TAIMI announces a breakthrough partnership with AZ Magazine

Last Updated 03.12.2019
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The First LGBTQI+ Social Networking and Dating App partners with AZ Mag on I Am Here project featuring Black and other Minority Ethnic LGBTQI+ voices

I Am Here— a title that proves to speak a thousand words. The project focuses on stories of Pride, Perseverance and Most-Importantly Self-Acceptance.I Am Here heroes come from different walks of life. Their stories are the stories everyone can relate to on a deeply personal level regardless of ethnic background, sexual orientation or gender identity. Their stories are real, truthful, at times heartbreaking but at the end of the day — inspirational.“At AZ Mag we’ve always been committed to sharing the stories of queer and trans people of colour, our platform is for those of us who have been excluded from the conversation.” shares Christania, the Editor-in-Chief of AZ MagCreated in 2015 AZ Magazine has become a media platform that showcases stories of Black and other Minority Ethnic LGBTQ+ people. AZ Magazine shares TAIMI’s values — promoting equality, diversity and freedom of expression.Christania adds: “ we’re always trying to share new stories from the community and that’s why we’ve chosen to work with Taimi on our I Am Here project because the community is a part of their goals.”Indeed, the community is the centre of attention for both TAIMI and AZ Mag. In addition to being a strong proponent of equal rights, TAIMI’s major focus is on raising awareness of LGBTQI+ issues and promoting the message of love and equality.

Recently, the app launched a major social media campaign as well as connected with LGBTQ+ organizations and activists to combat homophobia on a global scale.“This is why it is so crucial for us, at TAIMI to partner up on projects like “I am Here”. TAIMI is adamant about becoming the go-to space for LGBTQI+ people. We strive to provide a network where people to communicate, connect, and form relationships that hopefully will last a lifetime”, adds Halyna Virt, Head of Business Development at TAIMITAIMI is not only a safe space for LGBTQI+ people with several layers of verification, 24/7 profile moderation, around-the-clock live support, and PIN/Fingerprint/Face recognition.

TAIMI is an app that includes video calls, stories, digest, and groups. The app’s users can also upload private albums that will only be seen by those they grant permission to. TAIMI also recently added Spotify Integration and TAIMI Spot which allow users to change their location during their travel. In the near future, TAIMI’s users will see updates that will provide informational and educational content including event calendars, helpful tips, travel advisories and useful phrases.To find out more about TAIMI visit our official website, or download the app here.You can also follow TAIMI on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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