Mark the Date: Taimi to Livestream 2021 NYC Pride on June 27

Last Updated 16.06.2021
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    The largest LGBTQ+ platform becomes the streaming partner of this year’s NYC Pride March to promote accessibility and provide an ability to join the celebrations to those who can’t attend.

    Taimi — the Home of Diversity and the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform — has partnered with NYC Pride and will be livestreaming the event on the app on June 27, 2021. The topic of this year’s Pride is “The Fight Continues”, which represents “the multitude of battles we’ve been fighting as a country and as a city”, says the official message from the NYC Pride. Among those are the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, police brutality, the alarming murder rate for trans POC, economic hardships, climate disasters, violent efforts to disenfranchise voters, our rights as a community being questioned at the level of the Supreme Court, and more.

    The celebration of Pride month in New York will culminate on June 27, and Taimi is dedicated to making the biggest Pride March in the US as accessible as possible for everybody, says the company’s founder and CEO Alex Pasykov.

    “Launching livestreaming on Taimi back in 2020 was a bold dream come true for us. Today, less than a year later, streaming on Taimi helps hundreds of thousands of people showcase their creative personalities, share their incredible stories, and spread the message of love. With Pride month celebrations happening across the globe, we understand that a lot of people can’t join them: some due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions, some due to health issues, some due to the fact that they live in countries where being LGBTQ+ is illegal. We always try to make the lives of queer people better and help them find a sense of community, so it was natural for us to partner with NYC Pride and become their official streaming partner. On June 27, anybody who can’t physically join the Pride march in New York will be able to do it digitally via Taimi streams. We will be happy to serve as a visual gateway to the Pride march, and we will continue forging a powerful international LGBTQ+ community where judgment has no place and people can celebrate diversity and equality.”

    The NYC Pride March will start on June 27, 2021, at 3:00 PM.

    Recently Taimi donated $25.000 to The Trevor Project in support of suicide prevention among LGBTQ+ youth. The announcement was made during the episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show which aired on June, 1st.

    About Taimi: Taimi is the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform that features a social network, dating app, and streaming. Taimi offers the safest and most secure user experience on the market — with its several verification layers, 24/7 profile moderation, PIN/Fingerprint/Face ID, and live support. Taimi is the Home of Diversity, and the platform’s main mission is to make the lives of LGBTQ+ people better by creating a safe environment with zero tolerance for judgment, discrimination, hate, or aggression.

    Taimi is free to download. Taimi Premium subscriptions provide enhanced experience and access to features unavailable or limited in the free version of the app.

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    Taimi is free to download. Taimi Premium subscription provides access to features unavailable or limited in the free version of the app.

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