Celebrate Father’s Day to include all LGBTQ+ families

Last Updated 20.06.2020
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TAIMI — the world’s first LGBTQI+ social network and dating app provides tips on how to recognize every unique family on a day dedicated to dads.

These days more than ever we know that the “standard definition” of an old-fashioned TV sitcom family i.e. mom, dad and 2 kids by no means reflects the reality.

Children grow up in different homes — some have two moms, two dads, only one parent, adoptive parents, blended families, grandparents… They all deserve respect and support. Especially, during the days that are traditionally marked as Mother’s or Father’s.

We at TAIMI appreciate all dads that are there for their kids, and thank them for being supportive and understanding.

However, we also want to make sure that all people feel included, seen and appreciated on this day. So here are a few tips on how you can make Father’s Day more inclusive for everyone.

You can showcase your support by choosing a different way to spend the holiday.

  1. Focus on the loving aspects of the relationship, give gender-neutral gifts and cards, talk about the importance of parents rather than just fathers.

2. Definitely ask LGBTQ+ families for direction. Some may celebrate the holiday full on, others not so much.

3. We cannot stress this enough — not every family has one mom and one dad. It is important to celebrate all different kinds of families.

4. Educators often get this one wrong, it’s crucial to get rid of gender stereotypes and stay clear of cards/gifts specifically made for mom or dad.

5. Days like Father’s or Mother’s Day are there to recognize the people that love and care for their children. So, we urge you to recognize your parents, caregivers, grandparents — those that supported you and helped you along the way.

To some Father’s Day may be a painful reminder of someone they lost or a relationship gone wrong.

It is important to remember that not everyone has good memories associated with their fathers, so we must reach out and offer a helping hand to those that may be struggling on this day.


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