Omnisexual Visibility Day - Celebrate by Learning Affirming Dating Practices

Last Updated 06.07.2022
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July 6th is Omnisexual Visibility Day. This holiday was created to bring awareness and understanding to this sexual identity. We think that this is the perfect time to educate the Taimi audience about omnisexuality, especially as it relates to being a positive, affirming dating partner. So, why not settle in and do a bit of reading. If you are an omnisexual, we always welcome your feedback on how we can make Taimi a better community for you.

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What Does Omnisexual Mean?

Someone who is omnisexual experiences attraction to people of every gender and sexual identity. This probably sounds a lot like pansexuality. It’s close! The key difference is that most people who are pansexual either don’t see or don’t care about gender. Omnisexuals do see gender, and it can impact how their attractions work. 

I’m Interested in Dating a Person Who Identifies as Omni - What do I Do?

So, this is gonna sound crazy, but you may not have to do anything. Dating somebody who is omni doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember that being omnisexual doesn’t change the way that a person approaches relationships. Someone who is omni may be interested in a totally monogamous partnership or no strings attached. They might be kinky as hell, or really vanilla. They may have had partners with different gender identities and sexual preferences, or be entirely inexperienced.

There are a few things that you can do and don’t do to make sure your dating experience is awesome for both you and them.

  • Don’t make everything about them being omni - whether they are interested in you, their preferences, etc. is about their entire personality and not just because of their identification as an omni.

  • Don’t fetishize them - remember that people aren’t omni for the purpose of turning you on. Don’t pursue someone who is omni to fulfill some sexual fantasy

  • Do listen and respect how they identify. Don’t correct them or suggest it’s a phase.

  • Do ask them how their identity impacts how they date and relate to other people. How people express their sexuality can vary from person to person. Never assume.

  • Don’t out someone who is omni. Remember that they may be open with you about their identity, but not open to everybody. Give them the space and agency to talk about themselves. That includes keeping their sexuality private if that is what they feel safe doing.

  • Do understand that someone who identifies as omni may have experienced rejection, ridicule, and other trauma. Ask them how you can be a supportive, affirming dating partner.

For real, just plan for some good times, practice safe sexual practices, and be a respectful partner!

Is This a Real Sexual Identity?

Yes, this is a real sexual identity. The fact that it’s new shouldn’t be used to be dismissive or ridicule people. Remember that there are sexual and gender identities that are accepted as valid today that were once thought to be mental illnesses, fads, or simply temporary confusion.

Look at it this way. People are slowly opening themselves up to the idea that gender and sexuality don’t have to fit in neat little categories. That’s a good thing! This has led to people doing quite a bit of soul-searching and realizing that our current vocabulary may not adequately describe their feelings and experiences. So, new words are coined, cause that’s how language works.

Cool! So How Can I be Supportive?

So, you’re thinking about dating someone who identifies as omnisexual. Or, maybe someone you have been dating now identifies as omnisexual. Whatever the situation is, there are things you can do to be supportive.

  • Don’t Correct or Question Their Identity

  • Don’t Make Assumptions About Their Sexuality as it Relates to You

  • Educate Yourself

  • Acknowledge Their Day And Ask Them How They Want to Celebrate

Also, just relax! We promise that being a lover, friend, or ally isn’t complicated. Seriously, just be respectful and treat people like you would want to be treated.

Happy Omnisexuality Day

If you’ve read this far, it’s pretty clear you care about understanding omnisexuality. We appreciate that! When folx like you take the time to better understand different identities and preferences, you make Taimi a better community for everyone.

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