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Last Updated 05.06.2019
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Let the Month of Pride begin! Taimi Gay Dating App and Social Network is a must-have to those celebrating main LGBTQ+ events of the whole year. Here is why.Pride-related groups. Taimi launches more than a dozen of in-app groups for the users from the biggest American cities. Gay men from Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Antonio, Houston (and that's not even the whole list) can share the best moments of Pride Month and meet fellow Pride-goers there. Users will get invitations to the in-app groups from the Taimi's chatbot a few days before their local Pride events.Get a one-year subscription to Taimi XL. All the users have a chance to win a free year of Taimi's premium features during the Pride Month. The task is simple: publish a photo of yourself celebrating Pride Events in the Taimi's feed with the #mypride hashtag. At the end of the month, 10 guys who posted the most liked photos will get their prize — Taimi XL subscription for the whole year.Go viral on multiple media. Tag Taimi in Instagram photos and stories of the Pride-related events, and we'll repost the best of them on Taimi's account.Have the best Pride Month! Remember, love always wins.

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