Best Gay Places To Celebrate Halloween

Last Updated 26.10.2018
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In case you still haven’t decided where to party on the Halloween night and organizing a house party seems like too much effort, we have found a couple of amazing Halloween destinations for you to keep in mind.New Orleans

We all know that New Orleans is THE place to be on Halloween, especially for the LGBT community. It is a story of the New Orleans gay community. A community coming together to share their love and sense of family, a community celebrating its unique culture and love of showmanship, a community coming to the aid of its own in the dark days of the AIDS crisis, and a community triumphing over challenges with a resilient, joyful spirit.Mexico

Another great place for celebration and feeling the gay vibe is Dia de los Meurtos, Day of the Dead. The event takes place on 2 November in Mexico, Latin America and Spain. The tradition of this celebration is to honor the dead, as it is believed that the spirits return to be together with their families on this day.BANGKOK

Moving on to Asia, the country which will give you the most hype about Halloween is Thailand. Especially the contribution of large expat community can be felt in Silom Soi 4 — a pedestrian street with bars, restaurants, and clubs in Bangkok. Here one can find a massive Halloween street party, the queen of all celebrations. The Bangkok gay population comes out and spreads its force carrying on long past the witching hours.ROMANIA

Who hasn’t dreamt of celebrating Halloween with their sexy vampire? You must celebrate Halloween in the home of Vlad the Impaler, more commonly known as Dracula. Spend the night in a medieval haunted castle in Transylvania, and we guarantee you will remember this experience forever.

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