Best Lesbian Gifts For Holidays And Other Special Occasions

Last Updated 28.05.2022
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All people fall into two categories: people who easily come up with the best gift ideas and people who always fail to choose a perfect gift. If you belong to the second category and can't decide on lesbian gifts, this post is written for you.

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Whether you are looking for a lesbian gift to celebrate your anniversary, Christmas, or wedding, we are ready to provide you with a bunch of great ideas. Check them out and gift something truly special to your lesbian friend or lover.

General Rules on Choosing Lesbian Gifts

Before we start considering different gift ideas, we want to bring your attention to a few important things:

  • Your gift doesn't have to be expensive to win the receiver's heart. So don't pay much attention to price tags.

  • A gift can be something you can create rather than something you can buy. Again, remember that the actual price of your gift is not equal to its value.

  • To come up with a perfect gift idea, be attentive to what your lesbian partner tells you. The chances are she has already mentioned what she wants to get for her birthday or anniversary.

  • Analyze the gifts you receive from your lesbian friend. Pretty often, people give what they want to receive. For instance, if your friend gifts you cashmere sweaters, it means that she is a big fan of cashmere stuff. If you buy her a handmade cashmere scarf, she will be wearing it all the time.

  • Start your search early. The more time you have before special occasions, the easier it will be for you to come up with thoughtful lesbian gift ideas.

Know the Love Language of Your Partner before Deciding on a Lesbian Gift

The chances are you have heard about the concept of five love languages. According to this concept, all people prefer to express and receive the love using five different languages:

  • Words of affirmation

  • Quality time

  • Receiving gifts

  • Acts of service

  • Physical touch

You should know the love language of your girlfriend before you start choosing a gift. Why is it so important? The point is that all people are different. Not all people find happiness in receiving ordinary gifts (physical gifts that you can touch).

Let's say the love language of your girlfriend is "quality time". If you want to make a great surprise for her, don't buy her a diamond ring, she will not appreciate that. Buy tickets to Cancun and offer her to spend five spectacular nights at the Caribbean beach resort. That will be exactly what she expects to get from you.

Or let's say your partner's love language is "physical touch". Can you guess what kind of gifts she will like the most? I can bet she will be pleased to receive a full-body massage with the use of essential oils.

Romantic Gifts

Is your girlfriend a romantic person? If so, you should provide her with romantic gifts (even if you define yourself as a romantic individual). Depending on your budget, you can choose one of the following options.


Romantic ladies love flowers, and that's a fact. So if you want to put a smile on your girlfriend's face, you should buy her flowers. If you can't afford 1001 red roses, it's not a problem. You can go with simpler options.

In fact, not everyone loves roses. Some women prefer peonies and lilies, while others are obsessed with daisies and sunflowers. Know the preferences of the lady of your heart and surprise her with a lovely flower arrangement. The arrangement can be a complement to your bigger gift, or it can be a gift itself.

Here is a tweet from a user who believes that buying flowers must be a part of every romantic relationship.

Tip: Flowers are a perfect gift for someone you have just met on a lesbian chat. Since you don't know this person well enough, you can't give more thoughtful gifts.

Romantic Day Trip to a New City

In case your girlfriend loves traveling, you can plan a weekend trip to a city she has never been to. Basically, you don't have to go abroad or fly across the country if you are not ready to pay a high price. You can choose a small town nearby, plan the travel itinerary thoroughly, and play the role of her personal tour guide.

Every city, whether it's small or big, has something to offer to the tourists. Choose a destination where you can find small cozy parks with ponds and local bakeries with delicious croissants. Enjoy simple things together with your girl, and you will make the best memories.

Concert Tickets

Concert tickets are a go-to option for every holiday. Whether it's her birthday or anniversary, you can buy concert tickets and show tickets. If you know that she wants to attend the chosen concert/event, you can be 100% sure that your gift will not fail to disappoint her.

The only problem with such gifts is that the receiver knows the exact price you have paid. If the too high or too low price of the present can be an issue for your couple, you should consider other gift ideas.

Art Pieces

Do you need some ideas on what to gift to a girlfriend who loves art? We recommend you do the following:

  • Find the artists whom your girlfriend follows on Instagram. Check artists' profiles and find out whether they sell their art pieces. Probably there will be something you can choose as a gift.

  • Visit exhibitions together with your girlfriend. Make a list of the artworks that impress her the most. Check the price of exhibited art objects and see whether there is something you can afford.

Artistic gifts are a very specific category of gifts. If you are not into art, you will unlikely choose the right gift. Yep, it's a bad idea to buy a random wall art piece from a local shop.

Tip: Be thoughtful and make sure you know your girlfriend's preferences before you purchase the gift. That's the only way to surprise your girl in a good way.

Photo Mosaic

How many pictures of your girlfriend do you have in your phone gallery? One hundred, five hundred, or even more? You can use all those pictures to design a mosaic portrait. You can do it in PhotoShop (if you possess such skills) or pay for a designer who can do it for you.

Check the following tweet to see what mosaic portraits look like.

Tip: If you don't have enough pictures of your lover, start taking a picture a day. In a month or two, you will have a great collection of photographs for mosaics.

Christmas Gifts for Lesbians

Christmas lesbian gift is all about coziness, warmness, and care. By choosing the right gift, you show your girlfriend how much you love her and want her to feel calm and happy during the upcoming holidays. Here are a few ideas you can use.

Christmas Mugs

Special mugs for Christmas are one of those gift ideas that never go out of fashion. A mug with snowflakes or a mug shaped in the form of a Christmas moose are gifts with a low price but a great value. Mugs with a fun design boost the holiday spirit and help to create a magical atmosphere.

Warm Socks

Socks are another symbol of the Christmas and winter holidays. Do you want to show your partner how much you care about her? Find socks that will warm not only her feet but also her heart.

Tip: Think of print that would evoke her positive feelings. It may be a print associated with her favorite Christmas movie or something that was important in childhood.

Apparel and Equipment for Winter Sports

While some people choose to spend holidays staying at home and drinking hot coffee, others opt to celebrate Christmas somewhere in the mountains enjoying cold weather and winter activities. If your girlfriend is into skying, skateboarding, and skating, there are plenty of Christmas gift ideas you can choose from:

  • Goggles

  • Helmets

  • Snowboard bindings

  • Specially designed wear, including ski jackets and thermal underwear

Tip: The price for winter sports wear increases when the season is approaching. If you want to save a few bucks, shop for presents during the low season.

Box of Skincare Products

Our skin doesn't tolerate cool weather, so it's always a good idea to use special skincare during the winter.

"You can show your lesbian partner how much you care about her by gifting a beauty box with facial cleanser, cream, toner, and other essentials," says Melody Walsh, a cosmetologist.

If you have no ideas about what products to buy, visit a local beauty shop and talk to a sales representative. You should consult the expert and make a thoughtful choice to ensure that your gift will match your partner's skin type.

Tip: Attach a romantic note to the beauty box. Write something like this "You don't need to use an Instagram filter to be beautiful. You are perfect the way you are." It will make your partner feel even more special.

Lesbian Wedding Gifts

Are your lesbian friends getting married? You should buy them a valuable and meaningful gift. Check the following list of wedding gift ideas.

Rainbow-Themed Decoration Items

If your friends are active members of the LGBT community, it will be fun to choose rainbow-inspired lesbian wedding gifts. It can be a set of decorative pillows with rainbow print, a set of rainbow-colored utensils, or rainbow wall decor.

You can search for extraordinary pieces on Etsy. Just take a look at this floral wall decor created by an Etsy seller – it's just a perfect lesbian gift.

Equipment for Outdoor Activities

Do your lesbian friends love to go hiking and can't imagine their life without camping? It will be a good idea to gift them tools and items that they both can use when exploring forests and mountains.

You can buy them a pair of cool backpacks with creative rainbow patches, camp mugs, or warm fluffy blankets they can use during cold weather. These items will remind your friends about you every time they spend time outdoors.

Box Packed with Wine, Chocolate, Coffee, and other Deliciousness

If you are not close with the lesbian couple who invited you to a wedding party, it might be challenging for you to choose the right gift. If you don't want to be mistaken, give up all your creative ideas and simply make a box full of delicious stuff:

  • Choose a few packs of coffee from different countries (you should pick an exclusive coffee brand, Starbucks coffee will not work for this purpose!)

  • Add a few bottles of elite alcohol drinks (you need to choose products of a higher price!)

  • Add some chocolates or other non-perishable food that pair well with chosen drinks.

  • Decorate the box appropriately, and write a sweet personalized note.

Gift Ideas for Other Occasions

Are you looking for a perfect lesbian gift to celebrate a special event in your life? Here is a list of lesbian gifts that can be used for all types of occasions.

Sex Toys

Does your girlfriend like to experiment with different sex toys in bed? It's time to buy her a new vibrator or another toy for solo play. Such a gift reminds your partner that you find her attractive and encourage her to explore her sexuality.

Board Games

Is your lesbian partner a board game enthusiast? Is she one of those people who invite friends every Wednesday to play scrabble and monopoly? You can surprise her with an exclusive board game. Here are a few great game options you can buy to expand her collection:

  • Descent: Legends of the Dark

  • Undaunted: North Africa

  • Arkham Horror: The Card Game

  • Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

  • 7 WondersDIY Creative Gifts

Online Courses and Workshops

Do you want to help your girlfriend to achieve success in her career? The best gifts you can make for her is to invest in her self-development and self-growth.

Let's say she dreams about becoming a photographer. She is thinking about taking online classes to learn photography, but the high price prevents her from taking the next step. You can pay for online courses and help her reach her potential.

That's probably the best part of lesbian dating and gift giving. You can learn more about the ideas and desires your lesbian partner has and provide her with valuable gifts she truly deserves.

Lesbian Gifts You Can Create by Yourself

Lesbian gift ideas go far beyond the items you can buy at a shop. Do you truly want to surprise the person you love and strengthen your relationship?

You should put extra effort into creating a perfect gift. Here are a few ideas on how to astonish your queer partner with fun and romantic DIY gifts.

Write a Poem

Have you ever tried to express your feelings in poetic form? We highly encourage you to do it. Think about your relationship and reflect on how your partner has changed your life. Write about enjoyable moments you've shared together and describe the future life you hope to live.

Tip: Are you bad at rhyming? Instead of composing a poem, you can write a romantic list of "100 reasons why I love you". Write down all the details that make you happy in your relationship, and you will melt your lover's heart.

Bake a Cake

Is your partner a sweet tooth? Can you define her love language as an "act of service" rather than "receiving gifts"? If so, you can bake her a cake. It can be a red velvet cake, carrot cake, lemon pie, or whatever dessert of her choice.

Tip: You can find free video recipes on YouTube and follow them step by step. Don't worry; it's not as hard as it seems!

And you don't have to make your cake look perfect! Remember that you cook the dessert for one person who loves you, not for a big party. Focus on making your cake tasty rather than beautiful. Whatever the results, your partner will appreciate your efforts to please her.

Throw a Surprise Party

Lesbian gifts can come in all sizes and shapes, so make sure to consider all the ideas. If you know that your lesbian friend has dreamed about having a surprise party in her honor, you can make her dream come true.

Your main tasks will be to invite guests, prepare food and drinks, decorate the venue, order cake, and choose an appropriate playlist. Sounds like a lot of work, but it all will be worth it. Your efforts are the price you pay to make your close person happy.

Tip: Set a specific theme for the event. For instance, it can be a favorite movie, country, or epoch of your lesbian friend.

Make Anniversary Posts on Social Media

Another sweet thing you can make for the lady of your heart is to share a post or story about your anniversary on Instagram and Facebook. If you want to scream to the world that you love her so much, don't hesitate to do it. Let your followers know that you are taken and introduce them to the woman you love to the moon and back.

Tip: Be thoughtful about taking this step. If your lesbian partner hasn't come out yet, she will be angry with you for making your relationships public.

Listen to Your Heart, and You Will Choose the Best Lesbian Gifts

Probably you haven't found the exact gift ideas you have been looking for on this list. But we hope that this article has inspired you for something bigger. Listen to your intuition, and you will come up with the winning gift ideas to surprise the woman of your life.

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