Bisexuality: Introduction, what it means to me and the gross stereotypes.

Last Updated 16.09.2020
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Bisexuality: Introduction, what it means to me, and the gross stereotypes

Hello there, I’m Josh, a Taimi influencer. I am a bisexual man and have been with a man for ten years. I came out at 14 to my friends and family, so bisexuality is a topic that opens a lot of discussion in my life. This article’s objective is to shine a light on some of the personal questions or topics that have been raised by people.

Part 1: The common stereotypes I’ve experienced

1. “Bisexuals are more likely to cheat” and “being bisexual means you have double the chance to cheat!”d

This is an awful stereotype that simply isn’t true. I wrote a bit on my Reddit account about this. I’ll quote, “bisexual people cheating is not a circumstance of their sexuality but of their personality, it’s just a byproduct of having a terrible personality.”

2. Bisexuals constantly crave the other sex (bi-cycle)

Much like the above statement, I believe this not to be accurate, and I’ve been asked in my day-to-day life if I “miss the p***y”, no. My attachment to my partner of 10 years comes from my deep emotional connection with him and from that, a loving and healthy sexual relationship.

3. Much like our other same-sex couple friends, I’ve also been asked: “Which one is the female?”

The truth is, applying gross stereotypes (not mine), my partner and I do “feminine things” equally in the house: cooking, cleaning, and dog bathing is split pretty much equally.

Stereotypes about gender norms are breaking down, yet this question is probably the most common I hear. Alongside “Who is bottom and top?”

4. “You’ve been with a guy for ten years, you’re gay.” or “you’re gay and bisexual!”

Simply no. Your sexuality does not change based on your relationship status. Equally, being with someone for many years also does not change your sexuality.

5. “Bisexual is just pansexual.”

Personal view: to me, bisexuality is the attraction to the two sexes we’re born into. I have different sexual expectations when it comes to cis women & cis men. There are bisexual people I’ve met who identify closer to Pansexuality, but they still believe they’re not the same.

Highlights: Pansexuality’s general meaning is that sex/gender isn’t intrinsic to the attraction.

Everyone’s sexual choices and attractions are valid, and so is gender identity.

I wrote this article to express my own experiences of my sexuality. If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, my Taimi handle is @JoshTurner — no question is too stupid, even if you’re not yet part of the LGBT, you are still valid as a human.

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