Best Lesbian Bars in Denver

Last Updated 27.03.2023
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With the new year coming in strong, and the restrictions left behind from the Covid 19, pandemic having been mostly lifted, many have decided that the year 2023 is going to be the year to make up for the lost time.

This means more get-togethers, parties, nightclubs, and of course, visiting the bar. Of course, we can't expect the beautiful people in the LGBTQ community miss out on this, especially the beautiful lesbians.

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A Disappearing Phenomenon?

Today there are only 15 officially recognized lesbian bars in the United States, however, that doesn't mean that there aren't places that aren't friendly and welcoming towards lesbians. Here are 10 lesbian-friendly venues located in the city of Denver Colorado.

Blush and Blu

With only 15 exclusively lesbian bars left in the country, it is a very rare treat to find one. Luckily for us, Blush and Blu is a bar that is located right in downtown Denver Colorado. Colfax Ave is a bustling area that is well known in the area for its energetic LGBTQ scene, and this bar is no exception.

Sitting in the midst of the energetic area of East Colfax, and having survived the global pandemic it continues to thrive thanks to the local support of those who are LGBTQ.

Women can check out their upcoming events in order to find out the daily themes, specials, and more. This bar always offers you a good time, making it a great place to just pop in. Owner Jody Bouffard has created a true destination for lesbians in Downtown Denver. If you happen to be visiting we definitely recommend hitting up the Blush and Blu shop and purchasing some of the merchandise that they have available.

A portion of the profits that come from the sale of their merchandise is donated to a local youth LGBTQ organization. With good vibes, strong drinks, or a delicious frothy chai if booze isn't your thing. Blush and Blu is the perfect place for women in the LGBTQ community to spend a night out.

X Bar

While we may enjoy some of the more laid-back and relaxing bars that are available sometimes you just need a place where you can really let yourself loose. The X Bar has what it takes to make even the most seasoned members of the community blush. Located in East Colfax this is one of the bars that seems to offer everything from a weekend brunch, nightly themes, and events such as karaoke, local DJs, and more. Check out the X Bar, do your hair up big, prep those nails, and party with your friends like there is no tomorrow.

Tracks Nightclub

Another extraordinary LGBTQ bar, this time not located on the bustling Colfax ave. Tracks Nightclub claims to be the premiere LGBTQ club in Denver. One of the most popular dance clubs around and for good reason too. With good vibes, a wide range of drinks at the bar, blood-pumping music, and of course their three massive dance floors with a wide range of bars, drink selections, and of course multiple events. With so much to keep you busy while you check them out, it's no wonder that they are so popular. If you ever find yourself out on the town in Denver Colorado we definitely recommend checking them out.


Denver is considered to be one of the most welcoming and promising cities for those who are LGBTQ. If you are looking to have a good time or simply have a drink at the bar, Triangle is the place to be. With a chic, modern interior, leather booths, and of course sensual decor and lighting. It is the place to be when you find yourself in need of a good time, with a ton of space to dance and drink as well as a large outdoor patio space.

The Triangle also holds a lot of historic significance for the community as it is located in the Triangle Lounge Building. The building houses a bar that features a menu full of craft beverages and cocktails, excellent food served in farm-to-table style bites, and of course a Starbucks for those who need a bit of a pick me up during their night of partying.

With a strong focus on the environment and is known as one of the greenest or most eco-friendly bars in Denver. With the use of compostable items, sustainable energy, and more Triangle manages to keep a full truckload of waste out of the landfill every single month.


When you visit the Santa Fe art district and you happen to want to hit up a bar, keep your eye out for a gray building with rainbow flags in the windows. Trade Bar is always worth the time to check out, and we definitely suggest that you stop by. This completely unassuming building houses one of the most prominent LGBTQ-friendly kink and fetish bars. With strong drinks listed in their drink specials, and sensual house music. Trade is a place for folks to connect with one another in a safe, and welcoming environment.


What better place is there to check out than Denver's Disco Lounge, located on Capitol Hill in Denver? Take the time to check out one of our favorite lounges, let go of the stress of the week, and let yourself be immersed in great music and colorful lights.

Lucid is everything that you would want it to be and more. Vibrant, colorful, accepting, energetic, and when you grab yourself a Tito's and cranberry you can guarantee that the good times will continue. Oh and if you're wanting to join some of your fellow lesbians for a bite of food without having to deal with the hustle of the bar, you will find this club in the same building as Kyu Ramen. So you can enjoy a good time on the dance floor as well as a great meal on top of that.

R & R

R & R boasts the fact that it is one of the oldest gay bars in Denver, CO. With a laid-back atmosphere, and a fair share of both good and bad history. This bar has been operating since the 1950s and openly made the shift to being an openly gay bar. One fact that surprises many is the fact that R and R do not stand for Rest and Relaxation. It stands for the names of the owners at the time when it shifted to being a gay bar, Rick and Roger.

Of course, you do not go to R and R for the dance floor or club scene. Instead, you come through the doors to grab a table at this Colfax Ave spot, get together with your friends in CO, and simply enjoy the simple pleasures of life as you relax and enjoy your trip through Denver.

Denver Sweet

If you happen to be driving down Lincoln it's very possible that you have passed over many hidden gems. However Denver Sweet is anything but hidden. With a large rainbow flag and mural on the side of the building Denver Sweet practically screams "Look at me!" to anyone and everyone who happens to pass by.

Despite being a "Bear inspired" spot, Denver Sweet is an incredibly welcoming venue. Grab yourself a seat on the rooftop and enjoy the delicious foods which include appetizers, and pizza. Also, don't forget to wash all those delicious bites with a wide selection of booze.

Li'l Devil's Lounge

For some, the idea of a dance club or any other similar venue may not be the way to show off pride. If you are looking for something that is more pub and less club in CO, this is the place for you.

At the Li'l Devils lounge, you will find a more calm watering hole to visit. This venue features a long line of on-tap locally crafted beers, as well as a seasonal line of drinks.

The lounge is also the host of a large outdoor patio that everyone is encouraged to make use of. But there is also no discrimination against those who wish to spend an evening chatting with friends or checking out a recent event in the warm and cozy interior.

Charlie's Denver

If you ever want to catch a night at a themed bar Charlie's is a great place to head to. Of course, Broadway themes, as well as techno, and other electrical themes are incredibly popular in the community. With Charlies, you'll find yourself immersed in a pride-filled, wild west-themed. So grab that 10-gallon hat, put on your spurs, and head on out for a drink.

Having been open and operating over the last 40 years Charlie's has a long history and has even become one of the go-to places for a weekend in Denver. With a country-themed venue, a sense of local pride, and Mediterranean-centric foods, a night at Charlie's bar in Denver is an event in itself.

A Vibrant Bar Scene In The City of Denver CO

Denver is hip, progressive, 420-friendly, and absolutely beautiful. It's laid back enough to find a spot to hang out and chat. It is Sophisticated enough for cocktails on the patio, chill enough for karaoke with the locals, and fun enough to hit a few nightclubs all in one weekend. There is a space for you in the city of Denver that has the perfect space for you and a great cocktail menu.

Getting Around Denver

Don't end your party with a DUI, you have plenty of options that don't require renting a car. Take the bus, light rail, 16th street mall ride, rent an e-bike, ride an electric TukTuk, or take a horse and carriage. Of course, Denver is also pretty darn walkable.

What Are You Waiting For?

Do you only have one evening to stay? In that case, we recommend hitting Broadway or East Colfax. Both have some of the best lesbian-friendly spots in CO, as well as plenty of other places to chat or dance your ass off.

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