Disadvantages of Having Sex Everyday: Do They Outweigh The Advantages?

Last Updated 23.10.2022
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The level of our sexual activity influences our physical and mental health. That's a known fact. But how much sex is normal and healthy? Are there any disadvantages of having sex everyday? Let's find answers to these questions!

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If you want to live a healthy sex life, you should listen to your body and take into consideration what experts say. If you believe that you have too much sex, you should adjust the level of your sexual activity to improve your wellbeing.

Norms of Sexual Activity

There is no such thing as "too much sex". There are no scientifically defined norms of "optimal sexual frequency". Every person is different: some people have a high libido and are happy to have sex every day, while others have a low libido and prefer to have sex once a week.

Basically, if both you and your partners are happy with your sex life, you have nothing to worry about. But if you have recently noticed any changes in your physical or mental wellbeing, you should analyze this issue further.

5 Disadvantages of Having Sex Daily

Most people who have sex every day don't experience any related issues. However, some individuals may encounter one of the following problems due to their specific health conditions or lifestyle.

Boredom in the Bedroom

Some married couples have sex every night before bed. And it seems to be a good thing, right? But here is a problem. When regular sex becomes a part of the daily routine, partners tend to lose interest in each other. They choose the same positions, make the same moves, and achieve the orgasm that always feels the same.

If you want to keep the spark in your relationship, make sure that your daily sex is not a part of your routine. Have sex with your partner at any time when you feel horny: early in the morning, during lunch, or right after they come home to work. Don't stick to a particular schedule!

Here is a tweet that supports the idea that routine is boring.

Play with your partner when he is cooking in the kitchen or when he is taking a shower. Get kinky in the bed and be open for experiments with different toys and other stuff.

As long as daily sex brings you real pleasure and feels exciting, you can be sure that you are moving in the right direction. If your sex life is spicy enough, you have nothing to worry about.

Possible Health Issues (If You Have One Sexual Partner)

For most people, regular sex doesn't cause any unpleasant symptoms. But for some individuals, having sex every day may have negative consequences. For instance, if you have sensitive skin down there, you encounter such problems as vaginal dryness/swollen vagina, anal fissures, or penis soreness, especially if you are a fan of rough and forceful sex.

The thing is that when we have frequent sex, our bodies produce less natural moisture. So if you don't want to deal with vaginal dryness and rectal ulcers, use more lube. It will not only keep your penis/ vagina/butt healthy but also bring your more sexual pleasure.

Interesting fact: Vaginal dryness can be caused by different factors, not just sex. For instance, it may be caused by low-dose birth control pills. So if you experience this health issue, make sure to discuss it with your doctor.

Possible Health Issues (If You Have Multiple Sexual Partners)

If you share your bed with only one sex partner, you are unlikely to experience any side effects of frequent sex. But if you change partners every day, like if you have 30 different partners in a month, you may face severe health issues.

Firstly, you should understand that you are at a high risk of getting sexually transmitted infections. The more partners you have, the more likely you will get infected with HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

Tip: Take care of your sexual health. Use condoms every time you have sex with a new partner and get tested for STIs and urinary tract infections on a regular basis.

Secondly, you should know that every individual has a unique urinary tract microbiome (and females have a unique vaginal microbiome). Every time you have sex with a new partner, the composition of your microbiome changes due to the contact with your partner's bodily fluids, and the risks of contracting a bacterial infection increase drastically.

Depending on your health conditions, that may result in various health issues from vaginal infections and itchy penis/vulva skin to urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Besides, if you have rough sex and tend to stand or sit in uncomfortable positions for too long, you may develop chronic lower back pain.

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Sexual Addiction

Too much intercourse can be a sign of mental health issues. Sex addiction, just like any other form of addiction, is a real issue, and it requires treatment.

Do you try to sexually satisfy more than one person every day? If so, you are likely to experience too much stress. Endless attempts to meet other people's expectations may affect your mental wellbeing and even result in erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction and sex drive issues go hand in hand with mental health issues. Even Twitter users support this point.

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Losing Interest in Sex

Some young people, including college students, explore their sexuality too actively. They don't just have sex every day: they have sex multiple times a day with a few partners trying out various sexual practices. In other words, they "overdo it".

In the long run, it may result in libido loss. Some people start thinking this way: "I have already tried it all! I'm not interested in playing any sex games."

So if you have too much sex in your life, consider taking a short break from your sexual experiments and see how it feels. It will help you prevent exhaustion that may put a damper on libido.

5 Advantages of Having Sex Every Day

Scientists have been researching the topic of sex frequency for decades, so there are many peer-reviewed studies that prove that satisfying sex is beneficial for health. Let's take a look at the key advantages of having sex daily.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

People who have sex on a regular basis have good cardiovascular health and are less likely to have a heart attack. Michael Joseph Blaha, director of clinical research at the Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease, explains it this way:

"Sex is a form of exercise and helps strengthen your heart, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve sleep. In addition, intimacy in a relationship can increase bonding. Strong social connections can lower feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety, which have been linked to higher cardiovascular risk."

In recent years, many researchers and medical associations have tried to answer the question, "Is sex good for health?" So here is another national study on partnered sexuality. Scientists examined cardiovascular risk among seniors of both genders and revealed such results:

  • High sexual frequency is associated with later risk of cardiovascular events in men

  • High sexual quality protects women from cardiovascular risk in later life.

Having sex every day is as beneficial as practicing yoga or working out at the gym. When you exercise daily, you help your heart stay strong through the years.

Better Sexual Health

If you want to keep your penis/vagina healthy, you need to have sex on a regular basis. Penetrative sex increases blood flow to the genitals while also normalizing sex hormone levels and improving sexual functioning. So the more sex you enjoy with your partner, the healthier you become.

Interesting fact: Some people wrongly believe that sexual intercourse weakens the vaginal walls. But the truth is that vagina laxity is not associated with sexual frequency.

Normalized Glucose Levels

Sex is an aerobic exercise, and just like other physical exercises, it might make your sugars decrease. So if you want to prevent glucose metabolism issues, you should keep taking part in sex-based activities daily.

Good Mood

Have you noticed that people who have more sex tend to be in a better mood than those who don't get enough sexual stimulation? Sex is a mood booster, and it's a scientific fact. When you touch and kiss your partner, your body releases norepinephrine and other feel-good hormones: endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine.

Good sex is not just about short-term positive affect. The more sex you have now, the more benefits you will get in the long run. A recent cross-sectional study revealed that lack of sexual activity is associated with a significantly higher risk of developing anxiety and depression. So if you have sex every day, you greatly contribute to your psychological wellbeing.

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Relational Benefits

Do you wonder whether your relationship will thrive in the long run? Well, if you have sex daily and fully satisfy each other sexual needs, you will be happy together for many coming years.

When both you and your partner are on the same page and have sex daily, you can stop being paranoid about cheating. You can trust your partner entirely and simply enjoy being loved, cared for, and desired.

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Enjoy Sex as Often as You Like

Now you know that there is no such thing as "too much sex". Sex frequency is not important as long as you live your best life. So don't focus on sex quantity, focus on its quality. Make sure that you enjoy every touch of your partner and feel 100% comfortable both physically and mentally.

Some life circumstances (high workload or recently undergone surgery) may temporarily lower your libido and make the sexual experience less pleasurable. If it happens, don't get anxious - it's not a big problem. You just need time to get your energy back. Once you get your daily life back on track, you will enjoy having sex every day again.

Does Your Partner Believe that You Are Having Too Much Sex?

Unfortunately, not all partners share the same levels of sex drive. So if your lover doesn't share your desires, interests, and kinks, you may find it challenging to build healthy relationships. Here you have two options:

  • You can try to find a compromise - agree on when and how you will have sex to satisfy your needs.

  • Or you can break up.

Breakup is a radical step, but there are no other options. If you have a high libido, you will never be happy with someone who wants to have sex once a month. Sooner or later, you will start cheating on your partner, and that will get things worse.

Well, sex is not the most important thing in the world. But it's an essential part of your life. So if you want to stay happy and healthy, you should decide how much sex is enough for you.

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