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Last Updated 06.11.2022
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Discovery. It’s a part of our lives throughout our entire lives. We discover stuff we didn’t know before; we discover new friendships; we discover things about our friends and relatives we didn’t know before; we discover new products to meet our needs/desires. And, most importantly, we discover new things about ourselves that we hadn’t known before or that we want to change.

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Our sexual identity is one of those things that we may discover we want or need to change. So let’s explore how you have come to this discovery, why it is perfectly fine to do this any number of times during your life, and how sexual discovery is supported by Taimi.

What is Sexual Discovery and Why It May Change Your Identity?

By the time most of us are young adults (18+), we have settled into a sexual identity - straight, lesbian, gay, bi, trans, or maybe still questioning. That’s one meaning for the “Q” is for in LGBTQ+. Any of these scenarios is fine, and our newer accepting and tolerant environment makes it much easier to be who and what we are. The other thing that is just fine is the changing of our sexual identities as we move forward in life.

It’s called sexual fluidity. And, in short, it means that people may discover that their initial gender identity is not who they currently are. This is totally normal and certainly not something to avoid or deny. In fact, it can be a lifelong process. Denial of a change, in fact, can lead to frustration, stress, and even depression. Don’t do this to yourself. You need to be who you are at any given time, for your own mental well-being.

Discovery May Not Be a Short Path

Sexual discovery is not always some kind of epiphany that occurs overnight and then is set for the rest of your life. For lots of people, it takes time, exploration, and experimentation, and this is all okay. 

It is also quite possible that a person may change sexual identities several times throughout their lives – the path is not “straight and normal” but instead a curvy journey with highs and lows, peaks and valleys, and detours along the way. 

The important thing is this: you need to embrace all of this exploration and experimentation, even if it happens over years. There is simply no time limit on your discovery, and you need to embrace the reality that you have the right to change your identities as many times as you wish. It’s what the discovery process is all about.

How Taimi Supports Discovery

As the largest LGBTQ+ online dating app, Taimi embraces everyone in the community and within the entire spectrum of that community. We encourage everyone to explore their sexuality, to be as fluid as they wish, and to participate in social discussions and groups where they find supportive communities like no others anywhere. Here, everyone finds that their experiences are totally valid and shared by many others. This provides incentives for the exploration and experimentation that may, in fact, go on for a lifetime. It doesn’t matter at Taimi, for nothing is taboo. 

In the End…

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey to discover your sexual and gender identity. You may have delayed your exploration because of outside pressures and societal “norms.” When you come to Taimi, you have the freedom and the time to engage in as much exploration and fluidity as you wish. There is no judgment here – only complete acceptance.

Taimi is free to download. Taimi Premium subscription provides access to features unavailable or limited in the free version of the app.

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