How to Prove You Love Someone Without Saying So

Last Updated 15.03.2022
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One of the trickiest things in any situation is how to prove you love someone without having to tell them. No matter if you are dating or are just friends, there are many reasons why you might want to show your love to someone. For example, you might have just had a fight or you want to take things to a more serious level with them.

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The good news is that there are plenty of ways to do so and as long as you have good intentions, you will find a way to show your love easily. Here are some easy and reliable ways to help you express your love for someone, that they are bound to appreciate.

Find Your Primary Love Language

Each person has a different way of expressing their love to the people they care about. Finding out which is your and your partner's love language can help your relationship tremendously and allow you to better care for each others' emotional needs.

There are five different types of love languages:

  • Words of Affirmation

This love language means that you prefer to show your affection through kind words. At the same time, if this is your partner's love language, they might need you to show your love and support through thoughtful text messages or a good and loving compliment when they ask you for your opinion on something.

  • Quality Time

The people with this primary love language want to spend as much quality time with their partners as possible. They probably need you to put down your phone and really pay attention to them when you do something together.

  • Physical Touch

People whose love language is physical touch expect you to show them you love them through hugs, kisses, cuddling, and anything else physical. While sex is also part of this, and they love to connect with their partners this way, it is not the only thing they need.

  • Acts of Service

These kinds of people love to wake up to breakfast in bed. If you take the time to fill up their car with gas or run some other important errand for them, they will definitely know you love them. It should come as no surprise to you if they appreciate you doing the dishes more than the most expensive flowers.

  • Receiving Gifts

Depending on which one resonates the best with you, you can express your needs to the people you love. You can easily also send your partner or other loved ones a love language test and share your results with one another. This way you will know which actions are the most important to them and show them your love for them in a way they are bound to appreciate.

Be There When They Need You

One great way to show someone you truly love them is to be there for them when they need you. This doesn't only include difficult situations, but also times of happiness, where they want to share their success with you.

Being with them, actively listening to their problems, or giving them a warm hug when they are struggling emotionally can truly verify your love for someone. Sharing your opinion on a difficult situation can show them how much you relate to their problems and care to help them.

The good and the bad situations that come when people are in relationships can shape their future together. Being there when your love needs you will show them you are invested emotionally in the relationship. This will also motivate them to do the same for you when you are in need of their presence and support.

Do Things For Them You Know They Hate Doing

If you know that your partner hates doing certain chores around the house, do them instead. For example, if they hate doing laundry, find some time out of your day to do it for them. If, like most girls, they hate taking out the trash, remember to collect it before you leave for work.

These small gestures show that you pay attention to what your partner likes and dislikes. They might seem insignificant but can mean so much to the one you love. Besides, this will help you improve the way you communicate and split your chores in a way that makes sure everyone is happy.

Put a Lot of Effort Into Your Communication

Sometimes, it can be hard to know what your partner is thinking, and guessing what they need can be impossible. When you love someone and want to show it to them, it is important that you prioritize communicating about everything in your relationship.

This can include anything from how they felt after a fight to your common goals and dreams for the future. Listening to them and working together to overcome problems is the biggest indicator of love. If you love someone, you will learn to communicate your feelings and needs as well as listen to theirs. This way the relationship will run smoothly.

Plan Fun Dates For The Two of You

One of the things that are significant for any relationship is to never stop going on dates. If you love the partner you are with, you should always find time to make them feel special and go out together. There is nothing that can beat the feeling of them coming home and you waiting for them with tickets to a new movie or a homemade dinner.

How expensive or complicated your date plans are is the last thing that matters. Putting in the effort and planning something special is the most important thing. Make sure that all your date plans reflect that joy to see your other half and they are bound to know how much you appreciate them.

Get to Know Their Family and Friends

Getting to know the people closest to your partner is always a great idea when you want to show them that you view them seriously. Whether you are living together or are in a long-distance relationship, make sure you find the time to talk to their parents or siblings and maintain a good relationship with them too.

A relationship doesn't only revolve around the two people that are in it. In reality, most of the time it involves the people who are closest to them too. These people will probably be a part of your common life and you should show your partner that you accept and appreciate them.

Spending a little bit or a lot of time with them means that you want the one you love to keep these people in their life. Remember that they are just as important to them as your folks are to you. This will give them the feeling of your love without you having to say anything and you having a great relationship with their parents will probably mean the world to them.

Make Them a Handmade Card

"I just wanted you to know, that when I picture myself happy, it's with you" - Supernatural

Most people find talking about their feelings to be tricky. You might not be able to gather your thoughts enough in order to say everything you have on your mind. If you are looking to combine some creative ways and romantic gestures into showing your love, a handmade card is an amazing option.

As people grow older, sharing loving thoughts on paper tends to become less expected and this can be a lovely surprise for your girl or guy. Don't forget to write just how much this person means to you and of course share with them the reasons why they are special to you.

Most importantly, you don't have to wait for a special occasion to surprise them with this. It can be any day, and your card can be as simple as a hidden handwritten note in your loved one's pocket. This definitely has the power to make their day and make them feel loved.

Loving Someone Comes in Many Different Ways

It is very important to remember that love does not come with a handbook, and everyone has a different way of showing it. Just because your partner doesn't tell you they love you frequently, doesn't mean they don't adore you. They might do certain things like taking out the trash, getting you flowers on a hard day or preparing a relaxing bath for you just to surprise you and show you they care.

These are all gestures that can show just how much someone is invested in being with you. The little things oftentimes matter the most and if you wish to show someone you love them, without telling them, you can start from here. This way, these three words won't seem like such an obstacle and you will win your partner's heart forever.

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