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Outdoor Sex During Pride – Options For Fun in the Sun and Under The Stars

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If it’s about Pride, it’s also about sex. It has to be. For any member of the LGBTQ+ community, sexual identity is a part of who they are.

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    In fact, they march because their goal is the right to love and have sex with whomever they choose. And during Pride month, it’s time to let that sexual identity hang out. June is a lovely warm month in many parts of the world, and the thought of having sex outside is really appealing. Fortunately, in many major cities of the world (e.g., Berlin and Amsterdam) outdoor sex in very public places is expected during Pride. In other, less progressive spots, it is frowned upon; and in many places, it is a crime. For the most part, though, those who are morally or religiously opposed to a queer lifestyle simply stay away from Pride events, and there’s a lot less policing too. Let’s look at all of your options.

    First, A Word About Nudity

    If seeing naked bodies offends you, then you definitely don’t want to attend Pride. But this has never been a problem in the LGBTQ+ community, and Pride goers just expect it.

    People are naked, or at least partially so, on floats, in marches in the streets, in parks, and even on beaches. While this violates local laws in many places, especially in the U.S. (it’s called “indecent exposure,” as if the human body is something to be ashamed of), it goes largely ignored during pride events. 

    And let’s be honest. The sight of so much nakedness can be a turn-on, no doubt. It is a springboard to sex, and who is not ready for that? So, let’s have a look at all of the options you have to get it on and get it off in the open air.

    Water/Beach Sex

    The sun, the surf, or even the lapping of little waves on a lake can be a great backdrop for sex. And at night, add the night sky, and you have a sexy environment, almost like in the movies.

    As you think about doing it in these places, here are some things to consider, so your encounter will be as fun as you want it to be:

    • Be prepared for what the water sex might require – you will need bug spray, a blanket or sleeping bag, sun screen, lube, and other supplies, depending on the type of sex you are considering.

    • Don’t even think about total immersion – it just won’t work. Condoms don’t work underwater; natural lubrication for females doesn’t happen in this environment; and there is the risk of bacterial infections – not a pretty thought.

    • Partial immersion can be pretty cool if you want the feel of the water. Lie down on your blanket or bag at the shore, just so those waves are lapping at your feet and lower legs. You will be able to try multiple positions this way. 

    • If you are good at it, try sex while standing knee-deep in the water. This can be really erotic if you are experienced in standing positions. And doggie style is one of those positions that can be just amazing in knee-deep water.

    • A waterfall nearby? Go behind it and have your gig. The sound of the rushing water is amazing.

    • Night sex on the beach, especially when the skies are clear and there is a great moon can be both romantic and erotic. Keep that blanket or sleeping bag shaken off, though. Sand on a penis, in a vagina, or butt is horrible.

    • Above the water. How about sex on a raft or boat in the middle of a lake, where you can just bask in the after-glow in that peaceful environment with gentle waves rocking you just enough – can we say naptime?

    Sex in the Park

    Now here’s a setting with some potential. For one thing, you don’t have to contend with sand. But you will have to contend with creepy, crawly things, so be sure to spray any place you choose. Here are some fun choices:

    • A Swing. Remember as a kid how you loved those belt-type swings? You probably even swung with a friend, both of you on that swing, one sitting on the other in opposite directions. Now that you are a big boy or girl, here’s a great place for penetrating sex while you rock that swing.

    • For you “tree-huggers” why not sex up against one? You only need a blanket behind the back of a partner up against that tree. Hug that tree for a new purpose now.

    • On the ground in a romantic location. Is there a fountain in the park? Use it as a backdrop for your sex and the afterglow. The sounds are like a mini-waterfall.

    • On a picnic table. While this may not sound like the most exotic location, it can be if that sex is after dark under the stars. Change up positions so each of you gets the chance to see that night sky. And a blanket or sleeping bag, please.

    Head Up to the Rooftop

    Hotels, apartment buildings, and even bars often have rooftops. Take your drinks and a blanket and head on up there for sex under the stars. Don’t be surprised if you have company- it’s common. If you want total privacy, a rooftop is probably not your best choice.

    At an Outdoor Concert

    Again, this is not a place for you if you want privacy. But you will be surprised at the number of Pride goers who enjoy sex with loud music as a backdrop. That blanket is not just for sitting on! Take the same precautions that you would take for any outdoor location – those bugs can be a problem.

    Pitch a Tent

    Lots of Pride goers don’t stay in hotels or hostels. They bring a pup tent and sleep in parks and on the beaches. If you are one of these, you have the perfect place for outdoor sex at night (tents are too hot during the day beneath the blazing sun). While you may not see the stars, you will have some privacy.

    On the Parade Floats

    Yes, it happens. And if you are on a float with a partner, and you don’t mind the public display, have at it. There’s some eroticism in being a bit of an “exhibitionist,” and if it turns you on, then do it. Pride is all about fun and letting your sexual identity and desires all hang out!

    In the End, It Is All About You

    You come to Pride to celebrate your queerness. You come to Pride to be who you really are and to express your identity in many ways. One of those ways is obviously sex – sex with one person; sex with many people; sex in a variety of ways. Be who you are. But also be mindful of where you plan to have sex, what gear and supplies you will need, and what precautions you should take.

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