America the Queer: 7 LGBTQ+ Friendly Country Bars and Clubs to Visit During Pride

Last Updated 26.05.2023
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What’s a Pride celebration without music, dancing, and drinks? And where does all of this typically happen? Well, except for outdoor concerts and music festivals (which are common at Pride events in large cities), all of this occurs at bars and clubs, especially those that are owned and operated by members of the community or who are staunch allies.

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But, what if you are a country music fan? Are there places for you too?

Stereotypes About Country Music and Bars

We generally associate country bars with white, often rough and burly guys, and their “cowgirl” women, both dressed in cowboy hats, boots, jeans, plaid shirts, and skirts and dresses that mimic earlier hoedown or square dance attire (but with a modern twist). Jewelry? Not so much on the men, but usually silver and turquoise on the women.

There might be a mechanical bull to ride; there will be all sorts of western wall décor, and the bar may look like that from a saloon in old Western movies. And the wait staff will also be adorned appropriately.

The music ranges from the classic themes of being lonely and on the range to more modern whines about love gone wrong, and the most current topics of whiskey, women, and fun.

And the dance floor? A place for the standard “two-step” as couples or large line dancing “events” where patrons participate singly. 

All in all? A fun environment for country music fans and for an almost exclusively heterosexual crowd. Yes, we know much of this aesthetic is quite popular in many queer circles. Still,  it’s no wonder that there are so few minority groups found in this music industry or in the bars that feature this cultural demographic.

Where Does the LGBTQ Community Go if It Loves the Country Music Scene?

Well, fortunately, there are some country bars that cater to the LGBTQ community. But if you want to find them during Pride, you will need to go to a major city.

So let’s take a look at the country bars that will satisfy your yearning for “country” during Pride.

The Round-Up Saloon – The Biggest and Most Well-Known

You will need to attend Pride in Dallas Texas to hit The Round-Up Saloon, a nationally-known country bar. It’s located in the “gayborhood” area, also known as Oak Lawn. It’s a huge club with a wraparound bar and a dance floor that can fit large numbers. Not only will you find all of the typical line dances and boot scoots to do, but you can get free dance lessons. Check out their events page for Pride celebrations. We’re looking forward to the Pride wine walk!

Other Country Music Venues to Visit During Pride

While the Round-Up is the most famous, there are plenty of other country music clubs around the U.S., and all of these places have Pride events every June. Find one that suits your travel plans and your budget and plan to take part.

Boot Rack Saloon

This gay bar in Jacksonville, Florida features rustic decor, open concept design, billiards, darts, and great conversations. It’s a great hangout for the younger, country set.

Scandals Saloon

Here’s another Florida oasis for the LGBTQ+ crowd. This one is in Ft. Lauderdale. There’s always country music playing here. Come enjoy the dance floor and that downhome feeling. There’s even a gospel Jubilee!

Charlie’s Las Vegas

As always, the entertainment scene in Vegas has something for everybody. Charlies is a gay bar in Las Vegas that’s also a country style watering hole.

Carol’s pub

Get your country in the Windy City. It’s true! You can find a great country, western pubs serving great drinks and music too! All are welcome at Chicago’s premier destination for all things country music.

Soulard Bastille

This country bar is located in one of the coolest and most LGBTQ+ friendly neighborhoods in the St. Louis area. They aren’t exclusively a gay bar, but their social media makes it clear that the community is welcome there. Come prepared to walk the neighborhood and do a bit of bar hopping. Also, the famously rainbow neighborhood, The Grove is just a quick uber away.

Club Tryangles 

Club Tryangles is a gay bar in a place that’s more than a little bit country. The bar itself isn't super country-leaning. However, it is a great place to check out if you’re in the area. There are always exciting events happening. Just check out their website.

Important Note: Some of these clubs are not exclusively for the LGBTQ community, and some cater to primarily lesbian or gay patrons. Nonetheless, they are all open to the entire community, and you will find a welcoming atmosphere at any of them. 

An Organization You Will Want to Follow

You may not know it, but queer country-western music venues and clubs are a lot more numerous than you may have imagined. You don’t need to be “out there” trying to find clubs and others who share not just your identity but your love for country-western music and dance. 

There is actually an organization – the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs (IAGSDC). Get on their website and check them out. You might want to join actually.

As for Pride events? IAGSDC publishes a monthly calendar of events all over the country. You might want to check out their June calendar as Pride looms. It will surely be filled with events and options.

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