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Are Soulmates Real? Important Signs you Have found your Soulmate

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One of the questions many people around the world wonder is whether they will be able to find the one person they will truly connect with. You might have also wondered "Are soulmates real?" in the past, and you might have heard different opinions and beliefs from different people.

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    While some people believe in soulmates, others believe that there is not a particular person that is meant for you. If you believe that soulmates exist though, you might be wondering which are some signs that you have met that special someone. Here are some important signs you met your true soulmate, which you shouldn't miss.

    What exactly is a soulmate?

    When it comes to the definition of a soulmate, different people might have different beliefs on this. The most common opinion is that a soulmate is an individual with which you have a deep connection. This connection means that the bond between you is unbreakable and that you understand one another perfectly without this bond being created in a needy way.

    This individual will have a very significant impact on your life and soulmates tend to make your life better in so many ways. You need one another in order to grow and better yourselves and they become a life partner who is there loving you and caring for you in every way possible.

    Clinical psychologist Dr. Mark Borg Jr. says that the most common reaction people have when meeting their soulmates is freaking out. "Meaning that because it is so overwhelming psychologically and emotionally to get what we always believed we wanted, it tends to usher in an immense amount of anxiety and insecurity." This is a great representation of what a soulmate is meant to represent.

    Are there different types of soulmates?

    The idea and belief that a soulmate relationship has to be a romantic one are not always true. Soul mates can be more than romantic partners and the relationship can definitely be platonic.

    This soul partner is a person who will accompany you your entire life, whether it was love at first sight or a friend you met by destiny. No matter the distance or situations that arise, you will find your way to one another, and this soulmate connection between you will break all borders.

    Another type of soulmate can also be a pet that you love dearly. Most people actually consider their pets their soulmates and polls have shown that they wouldn't think twice about running into a burning building to save their dog or cat. Pets can truly give you unconditional love and this is so important for many people to consider their furbaby their soul mate.

    Can you have more than one soulmate?

    Some people might be lucky to have more than one soulmate in their lifetime and the idea is that every situation with a soulmate can be different. The universe might bring more than one soulmate relationship your way and while one might be with a lover, the other might be with your closest friend.

    Platonic and romantic relationships can coexist and an individual might find a soulmate in a friend and in a lover. This can even be a beloved pet, as sometimes the bond with your furbaby goes far beyond them being just a companion or a pet you own.

    How to tell if you have met your soulmate

    Keeping in mind all the previously mentioned points, most people still want to know if someone in their life is a soulmate. This mostly applies to their romantic partners, as people want to prove that their romance with their partner is meant to last by destiny.

    Some relationship experts suggest that love can be grown between two people as they get to know each other better. Others support the scientific proof and studies that suggest that certain energy patterns connect people.

    If you believe that soulmates exist though and you wish to know if a particular bond is meant by destiny, these points will surely help you get a better understanding of healthy relationships and their correlation to soulmates.

    You can be yourself around them

    First and foremost, when you are with your soulmate you are finally able to be yourself. You don't have to worry about being silly or sharing any idea or opinion with them and they know that you are being your true self. Many times, you might notice that it's not easy to be yourself around others.

    People tend to judge harshly anything they don't understand and this can give you the sense that you should not show your true self to others. The person you're considering your soulmate should make you feel confident about being yourself.

    Whether you are romantic soulmates or you consider them your best friend, they should make you feel secure and happy about showing yourself to them. No matter how much you click in other aspects, your soulmate should not make you feel like you have to hide parts of yourself because they don't like them.

    In other words, soul mates bring out the best version of yourself, and if this is your current SO, you should think if this is the only one person you truly feel you can be yourself with. This current relationship could cover all your destiny beliefs about a soulmate and help you understand the idea they might be the one.

    You feel complete being with them

    When you find your soulmate relationship, you finally feel like there is nothing you miss. This person is your best friend, your support system and possibly your lover and all these things click together effortlessly. There is the belief that soulmates have to have the same interests as you, but this doesn't necessarily help a person feel complete.

    What is important is feeling accepted and as if the other person cares about your interests and values your differences. Even when they don't share the same hobbies or like the same things, they still put the effort to learn about the things you like and encourage you to do things you enjoy.

    All of these things can make you feel complete but the most important thing is that they are the perfect person for you. You truly feel like you are both on the same page and this is the only person that is perfectly suited for you and your personality.

    You always try to understand each other

    While you might not share the same beliefs or ideas with this person or have many common interests, you see that they always put the effort to understand you and your point of view. The success of any particular relationship depends on a lot of things apart from attraction and one of these is showing understanding.

    This extends to how the other person reacts when you happen to be upset or very happy. True soulmate would do their best to put themselves in your shoes and see things from your perspective. They would make sure that they try to care for your needs and make you a priority in their lives.

    The difference between a simple and a soulmate relationship is that you will truly find support in the latter. If two people always try to understand and help one another, it is only realistic to expect that they will have great communication and love between them, whether they are romantic partners or not.

    They are your lover and best friend

    A soulmate relationship shows you that romantic love can coexist with a true friendship. Two people who are soul mates will also be best friends and view their current partner as the perfect example of true love and friendship.

    Whether you have been dating this person for some time or the romance between you has lasted some years and led to marriage, you will see that this belief follows your life always. In everything that you do, you always have fun together as best friends and you never stop loving and supporting one another.

    You both work hard for the relationship

    Communication between two partners is truly important in order to make things work and both parties need to work hard in order for things between them to be smooth. Just because someone is your soulmate, it doesn't mean that everything will be smooth sailing between the two partners.

    You and your other half will still fight and have disagreements, but what matters most is how you work to find solutions to these problems. Challenges should not be a negative thing and they can actually be an important telltale sign of whether this partner is our soulmate or not.

    There is amazing chemistry between you

    The physical chemistry between two people who are soulmates and in a romantic relationship will be incredible. There are no words to describe the passion and romance between two should that are connected and this is a sign that you have found the one.

    While you might have felt an intense spark with potential partners or in past relationships, the way you will feel with this one soul will be out of this world. Everything will seem like it falls into place and you will experience true love, passion, and intense attraction with just one individual.

    Keep in mind though, that sometimes certain relationships that start off with a lot of intensity and passion tend to die down and give you the sense that they were more draining than loving.

    While a relationship with a soulmate will also present challenges, the understanding and compassion between you are what will make it work in the end. Passion doesn't last forever, but you can't fake attraction and chemistry between two people who are soulmates.

    You finally feel safe and calm around them

    If your relationships in the past have been full of issues and you really felt like you were glad when they were over, you will definitely know it when you meet your true love and soulmate. The relationship with your soulmate should finally be that safe place you always needed in your lifetime.

    You might have spent years believing every relationship would be full of bad actions, arguments, and breakups, but a soulmate will help you bring that calm reality into existence. You will feel like you have been married to this individual all your life and know them so well but like you also feel in love with them as if just met them.

    Relationships with soulmates should feel easy and despite the realistic struggles every couple has, deep down you know they will always be there to support you and be your better half when you need them. This feeling of security and calmness is exactly how you can identify soulmates.

    You feel each other's feelings

    Another thing that will make you believe in soulmates and show you the answer to whether your other half is linked to you by destiny is the way the two of you experience each other's feelings. Soulmates just have this way of knowing each other's thoughts and can know what their significant other is thinking at first sight.

    The bond between them always helps them know when something is wrong right away, without even waiting for an answer. They feel the same amount of happiness when something good happens to their significant other and they celebrate every happy moment together as if they were just one person.

    Finding happiness doesn't have to depend on finding your soulmate

    Even if you believe that soulmates are real and that every person has one, you should keep in mind that soulmates exist in many shapes and forms. Your soulmate might be a pet or a friend you love dearly, not necessarily a romantic partner.

    This will help you find happiness in every relationship you feel loved and safe in and keep you believing in love. You don't have to keep searching for someone you consider a soulmate in order to be totally in love with your partner or be truly happy in a relationship, oftentimes the answer lies in putting your fair in the one you love.

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