Beyond all the glitz and glamour: Amsterdam Pride shows how far we’ve come and how far we have yet…

Last Updated 04.08.2019
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Even though many associate Pride Month with June, here in the Netherlands main Pride events fall on the weekend of August 3–4, 2019.

On the eve of Canal Pride is by far the most fun event of a month-long Pride celebration. The Drag Olympics — a crowd-pleasing experience with a long-standing history is open to an international slew of drag queens and kings. What can we say — it truly lives up to its Olympic title!This year, Taimi crew had the honor and pleasure of meeting Jennifer Hopelezz — a household superstar Drag Queen based in the Netherlands. Jenny is a celebrity here yet that celebrity status did not improve her chances of securing a taxi ride home when needed. So, she’s made it her mission to fight against discrimination, especially when it comes to taxi drivers refusing to accept passengers that they deem “inappropriate”. There should be no room for discrimination, anywhere, period. (well, exclamation point, really!)

At Taimi, we pride ourselves for providing people with a platform to connect freely and judgement-free. We know that not everyone has that ability. As the photo of our team with Jennifer Hopelezz circulated on the web, an unimaginable amount of hatred and ignorance spewed our way. Proving, that many have yet to grasp the concept of equal rights for all.

The highlight of Pride weekend here in Amsterdam is the Canal Parade. A pride parade like no other! 80 incredible boats floating down the many canals of this stunning city, a unique sight to be seen!The event also has a very diverse group of participants, ranging from politicians to businesses to police and the military.Boats are adorned with bright colors, different concepts and styles. What an amazing experience for everyone there! Not to mention all the glitter-infused rainbow-colored countless street parties across the many corners of Amsterdam.Wrapping up the festivities — a grandiose Closing Party at Dam Square featuring Conchita Wurst, Gay Men’s Chorus Amsterdam, Netta Barzilai and so many more amazing performers! Taimi crew had so much fun at Pride Amsterdam but beyond all the fun is an important message that we cannot forget.

The fight is not over! All the more reason why Taimi is growing to be LGBTQI+ inclusive. All the more reason for us to accelerate a social campaign to fight for equality around the globe.All the more reason for us to be out and proud! Love is love!

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