creator of PAINT, Cedric Feito

Indeed, at the heart of TAIMI are the very core values of freedom of expression, equality and diversity. TAIMI is a safe and reliable network for people seeking connections ranging from acquaintance to romance.The company gladly shares PAINT’s videos across all its social media platforms. In fact, the videos have garnered a lot of attention on TAIMI’s accounts sparking vivid conversation and even debate. Among the topics discussed are asexuality, being non-binary, living with HIV, and many more issues that concern LGBTQI+ people.Diana Lysenko, Head of Influencer Marketing at TAIMI adds: “We, at TAIMI are truly happy to sponsor the content that makes people ask questions and get the much-needed answers. The videos from PAINT serve a tremendous purpose of raising awareness and promoting equality. The topics raised in the videos inspire conversation about issues LGBTQI+ people face on a daily basis.”

TAIMI’s key features include video calls, stories, digest, FAQ section and custom groups. TAIMI’s users can also upload private albums that will only be seen by those they grant permission to. TAIMI also recently added Spotify Integration and TAIMI Spot which allows changing location during travels.In addition to the above features, TAIMI has a lot of major innovations coming up. The app’s users will get to experience new feeds and updated LGBTQI groups within the app. In the near future TAIMI plans to introduce features that will provide informational and educational content including event calendars, helpful tips, travel advisories and useful phrases.

Find out more about TAIMI by visiting the official website, or downloading the app hereFollow TAIMI on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.ABOUT TAIMI:TAIMI has several layers of verification, 24/7 profile moderation, live support, and PIN/Fingerprint/Face recognition. TAIMI has zero-tolerance for judgment, discrimination or aggression.TAIMI is free and available to download in the App Store and Google Play. A subscription-based premium version is also available.

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