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Last Updated 12.05.2022
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Lesbian parties differ from all other parties. At such parties, you can meet great people who belong to the LGTBQ+ community, make friends, find a one-night stand, and even find the love of your life.

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    Have you ever attended lesbian festivals? Have you felt that special vibe of such events? We highly encourage you to visit a lesbian party in the coming months and enjoy a brand new experience.

    Reasons to Attend Parties for Lesbians

    A lesbian party is a safe space for queer women, trans, and non-binary people. Here you can be yourself while enjoying good company and exploring your sexuality. Participation in these parties is a great way for you to gain new experiences and embrace the different sides of your personality.

    Another great thing about such events is that most of them exist to support a greater cause. Typically they are organized to raise money to help queers through scholarships, grants, and initiatives.

    Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

    Best Queer Parties in the US

    Americans are one of the best party makers in the world. They know how to create a big show and make people love it. So it's not a surprise that the vast majority of the best global lesbian events take place in the US. Here is a list of the top parties that are worth your attention.

    Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend

    Have you ever heard about the Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend? It's one of the largest events for lesbians not only in the US but in the whole world. Gay people come to this place to enjoy comedy shows and concerts, have fun at the noisy pool parties, meet the celebrities that they have a crush on, and participate in other fun activities.

    If you like to be in the crowd and dance all day and night, you will love this party. Come to California, and spend five fantastic days with queer people like you.

    Location: Palm Springs, California

    When to attend: Sep 21, 2022 – Sep 25, 2022

    Ordinary pass: $269

    Premium pass: $599

    Girl Splash

    Have you still not decided where to travel this summer? Grab your partner and go to Provincetown to attend Girl Splash this July. It's more than a big party. It's a four days event that offers various activities, from whale watching and dune tours to comedian shows and cider tasting.

    Each night you will go to a feature-themed party like a speakeasy party, a Great Gatsby party, etc. You will never get bored at P Town! It's a totally safe place to visit for lesbians and trans people, so you can party 24/7 without having any safety concerns.

    Provincetown has its unique atmosphere. You need to visit it at least once to feel its queer vibe. One Twitter user shared how it feels like to walk around this town.

    Location: Provincetown, Massachusetts.

    When to attend: Jul 20, 2022 – Jul 23, 2022

    Free entrance. You will have to pay a $10 fee to park your car in the lot.

    Girls In Wonderland

    Did you visit the Aqua Girl festival in South Beach in past years? Would you like to attend a similar party this summer? Girls In Wonderland is the best alternative you can find.

    This party was designed by women and for women. So you will definitely enjoy it! It offers the same activities as Aqua Girl: lesbian pool party, comedy shows, best-of-the-kind dance parties, bar, and live music. The festival also takes place in Florida (but in Orlando, not South Beach).

    Whether you want to chill with hot cover girls at the pool or dance all night with other queers, Girls In Wonderland is a great choice for you. Go book a hotel room and buy a pass while they are still available!

    Location: Orlando, Florida.

    When to attend: Jun 2, 2022 – Jun 6, 2022

    Party passes: $135 – $265

    Back Lot Bash

    Back Lot Bash is one of the most popular annual festivals that celebrate Pride Month in the US. Due to COVID restrictions, the event was suspended for two years, but it's finally back in 2022.

    Come to Chicago to spend the last weekend of June together with the queer community. Watch performances of your favorite bands, dance next to the most beautiful ladies, and just be yourself – a lesbian who loves freedom and feels free to express herself.

    Location: Chicago, Ilinois

    When to attend:: Jun 25, 2022 – Jun 26, 2022

    She Fest

    This party is curated by volunteers who strive to foster connections for the local community of queer women. Their main goal is to eliminate the existing homophobia and transphobia and aid trans women and anyone who might identify as female.

    If you feel vulnerable and want to feel strong support from the LGBTQ+ community, visit this event during the summer weekend. It's a safe space where you can connect with other women, have nice small talks at the bar, and probably get an invitation to a romantic date.

    Location: San Diego, California

    When to attend: July 9, 2022

    Free entrance

    Folsom Street Festival

    Are you into BDSM? Do you like to wear leather and latex clothes? There is a special event that will win your heart. Folsom Street Fest welcomes all queer people, including lesbians and trans people, who describe themselves as "fetish enthusiasts" and don't feel ashamed of showing their naked bodies.

    At Folsom Street, you will find:

    • Two huge dance areas where you can show your dancing skills

    • Live stage with indie and electronic music where you can enjoy high-quality sound

    • An area where you can watch a live performance of erotic artists

    • Public play stations where you can compete with other queers

    • Bar with high-quality beverages.

    Location: San Fransico, California.

    When to attend: Sep 25, 2022

    Donation fee: $10 or more.

    Tip: Nudity is acceptable. If you prefer to be naked and not cover your body, you can wear nothing.

    Lesbian Link-Up

    You can start small if you are not ready for a "big party" and don't like to be in a crowd. You can attend local events like Lesbian Link-Up in South Florida. It will allow you to hang out with other lesbians and bisexual women in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

    Here is a Tweet that describes the vibe of the Link-Up party.

    Location: Wilton Manors, Floride.

    When to attend: May 22, 2022

    Zero entrance fees

    Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels  

    Party at Henrietta Hudson

    There are three lesbian bars in New York, and Henrietta Hudson is one of them. This bar throws dance parties for queer people every Friday night. Here you can listen to DJs playing and make friends with trans and other queers. Who knows, maybe this place will help you find a woman who will make you happy.

    Interesting fact: Henrietta Hudson is a lesbian bar with 30 years of history. It changed its model from a crowded nightclub to a spacious lounge to satisfy the preferences of modern queers.

    Location: New York City, NY

    When to attend: Every Friday (you can check the list of upcoming events on Henrietta Hudson's Instagram)

    Best Queer Festivals in Europe and the Rest of the World

    Would you like to attend events in Europe or Latin America? You have plenty of options! Different countries offer different types of party experiences, and you should try them all. If you don't know where to start, just choose any party from the list below.

    Velvet Ibiza

    Ibiza is one of the best high-end nightlife destinations in the world. If you can't imagine your life without clubs and dance music, you must visit the Velvet Ibiza festival next year.

    Five days and five nights in this wonderful place will change your view of clubbing, pool parties, and vacation in general. You will meet 20+ DJs and make friends with the gorgeous girls from Europe and other continents.

    Carine De Mesmaeker, the founder and producer of the event, describes the party this way:

    "Velvet Ibiza is about inclusivity for the amazing diversity of women around the world. The mix of cultures and freedom is always present in the air."

    Location: Ibiza, Spain

    When to attend: May 2023

    All included package: starts at €480

    Eressos International Women’s Festival

    Have you ever wanted to visit a place from where Sappho came from? Lesvos Island is waiting for you this September! Come to the cozy fishing village of Skala Eressos and enjoy the best lesbian parties while exploring the wonderful landscapes that inspired Sappho many decades ago.

    If you describe yourself as a creative person, you will fall in love with this place. Here you will not only dance and sing but also attend workshops, paint pictures, and write romantic poems. On top of that, you will try delicious local food: you will eat fresh fish at a local taverna and drink ouzo, an anise-flavored aperitif, at the bar.

    You can come to this fest for one week or two weeks. Whether you are a single girl who is looking for love and romance or a woman who already has a couple, you will have lots of fun here and meet friendly queer strangers from all over Europe.

    Location: Lesvos Island, Greece

    When to attend: Sep 10, 2022 – Sep 24, 2022

    Pass for two weeks: €80

    Pass for the first week: €50

    Pass for the second week: €40

    Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

    Ella Davos

    Lesbian fests are typically associated with a pool party, sun, and half-naked bodies. Switzerland has created a weekend festival that destroys this stereotype. The list of offered activities goes beyond live music and DJs playing. Ella Davos invites lesbians, trans and queer individuals to enjoy:

    • Skiing

    •  Ice-skating

    •  Fresh relaxing spa

    •  Cosy après-ski

    •  Delicious cheese fondue and fine wine

    •  Lakeside and mountain valley walks

    Just imagine how you will have fun at a lesbian party while enjoying the Alpine atmosphere! It will be a 100% memorable experience. It would be great if you shared it with a queer person who is close to your heart.

    Location: Davos, Switzerland

    When to attend: Mar 23, 2023 – Mar 27, 2023

    Prices vary depending on the package and the hotel you will choose.

    Ella Merida

    Ella Global Community organizes lesbian parties in different countries, including Mexico. This year lesbians are invited to Merida, a colorful city on the Yucatan Peninsula.

    If you are interested in a beach vacation mixed with a fashion show, literary events, and networking opportunities, Ella Merida Fest is the only place you need to visit. It's an excellent spot for lesbian dating and vacation romance.

    Location: Merida, Mexico

    When to attend: Oct 15, 2022 – Oct 20, 2022

    Prices vary depending on the package and the hotel you will choose. Check up to date information on the official website.

    Don't Feel like You Are Ready to Go on a Lesbian Fest?

    People who are questioning their sexual orientation and haven't come out yet may doubt whether they are ready to attend a three-days lesbian festival. So if you hesitate to join such events, that's totally fine.

    Here is a tip for you. Before you go to a "big party", spend a night at a local lesbian bar. If you like the atmosphere and feel comfortable being surrounded by queer and trans individuals, that's a positive sign.

    Don't Forget about Safety Rules

    Lesbian events are supposed to be a safe place. But still, you should take care of your personal safety and follow some basic rules:

    • Consume alcohol responsibly. You can drink some cocktails to make the night brighter, but please, avoid binge drinking. Otherwise, you will have no memories of the party.

    • Avoid dehydration. When you stay under the sun, drink plenty of water to cool down and reduce the effect of alcohol on your body.

    • Practice safer sex. Of course, you can make out with any random person you meet. Just don't forget to use condoms when having penetrative sex (yep, if you use sex toys, condoms are a must).

    • Have a buddy system. It's always a good idea to have someone to look out for you just in case.

    Now you are all set. It's time to choose a party from the list and plan a travel itinerary!

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