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Bigotry in the Bathroom – Ignorant Lawmakers Telling Us Where We Can Pee and Poop

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    Don’t you just love it when lawmakers have no understanding of the things they promote and vote on? The examples are too many to name, but here are a few: 

    • Denying climate change science and passing laws that restrict or ban clean energy initiatives

    • No understanding of biology and insisting that a fertilized egg is already a person

    • Banning stem cell research because it “kills unborn children”

    • Believing that critical race theory is taught in elementary and high school and cutting black history from classroom teaching

    All of these things are intrusions into our personal lives and decisions. Sadly, our Supreme Court is also falling in line with much of this ignorance.

    But one of the most ridiculous and ignorant intrusions is now legislating where and how transgenders can relieve themselves in certain places, especially schools. 

    Why are Bathrooms Such a Big Deal?

    They’re a big deal because lawmakers are ignorant of just what transgenderism is. And so they come up with stupid reasons to insist that this membership must use the bathroom of their assigned birth gender. Here are some of their reasons:

    • Transgenders pose a safety risk to others in the bathroom

    • Transgenders are “perverts” who can prey on others in the bathroom

    • Heteros do not feel safe and comfortable with trans in their bathrooms

    And here’s where lawmakers show their ignorance. What they don’t understand is the following:

    • The trans person looks like their gender identity and being forced to use a birth gender bathroom puts them at risk.

    • The trans who must use a birth gender bathroom will be subject to harassment by heteros

    • Privacy and dignity is a right of transgenders – these discriminatory laws take that away

    Where are We in All of This Right Now?

    The Facts

    Here’s an important piece of information. 18 progressive states have laws that protect transgender use of public restrooms based on their gender identity. And there have been no increases in violence, stalking, harassment, or sexual assaults in bathrooms. There is just no factual truth that transgenders pose any kind of a safety risk to their hetero counterparts. Transgenders want the same type of privacy that anyone wants in a bathroom – that’s why bathrooms have stalls, for God’s sake.

    Solutions of Ignorant Lawmakers

    But lawmakers in many cities and states do not want to hear the truth. So here is their solution: Schools and other public buildings can have separate transgender bathrooms. And what does this accomplish? It isolates this community, separating them from the larger society. It can be embarrassing and humiliating, as others see them entering and leaving that bathroom. They are now legally unequal.

    Beliefs of Ignorant Lawmakers

    Conservative lawmakers believe the myth that children who identify as the opposite of their birth gender early in their lives can be “corrected,” and that parents and schools can somehow change their feelings and beliefs through proper parenting and school interventions. They deny the science of transgenderism and believe that they can “help” these children by passing the right laws.

    A case in point: Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, along with his attorney general, just recently announced that parents who support their transgender children with related medical care are guilty of child abuse and that “required reporters” face criminal charges if they do not report these activities. As well, the general public has been urged to report this too. Obviously, this will end up in court, and Abbott is on the wrong side of the law on this one. But, still, it points out how politicians who hold high public offices are willing to use innocent children and families for their own political gain.

    The Bathroom Issue is Symptomatic of a Larger Picture

    There is a large group in hetero society who continue to believe that transgenders are “freaks” who must be isolated and set apart so they do not “infect” their children. These are very conservative evangelicals and others who have never accepted the science that supports not just transgenders but all members of the LGBTQ+ community. Fortunately, they are becoming a minority in our larger society. Time is on our side.

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