Pride Events: What You Should Bring

Last Updated 18.05.2023
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When it comes to pride a lot of people tend to pack light. What that really means is that they go completely unprepared. After all, at an event as big as this anything can happen. While you may not be able to prepare for absolutely everything that will happen, we can help you be prepared for the most common things that might happen. Here are our favorite essential items for Pride.

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An Extra Outfit

Pride is a month-long celebration of all those in the LGBTQIA community and those going to Pride love going all out in every kind of way. This type of all out celebrating in the hot June sun will often leave you feeling sticky, covered in glitter, and of course soaked in sweat. Take precautions and pack yourself an extra outfit to change into just in case. 


At any event it is always a good idea to have actual cash in your hand. After all, not every single vendor is going to have the ability to take a card from you. You will also want cash for tips you may give out as well. It is suggested to have at least 100$ in cash whenever you go to an event. Just be subtle about it. Don’t flash cash around, and only pull out some smaller bills as needed.


After a certain age it becomes incredibly easy to forget your ID, however at events like Pride there are many vendors and bar tenders that are more likely to be somewhat strict when it comes to giving out alcohol. Make sure to have it just in case. 

A Water Bottle

As you find yourself partying at pride you may notice that you sweat a lot and overheat very easily. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated in order to prevent any kind of injury or sickness. Keep a water bottle or two filled in your bag and keep your eye out for any place you can refill it throughout the day. Also, be a good hydro homie and remind your friends to drink up as well!


Food at Pride will be available. However, the food vendors tend to serve foods at highly inflated prices. We think you should absolutely indulge in this food if you can afford it. Local bars and restaurants tend to show up at Pride with some amazing food for people to enjoy.. However it is also important that you bring your own snacks so that you can keep your energy up during Pride. 

Comfortable Shoes

We understand the appeal of bringing fashionable shoes that pull an outfit together. It’s good to look cute, but you’re gonna be walking around quite a bit.. Even if you want to still wear those stiletto pumps with your outfit your comfort and safety are much more important than fashion. Bring a pair of comfortable shoes and make sure you can change them as you need to. 

Sun Screen

Pride is held in the month of June, which marks the beginning of the summer season. In most areas this means that it will be incredibly warm and sunny during the day, which means that you will be exposed to a lot of UV rays. Protect that precious skin of yours and make sure to reapply every couple of hours. ,

Face Wipes and Makeup

Pride is in summer, summer means sun, and that sun means you’re going to sweat. As you sweat your makeup will be ruined from time to time. Therefore it is always a good idea to bring a pack of face wipes and Makeup so you can touch up as the day goes by. 


Because Pride is held in summer and summer means hot sun this means that you will most likely be sweating a lot. As enjoyable as sweat can be in certain contexts it is generally agreed on that it is not enjoyable when an entire group of people have that certain odor to them. Make sure to bring a nice neutral scented deodorant with you to Pride and apply as needed. 


As Pride is a celebration of the many sexualities across the country sex is often a big part of pride. While we cannot guarantee that you are going to get lucky with anyone you meet at Pride, it is always a good idea to be prepared. Bring condoms, dental dams, and any other form of protection with you to Pride.


You may need protection from sudden showers or some much needed shade from the overbearing sun. An Umbrella is a great item to have. 


You will be walking around a lot at pride and even the most comfortable shoes can have you developing blisters after a certain point of time. Having a box of bandaids and neosporin with you will help to keep you safe and comfortable. 

A Small Blanket

With how hot it is during pride, suggesting a small blanket may seem like a weird suggestion, however, it is the heat that makes us suggest this item. A small blanket can offer a comfortable protective layer that can prevent you from burning yourself on benches and curbs that have overheated in the sun. 

A Battery Pack and Charger

As you walk around pride you may find that your phone battery runs out quickly as you take pictures and videos to commemorate the occasion. Having an extra battery back and charger for your phone will ensure that your phone does not run out of that precious battery. 


Glitter and Pride go together like peanut butter and jelly or Macaroni and Cheese. You just can’t have one without the other around. While it may not be an absolute necessity for pride we find that it just feels weird to go without it. 

Of course this list only goes over a fraction of the items someone may bring to Pride. However, these do tend to be the items that are generally agreed upon to be necessary.

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