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Single and Looking at Being Alone at Christmas? Hire a Date-Mate. Here are 20 Interview Questions to Employ the Right One

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So, it is the holiday season after all. And here you are with no squeeze and no prospects. No one to even have a Christmas drink with. All your friends will be with their SOs and you don’t want to intrude and be a fifth wheel. 

It’s time to make a plan to at least hook up over Christmas even if you are decidedly single, at least for the near future. So, how do you do this, and how do you pick one that will be a good “fit,” at least for the season? Remember, you are looking for a short-term, no-strings-attached relationship here.

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    Get on One or More Dating apps Right Now

    There are plenty out there that serve the LGBTQ+ community. Join a couple. You are bound to find other singles who are looking at spending Christmas alone too.

    Fill out our profile, state what you are looking for, and wait for the matches to be generated. Then take some time and target a few for further consideration. Be honest about the goal of the short-term relationship. Not fair to lead anyone on here. You want someone else who is looking for the same relationship as you, and that’s not romantic or long-lasting. The goal is to hook up and have fun.

    So, what do you do now? You interview them, of course. You need to have a list of questions and a pretty good idea of the answers you’d like to hear. Just think of yourself as an employer who is looking to hire someone who is a good fit for a temporary job opening.

    Here’s a List of Interview Questions to Consider

    You may find some perfect questions on this list. And the list itself may get your own thinking moving in the right direction so you can come up with some more of your own.

    Just be sure you have a clear picture of exactly what you want in a holiday mate before you choose the questions. And be sure you know what types of responses you want while you consider each of the job candidates for the position.

    So, here’s a list to get you started.

    1. It’s that season. And Santa has been watching. Would you describe yourself as naughty or nice? What makes you naughty and what makes you nice?

    2. What’s the most embarrassing sexual moment you have ever had? This should show you whether she has a sense of humor and can laugh at herself. And if she shares a story with you, it’s a good sign that she is not shy and feels comfortable talking to you – a good sign.

    3. What’s the weirdest nickname you have ever had and how did you get it? There’s bound to be a story here, and that story will give you more insights into her personality.

    4. Your choice – have sex with _____________ or ____________? Here, pick two people that would be appropriate for your candidate’s sexual identity but who would both be objectionable, either because of looks, personalities, or general obnoxiousness. Ask the candidate why they chose the one they did.

    5. Tell me your all-time favorite joke. This will give you insight into their personality, especially their sense of humor.

    6. If I was standing naked in front of you, what would you look at first? If they give a flirty and sexy answer and you are just looking for a short-term hookup, then they may be the one.

    7. If you could be invisible for just one day, what would you do? Again, the response to this one will give you some good insights into some of their personality traits – would they go for getting some revenge on those who may have wronged them? Would they prefer to play funny tricks on others? Would they do some illegal things?

    8. What’s your biggest sexual fantasy? Here, you’ll be able to tell if you are into the same kinds of sex play as they are or how kinky they might be. Your Christmas may turn out to be pretty awesome after all!

    9. What’s the worst pick-up line that was ever used on you? And what was the worst one you ever used?

    10. What’s the worst thing someone caught you doing? So, the answer to this one may not be totally true because they may not pick the absolute worst one. But you’ll get a little insight into their behavior tendencies anyway.

    11. If I walked in on you masturbating, would you stop in embarrassment or keep going? Here, you’ll get an idea of how open and free they feel about sex. It might be a turn-on to have someone watching them as they pleasure themselves. A bit of cool kink here.

    12. If I could read your mind right now, what would it be saying? This may very well give you a good idea of whether she is thinking that a hook-up with you would be a great idea.

    13. What’s the worst thing someone has done when you have been in bed with them? At least, you’ll know what not to do!

    14. What’s the wildest adventure you’ve ever had? This will tell you whether the candidate is a risk-taker or prefers to play it safe. This should be a match for your own sense of adventure. Although, who knows? Sometimes opposites do attract. 

    15. What in your life right now is the most valuable? Here’s a loaded question but the answer can tell you many things. If they say their pet tarantula, well, at least you know they like animals – sort of anyway. If they come up with things like their car, then you know they are more materialistic than if they said their friends or their career. Compare that with what is most valuable to you right now. It actually may be getting laid, but you might not want to say that at first.

    16. Would you consider yourself a rabbit or a turtle in bed? This will give you plenty of insight into how they like their sex. Are you up for “fast and furious” or do you prefer “slow and steady?” This could be a deal breaker for you.

    17. What do you want to be written on your tombstone? Remember, you are looking for a short-term hookup here – one with no strings attached after the holidays. If you get a lofty statement full of values and ideals, you may want to think twice about this hookup. 

    18. If someone wrote your biography, what would it be titled? Again, you are looking for some insight into their personality. 

    19. How often do you party? If it’s important that you have someone to party with you and your friends during the season, you won’t want someone who says they don’t really party but like to stay home with a movie and popcorn. 

    20.  Where’s the weirdest place you have ever had sex? This one gives you an idea of whether you are a risk-taker or not. If that’s important to you too, move on to more questions. This one could be a keeper.

    A Complete List? Not in Your Life!!

    These 20 questions are a good start. You may or may not like them all, so pick and choose the ones that are a good fit for your short-term hookup goal. After reading them, you should be able to come up with at least a few more for the list. 

    The most important thing is, to be honest about what you are seeking and then to find someone who is seeking the same, has personality and behavior traits that are a match for what you want to do over the holidays, and who is willing to cheerfully say good-bye when they are over.

    Hire the best candidate and have fun!

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