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Christmas Fashion and Dress Fails

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Here we go again. It’s that time of year – parties, raves, family stuff, and more. Some of these are optional, but there are others that are “command performances,” and you have to attend.

Which brings us to the issue of dress. Yes, what are you going to wear, especially if some of the same people will be at more than one event? Or maybe you could not care less whether you wear the same thing more than once – more power to you. And you may not even “do” special fashion for the holidays. Good for you.

But if you do think that part of getting into the “holiday spirit” includes clothing, then you’ll probably be looking to make some new purchases. 

As you think about how you will dress for events, you want to avoid fashion fails. So, here are some general guidelines to follow and then some more specific stuff to avoid like the plague.

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    General No-Nos

    There are some general “rules” here depending on whether you want to make a huge glitzy statement or be more subdued.

    Let’s do the subdued version of you first.

    1. Don’t Sparkle. Glittery dresses and sequined jackets, along with metallic shoes in holiday colors will certainly get you noticed but probably not the way you want. Don’t compete with the Christmas tree decorations. If you want a subdued look, wear a single touch of glitz – a necklace, a luminescent rainbow wristband, or holiday socks or necktie. And please, ditch the light-up jewelry. It’s just an epic fail.

    2. Reduce the “Sexy.” If you don’t want to be an attention-getter at all, then lose the split skirts up to the waist or the bare-chested open-shirt look. Of course, dress designs will be somewhat determined by the nature of the event. A beach volleyball Christmas party is quite different from a family gathering or that office party. So, in all things, be appropriate but not flashy. And a subdued look means you are not letting it all hang out.

    3. No Complex Outfits. Don’t try to put together a new outfit that has to have several items that all match. Subdued is simple. Take a simple dress, shirt, pair of slacks or jeans and T and make a simple Christmas statement with one piece of ornamentation. Check out some of the simple but funny T-shirts and sweatshirts for LGBTQ wear during the holidays.

    Now Onto the Glitzy Version of You

    So, if you are in drag or going to a Christmas costume party with some dress requirements, then you will obviously have to add a lot of adornments and some outrageous outfits to match the occasion. Are there still some don’ts? Well, maybe just a few.

    1. You can still overdo it and ruin the overall effect. Being glitzy is one thing. Being glitzy so that you look ridiculous is quite another. You don’t need 6 necklaces that all light up, along with bracelets and earrings that do the same. 

    2. Sequined clothing can be just amazing, and for the holidays it is perfect. Add a great hat with a sequined band, and a solid color metallic boot in red, green, or gold, and you are good to go. But if you overdo it, this type of dress can be an epic fail too. Consider, for example, an entire sequined suit – jacket and pants – along with a tie that lights up, huge pieces of glittery LED jewelry, and a bejeweled walking cane that sings Christmas songs. Way overboard!! The only exception to this No-no is if you are invited to a party where the rule is to be as outrageous in your dress as possible. You’ll probably win the contest.

    Some Other Fashion Fails at Christmas

    Here’s a few more things to think about.

    That Christmas Rave Party

    The only difference between a holiday and a regular wave party is the music – really. There will be the same types of DJs and other entertainment, the same dancing, and the same great bartenders to serve your drinking needs. Now, there may be some posted “rules” for dress at such an event. Read them over and comply, but they are generally pretty simple. Remember, you’ll probably arrive in some rather normal street dress with your rave outfit underneath. After all, you don’t want to get picked up as a street prostitute on your way.

    You’ll want some holiday fashion as you start disrobing throughout the night and into the morning, so plan accordingly. Underwear with a holiday theme will be called for. But don’t go overboard here either. People you may want to hook up with may be a bit turned off if you have turned that great body into a Christmas tree.

    Oh God – those ugly sweaters!

    Every year, your Aunt Jill gives you a Christmas sweater. You have them all. Some light up; some have ornaments, Santa’s, and trees all over – a busy, busy mess! Obviously, you will probably have to wear her latest gift to a family gathering just to be kind. But if you sport those sweaters anywhere else, you will only be the subject of laughter and maybe some ridicule. Just don’t do it. Donate those sweaters to your closest charity clothing organization, or re-gift them to your enemies.

    The only exception here is if you are invited to an “ugly sweater” party with a prize for the absolute worst one. Find the worst of what Aunt Jill has given you over the years, and look forward to lining up with the competition in style.

    Christmas Fashion Fails are Easy to Avoid

    The most important concept in holiday dress is really simple. It will vary based on the actual event, and you have to wear what you will feel comfortable in. After all, the whole point of a holiday party or gathering is to have fun, right? So, take a look at these “rules,” figure out where you want to fit and choose your dress accordingly. But do try to avoid the big “fails” that are listed above. You won’t be the topic of lousy gossip and conversation afterward.

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