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Best Gay Clubs in Atlanta - Where to Get Some Drinks and Enjoy Parties

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As someone part of the LGBTQ community, you may want to go to a place you know you'll fit right in. You want one of the best gay clubs in Atlanta to relax in, and maybe have some fun, without worrying that you're hitting on someone that doesn't "swing your way."

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    What many people do not know is that Atlanta is quite underrated when it comes to LGBTQ communities. With multiple nightlife spots and cozy bars, it is the perfect place for you to enjoy a night out.

    Why Atlanta?

    In the United States, there are 14 states that have fully operational LGBTQ bars. Atlanta's one of those states, and gay folk can easily enjoy some fun at Atlanta gay clubs.

    That being said, while most states celebrate Pride Month in June, Atlanta brings even more to the table, including:

    • Black Gay Pride

    • National Coming Out Day

    • Atlanta Pride

    Atlanta's the perfect place for you to feel like yourself because it brings you into your own crowd.

    Regan A. R. Gurung Ph.D. made a note on that aspect: "One reason that crowds make a difference is that we often rely on the behavior of others to give more meaning to our own experiences. This is even more the case when we are unsure of how to react or how we feel."

    What better place to feel part of a crowd than a gay club? There's no need to hide there, and gay bars are the perfect spot for you to be natural.

    In Atlanta, every day is the perfect day for you to show your pride. And luckily for you, there are several conveniently located gay clubs out there where you can do all the dancing and partying that you want.

    Top Atlanta Gay Clubs for Night Life

    There are some nights when you need entertainment. You want to enjoy some dancing and leave your daily worry behind as you join the party. If you want to have a good time in Atlanta, Georgia, here are a few nightclubs for you to go to.

    The Heretic Atlanta

    One of the oldest Atlanta gat clubs, this spot in Midtown has clients coming from all nearby cities. The nightlife here is glamorous, with wonderful restaurant dishes and fancy drinks served at bars.

    During the week, the mood is very relaxing at this location, making it a great point for a themed business setting. However, during the weekends, the nightlife catches on.

    Throughout June, the parties take place all week long, putting everything on deck. It's one of the best Atlanta Gay clubs in Midtown where you can truly be yourself.

    This is also Atlanta's hot spot for bears - here, broad shoulders and hairy chests are reigning. You can show your instincts wall-to-wall here, without any worries.


    If you want something that is not too over the top and relatively inexpensive, you can try the Bulldogs in Midtown. The drinks are highly potent, the bars are stacked with all the good stuff, and you also have pool tables where you can hit some balls.

    That being said, Bulldog is not only one of the best gay bars in motion. It also holds the title of "Original Atlanta Black Gay Pride Party spot."

    Bulldog also has a nice patio where you can cool off if the nightlife gets hot. It's definitely one of Atlanta's best clubs that you can enjoy every week.


    Sigmund Freud once said that "Homosexuality is assuredly no advantage, but it is nothing to be ashamed of, no vice, no degradation, it cannot be classified as an illness." This is why Atlanta's FUTURE was created; to give individuals a chance to create their own future.

    This club is one of the biggest in the city, spreading over 14,000 square feet. The place also has numerous events that you can enjoy with your friends such as karaoke, dancing parties, and fantasy cabaret nights with drag queens.

    My Sister's Room

    My Sister's Room is Atlanta's only lesbian bar and nightclub. Found in the East Atlanta village, the place is perfect for you to have a great weekend.

    During the day, My Sister's Room feels like a cozy bar in midtown, where you can enjoy a drink and just chill. During the night, the atmosphere in My Sister's Room changes into that of a nightclub, where you can dance your heart out.

    My Sister's Room is one of the very few places where you can enjoy high-quality food with your drink. You can drop by to eat lunch at noon, visit all of Atlanta's attractions afterward, and then come back for some evening drinks. There is also a nice patio where you can relax - either by yourself or with your date.

    10th & Piedmont

    Found in Midtown, this is one of the very few Atlanta gay clubs where you can enjoy delicious restaurant food. Whether you want to try Atlanta's finest see food or a vegan menu, this is the perfect place for you to take your friends to.

    The nightlife is also very rich here. Once 6 pm comes to pass, this adjoins with a sibling Atlanta gay pub, G's Midtown. Here, you can enjoy Atlanta's finest drinks and a weekend full of social events.

    Best Gay Bars in Atlanta

    Not everyone wants to be hammered with loud music and dancing people around them when they go out. Some simply want to sit at a table, have some nice conversations with a drink in hand, or perhaps join some karaoke sessions.

    If Atlanta's crazy nightlife is not for you, then perhaps a regular bar may be a more appropriate option. Here are just a few ideas:


    Are you in the mood for hitting the pool tables? In this case, this is one of Atlanta's best bars for you to go to. Located in Midtown, this is the perfect spot where you can catch up and relax before you return from your walk in the park.

    Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium

    If you are in the mood for games, this quirky pub is the one you want to go for. Church, as it is most commonly called, is a non-smoking gay bar in Midtown where you can have some drinks and join the nightlife.

    Every Wednesday, you can enjoy some killer organ music, the best (sac)religious art in the world, and have fun at patio parties.

    Blake's on the Park

    Do you want to have a legendary night and still keep it kind of low-key? Blake's On the Park is located in the Midtown "gaybourhood," giving you access to all the gay clubs around.

    This gay club is the perfect spot for you to meet someone you found on a dating app. The atmosphere during the day is very relaxing, whereas the parties can get very crazy at night. It's definitely one of the best bars in town.


    If you are in East Atlanta and want to go to a relaxing bar, then Mary's is a great place for you to visit. Advertised as a "dive bar," it is slightly quieter than a club but not lacking in entertainment.

    The owners at Mary's are very welcoming, the bartenders are great at their job, and the general crowd always seems to have a smile on its face. While the place is a bar, it holds various events such as karaoke and the occasional dance party.

    Mary's is conveniently located in the heart of East Atlanta, giving you access to a variety of other locations. While it will be difficult for you to want to leave this bar, there are other gay clubs out there that you can hit next.

    The Atlanta Eagle

    Whether you are traveling for business or just want to enjoy a weekend getaway, the Atlanta Eagle is one of the best places for you to go to. During the day, the music in the background is chill, and the drinks are some of the most inexpensive in the city.

    During the night, the celebration starts. The bartenders begin pouring the best cocktails in the city and the world becomes engulfed in the colors of the night. The deck is also a great spot for you to take a breather.

    The Bottom Line

    Atlanta gay clubs have a lot to offer. There are plenty of options, no matter if you are looking for a restaurant or a place to enjoy the nightlife.

    Whether you want to go for My Sister's Room, Blake's on the Park, or any other Atlanta gay bar on our list, there are many conveniently located options for you.

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