Lesbian Love Poems That Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Last Updated 17.02.2022
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Poetry is something more than a form of writing. It’s something more than art. It's a tool that helps us express our feelings and influence the feelings of others. 

Today, we will talk about lesbian love poems and their importance. At first, we will explore the best lesbian poetry written by ten talented poets. After that, we will give you some ideas of how you can use lesbian poetry to take your relationship to the next level.

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Sappho and Her Contribution to Lesbian Poetry 

Many people believe that lesbian poetry is a new trend. But the truth is that lesbian poetry has a long history that started in Ancient Greece. Sappho of Lesbos was one of the first female poets who chanted the beauty of women and talked openly about her love for girls. 

She created nine volumes of verses during her life, but only a mere two complete poems and some fragments survived through the centuries and made it to our times. Notably, her works were the first explicitly lesbian books.

Even though Sappho was born around 630BC, her lyrics are still relevant. Many modern women admire the poetry of this Archaic Greek poet and cite the fragments of her works on Twitter. More than thirty new tweets appear on the app every hour. Check them out to find inspiration and get into a romantic mood.

Do Sappho lyrics resonate with you? Follow Sappho Bot on Twitter, and you will read a few fragments of her works every day. It's a fun way to familiarize yourself with Archaic Greek verse and become not only more romantic but also better educated.

Sappho is an important historical figure, and she will always be. She not only created poems that proclaim female homosexuality but also contributed to the development of terminology related to the queer community. The experts say that the terms "lesbian" and "sapphic" are derived from Sappho and her lyrics.

Lesbian poetry started with Sappho and then get widespread all over the world. In every country, in every century, there were women who expressed their feelings toward other women in a lyric form. Let's get familiar with the best poetry created by lesbians.

For the Courtesan Ch'ing Lin, by Wu Tsao

"On your slender body

Your jade and coral girdle ornaments chime

Like those of a celestial companion

Come from the Green Jade City of Heaven.

One smile from you when we meet,

And I become speechless and forget every word."

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Wu Tsao is known as the "third woman poet of China". She lived in the 1800s and was famous for her beautiful poems about loving other women. She had a weakness for courtesans and wrote bluntly erotic love letters to express her feelings. 

The poem devoted to Courtesan Ch'ing Lin (the one you have just read) is one of the most remarkable works of Wu Tsao. It tells us a story about passion and irrepressible physical excitement. 

If you want to show your lover that she turns you on sexually, read her this love letter aloud. The sophisticated language of the writing and erotic phrases such as "slender body" and "play wine games" will not leave her indifferent. 

Kenneth Rexroth, a celebrated poet of America, once said about Wu Tsao: "She is one of the great Lesbian poets of all time, perhaps not as great as Sappho, but certainly greater than any modern ones." 

If you are not familiar with Wu Tsao's works, you should fix this mistake right now. Read her lyrics translated into English and share your experience with the girl of your heart.

Tip: In case your partner and you both speak Chinese, read the original Chinese version to enhance the experience.

Recreation, by Audre Lorde

"As your body moves

under my hands

charged and waiting

we cut the leash

you create me against

your thighs

hilly with images

moving through our word


my body

writes into your flesh

the poem

you make of me."

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Audre Lorde describes herself as a "black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet". Without a doubt, she is one of the most famous Black feminist poets of all time. Her love poetry is filled with passion and braveness that inspire new generations of queer writers. 

In contrast to many lesbians of her time, Lorde was extremely proud of her sexual identity. She was never ashamed of who she was and what she felt. She used her talent to motivate LGBTQ people to follow her example and become more open about their sexual desire. 

Lorder's poetry is rich in erotic details. The tone of her writing is romantic and frank. Audre evolves readers into the world of real interpersonal relationships that are always complex and emotionally demanding.

Interesting fact: Audre was married with a gay man and gave birth to two children. In 1970s, Lorde got divorced and met  Frances Clayton, her longtime lesbian partner.

In her poem "Recreation", Audre discusses two important topics: lovemaking and writing - the act of physical love expression and the act of art creation. The word "recreation" also has two meanings. The first meaning is a "sexual play of lovers". The second meaning is the "ever-repeating process of art creation".

If your lover is a person of art, "Recreation" is a must-read for your couple. Lesbian poetry like this is exactly what you need to build emotional intimacy with your partner. We also suggest you read more poems written by Audre Lorde: "Love Poem", "Who Said It Was Simple", and others.

For the Goddess Too Well Known, by Elsa Gidlow 

"I have brought her, laughing,

To my quietly dreaming garden.

For what will be done there

I ask no man pardon."

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Elsa Gidlowwas published the first volume of brazenly honest lesbian poetry "On A Grey Thread" in 1923. A century later, we still find her poetry relevant and exciting. 

Lesbian women still reclaim Elsa's words and celebrate the beauty of female bodies. They quote the lines from the poem "For the Goddess Too Well Known" and repeat the statement that "they don't need to ask a man pardon to love women and express their sexuality". 

If your partner is fond of lesbian poetry, the chances are she is familiar with these verses. Throw a romantic dinner and offer your lover to read favorite fragments to each other. It will make your night together more special and more intimate.

You Love, You Wonder, by Brenda Shaughnessy

But you really love this woman, how come no one can see this? Everyone must

become suddenly very clumsy at recognizing beauty if you are to keep her.

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Brenda Shaughnessy is a gifted poet of 21 century. Her style is pretty unique, and it combines a catchy Latinate structure with baroque themes. Shaughnessy leverages a one-of-a-kine word-building strategy that makes her lyrics stand out from the crowd.

Mary Jo Bang, who works for Harvard Review, describes Shaughnessy’s voice as "smart, sexy, self-aware, hip… consistently wry, and ever-savvy."  

"You Love, You Wonder" tells us about love that makes us obsessed with the beauty of our lovers and drives jealousy. The poem describes the feeling when you want your girl to be only yours and when you want to be the only person who can touch her fingers, smell the scent of her hair, and stay with her at night.

Does this poem resonate with you? Read it to your woman. These lines will tell more than you can tell in an honest conversation. They will explain the reasons for your jealousy in the most explicit form.

Twenty-One Love Poems (The Floating Poem),  by Adrienne Rich 

"Whatever happens with us, your body

Will haunt mine—tender, delicate

Your lovemaking, like the half-curled frond

Of the fiddlehead fern in forests

Just washed by sun. "

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"Twenty-One Love Poems" is a collection of modern-style sonnets. Each poem tells us a little story of Adrienne Rich's life and helps us better understand the author's worldview.

Interesting fact: A sonnet includes between thirteen and twenty lines.

"The Floating Poem" is a sonnet about sex that derives from love and true feelings, not wild instincts. Adrienne Rich wrote this poem to show queer people that they didn't have to waste their lives on "transitory pleasures". They can love freely and openly without having a fear of being judged by society.

Do you want to make a romantic surprise for the girl you love? Buy a bottle of wine she loves, wait for the night, and light on the candles. Create a romantic atmosphere and read a few of Adrienne Rich's sonnets of your choice. Your partner will love it.

Poem for Haruko, by June Jordan

Now I do

relive an evening of retreat

a bridge I left behind

where all the solid heat

of lust and tender trembling

lay as cruel and as kind

as passion spins its infinite

tergiversations in between the bitter

and the sweet

Alone and longing for you

now I do"

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June Jordan went down in history as a US poet and social activist. Her autobiographical narratives and radical statements were widely discussed in the press. She wasn't afraid to reveal her bisexuality and discuss different aspects of homosexuality.

June wrote a series of poems to her lover Haruko in 1991 and 1992. The verse presented in this article describes the fragility of love. The author depicts the feeling of pure happiness mixed with the anticipation of future loss. We highly encourage you to add this piece of lesbian poetry to your reading list.

Love Poem to a Butch Woman, by Deborah A Miranda

"Sweetheart, this is how it is:

when you emerge from the bedroom

in a clean cotton shirt, sleeves pushed back

over forearms, scented with cologne

from an amber bottle — I want to open

my heart, the brightest aching slit

of my soul, receive your pearl."

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Lesbian poetry usually poetizes the beauty of the female body that has "feminine" features. The lesbian poem written by Deborah A Miranda is about love for a girl whose appearance is described as "typical masculine". 

If you are looking for love poetry to read to your sweet butch, this little masterpiece is the right for you. This poem is a great way to compliment your soul mate and get into a romantic mood.

Didn’t Sappho Say Her Guts Clutched Up Like This?  by Marilyn Hacker 

"Although I’d cream my jeans touching your breast,   

sweetheart, it isn’t lust; it’s all the rest

of what I want with you that scares me shitless."

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The language of this poem is pretty unique, and you will need to read the text a few times to understand its meaning. Marilyn Hacker used metaphors and double-meaning words to describe the physical experience of getting attracted to a beautiful woman and falling in love. 

The poet compared the experience of strong feelings with symptoms of lactose intolerant. When you are in love, your feelings make you unstoppable – the desire for love expression is getting stronger and stronger with every minute. This experience is similar to the one you get when lactose intolerance urges you to go to the bathroom – you can't just hold it inside you.  

This poem is rather sophisticated. Make sure to read it a couple of times and fully understand its meaning before you read it aloud to your sweetheart. Also, make sure to choose the moment when your partner is in the mood for such lyrics.

Dreaming of Lesbos, by Tatiana De La Tierra

"And just like that, nude and wet, we mount each other’s bodies. our

desire is a whale that searches for calm in the depth of the sea."

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Tatiana De La Tierra was one of the most famous Latina Lesbian poets in queer history. She talked openly about sex, passion, and everything in between. If you look for bluntly erotic lyrics, you will like her works.

Tip for you: Don’t send an erotic poem like this one to the girl you barely know. She may find it offensive. Remember that you can share erotic-themed messages only with the person who will understand them the right way.

My Love is a Woman, by Pat Parker

"My lover is a woman

& when i hold her

feel her warmth

i feel good

feel safe."

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Does your partner make you feel safe? Does she make you feel happy, but your family doesn't accept your choice? If that relates to you, the poetry of Pat Parker will appeal to you. Get familiar with more poetry created by this talented writer and share them with your sweetheart. 

When Is the Best Time to Read Lesbian Poetry to Your Lover? 

Now you may be wondering when you should read the best poetry to the person you love (or like). Basically, you can do it any moment that feels right for you. Typically, women expect to hear some lyric verses in the following situations:

The vast majority of lesbian girls (but not all!) have positive attitudes toward poetry, so you should definitely research this topic. Some queer ladies see poetry reading/sharing as a proposal to take relationships to the next level. 

Here is a tweet of the lesbian Gabby Ruiz where she shares her excitement about getting sent poetry from the girl she likes.

Tip for you: Keep in mind that some people have negative attitudes towards the use of poetry. Ask your partner whether she likes poetry before reading or sending her a poem.

A Few Things to Consider About Sharing Poetry

The chances are this article has gotten you in a lyric mood, and now you want to share the poems with someone important to you. But please, don't rush it. Take a second and think of whether it will be appropriate.

Choose the poem mindfully. Lesbian poetry falls into a few categories, and you should define the one that is right for you::

The message of the poem should match the intimacy level of your relationship. For instance, you should think twice before sending a poem to a stranger from a chat if the poem includes the lines "I want to feel your tongue in my mouth" or " I dream about touching your generous thighs".

The general advice is to start with sharing more "innocent" texts. For instance, it can be poetry about the beauty of the sun and the freshness of the river or poems about the first kisses and hair touches. Later you can share more intimate messages as your relationship progresses. 

Write a Poem from Scratch

Can't find a suitable poem to read to the lady of your heart? You can write your very own text and fill it with your feelings. Here are three reasons why you should do it:

Tip for you:  If you are not an English native speaker, feel free to write in your language. It will make your lesbian poetry sound even more special.  

You don't have to be a professional writer to create a masterpiece that impresses your partner. Just be yourself and formulate your ideas in the way you can. Write from the heart, and then the person you do it for will be happy to hear your poem.

Do you want to write romantic lines to your wife? Use any expressions you like without being afraid of showing your naughty side. You can describe all your crazy fantasies and tell her how much your love her fingers, tongue, mouth, whole face, and all other lady parts. She is your closest person, so you have nothing to be ashamed about.

Tip for you:  Never try to present someone else’s poems as your own to impress your girlfriend. You need to be honest if you want to build healthy long-term relationships.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we tried to shed light on the first explicitly lesbian books and familiarize you with the best works of lesbian poets. We hope it will inspire you to read more lyrics and share them with someone whom you truly love or someone you are passionate about. Wish you happy reading!

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