Attitude in Association with Taimi Present Digital Drag Race UK Special

Last Updated 03.04.2021
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Season Two of Drag Race UK was a true rollercoaster. It was hilarious, moving, shocking, and sometimes even maddening, which made it a perfect show to help everyone escape their mundane lockdown lives.

It was also a big milestone for the queer community in the UK. This season, the show welcomed participants of different gender identities and body types, so watching them on screen was just as much educational as it was entertaining.

To bring even more drag race extravaganza into the viewers’ life, back in January, Taimi partnered up with Attitude Magazine for a very exciting project — Tea Time with Jodie Harsh.

In the last few months, Jodie sat down with every queen following their elimination and asked them all the questions the viewers were dying to ask.

As a result, the viewers got to see 14 amazing interviews where the queens said how they felt about the judges’ decisions, spilled the tea on their relationships with each other, and shared their plans for the future.

The show was full of drama, with the coronavirus being one of its key characters. The filming was suspended after episode 4, and when it was renewed later in the year, one of the contestants, Veronica Green, had to leave the show after testing positive for COVID-19. In the same episode, Ginny Lemon shocked everyone after refusing to lip sync for her life.

From RuPaul’s “allergic” reaction to H&M to Bimini Bon Boulash sharing the struggles of being non-binary and breaking the charts with the United Kingdolls, the show had plenty of moments that made our jaws drop, challenged our biases, and put a smile on our faces.

On March 18, the show crowned its winner — the Scottish queen Lawrence Chaney, with Bimini Bon Boulash and Tayce joining Lawrence in the top 3. To celebrate the winners, Attitude Magazine released a Tea Time Digital Special in association with Taimi.

In the issue, all the Season 2 queens catch up with Jodie and share what’s been happening in their lives, but, of course, it’s the finalists who steal the spotlight. In their interviews, Lawrence shares her mom’s hilarious reaction to her win, Bimini talks about finding themselves through drag, and Tayce opens up about getting the cold shoulder from RuPaul. Oh, and the three of them grace the covers of the issue in their first but definitely not last post-RPDR cover shoots.

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