Fabulous Funny and Freaky Lesbian Tattoo Ideas

Last Updated 05.02.2022
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Are you in search of the perfect body art that is aesthetically pleasing, unique, and celebrates your pride in your identity? You aren't alone! Tattoo artists regularly receive requests from womxn who are interested in the best lesbian tattoo ideas.

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Searching for the Best Lesbian Tattoos 

Where can you find the best lesbian tattoo ideas? Fortunately, you can find inspiration in many places. Start with tattoo artists. You may find some who are LGBTQ-friendly and have experience with lesbian tattoo design. If they have an amazing collection of lesbian-inspired art, they will be happy to show it to you.

Of course, you can look online for tattoo ideas. There are plenty of photos that you can find of completed examples, but don't stop there. Many lesbian tattoos are influenced by stories, historical events, and cultural symbolism. Here are a few symbols that you might incorporate into some of your best ideas:

  • Double Venus
  • Bi Angles
  • Double Moon
  • Labrys
  • Lambda
  • Trans Feminism
  • Violets

Before you choose a symbol for inspiration, take some time to learn a bit about its history. There's often much more to these than simple aesthetic values.

Consider something like the rainbow flag that's been largely co=opted and commercialized. Its creator Gilbert Baker said, "They had a whole code of emblems that they used to oppress people, and we needed something to answer that."

Remember that lesbian tattoos don't have to be serious or symbolic. Some of the best lesbian tattoo ideas are sexy, humorous, or obscure. They can also commemorate a meaningful event in your life. Don't limit your ideas to those that pass some weird Sapphic litmus test.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Lesbian Tattoo Ideas

Many of the things to keep in mind when choosing lesbian tattoos apply to other categories as well. For example, don't get artwork commemorating your romantic relationship too soon. Shop around for the best artists, then demand to see many examples of their ink. Be original! On the other hand, do you really want to have to explain your ink to the entire world?

Do you want some advice from the pros? Fineline Tattoo signal-boosted some great insights on their Twitter.

Most importantly, own it! Whether you want something that pays subtle homage to your lesbian identity, something romantic to celebrate that you are a cute couple, or gives a darkly humorous take on the world go for it. There are so many categories of lesbian tattoos, and all of them are amazing. You will know when you've found the perfect one.

An Amazing Collection of Lesbian Tattoo Ideas

Are you ready to look at some cool pictures to inspire your new ink? Here are some of the cool things we've found.

Pride Inspired Tattoos

When you think of this historical event, you can't help but visualize the rainbow. You could choose to have the famous rainbow tattoo inked onto your arm or other body parts to commemorate that. Just know that isn't your only option. There are options besides the rainbow tattoo.

You could go for something a bit more stylized using the famous symbol as an inspiration. For example, consider getting the date of your first Pridefest tattooed on your wrist using a colorful script. This shooting star body art is cute and pays subtle homage to this historical event.

Lesbian Couple Tattoos

People have been getting couple's tattoos for years. Shouldn't you be able to celebrate your lesbian dating relationship as well. Fortunately, when it comes to lesbian couple tattoos there's a lot of cool stuff out in the world. You just have to know where to look for inspiration.

We think this Frida Kahlo influenced artwork would look beautiful on any skin.

Spicy Lesbian Body Art

What are spicy tattoo ideas? These are fabulous ideas for ink that might be a bit controversial or NSFW. Consider these when you want tattoo ideas that just might raise a couple eyebrows. These might include:

  • Wickedly funny ink
  • Overtly sexual ink
  • Work that makes a strong political statement

Storme Delarverie was a lesbian and person of color who is credited for kicking off Stonewall. She once said about the event that changed the world, "It was a rebellion, it was an uprising, it was a civil rights disobedience - it wasn't no damn riot."  

That quote or a memorial piece of body art of Storme would look amazing on your arm! We found a fabulous pin you could take to your favorite ink artist.

Final Thoughts: Get a Tattoo You Love

Before you get too bogged down in the notion of lesbian tattoo ideas, remember to keep some perspective about this. What is a lesbian tattoo? It's any artwork a lesbian chooses. So, focus on something that you love first, and lesbian tattoo design second. After all, it is your skin!

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