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America the Beautiful For All

Alan Schin (he/him/his) is the Chief Editor at Taimi. He wears several hats daily as a writer, editor, blogger, and content contributor. He began his university studies as a Psychology student but found his passion in Advanced Communication Studies. Alan loves having the opportunity to write and help our content team shine. According to Alan, his education helps him to understand the dynamics behind dating and socialization better. When he isn’t busy with Taimi, Alan works on his first novel, a sci-fi thriller, and creates works of art in his ceramics studio.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are fully aware of the current assault on the LGBTQ+ community by at least 13 state lawmakers. In fact, by April of this year, there have been a total of 417 passed or proposed discriminatory laws that target our community – in areas of teaching and education, books, health care, and even drag visibility and performance.

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    Where are the rights of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and freedom of expression upon which this nation was founded? Sadly, they are under attack as far as our community is concerned.

    And it is for this reason that Taimi has launched its campaign, “America the Beautiful; America the Queer” to coincide with Pride month.

    A Bit of History

    Long ago, a queer university professor, scholar, and poet, Katherine Lee Bates, wrote “America the Beautiful,” a song that has come to be a “second national anthem” to Americans. She was a visionary and social reformer, way ahead of her time (she died in 1929), and one who worked tirelessly for the extension of the American values of democracy and equality to apply to all Americans.

    And sadly, we are not there yet.

    Taimi Takes Up the Call

    As we enter Pride month, Taimi has answered the call to take a stand on the recent assaults on the LGBTQ+ community and to sound off on the need for all of us to re-assert our rights guaranteed by our country’s founding documents and the values that they embed in American democracy.

    Taimi is committed to the rights of all Americans to live freely in their country, to be who they are, to love whom they love, and to do so in a climate of safety and protection. Unfortunately, laws and recent mass violence threaten all of this for our community.

    Goals of This Brand Campaign

    Taimi’s goals are clear and direct. This campaign is meant to shine a spotlight on what the term “America the Beautiful” should mean to all Americans and how every citizen must re-adopt the values and principles upon which this country was founded. This applies to the voting public, to the local, state, and national politicians, and to the courts that are designed to protect the safety and rights of all citizens.

    We Invite All to Stand with Taimi

    Taimi stands for progress, change, and a future that is tolerant, inclusive, and equal for all. Sexual orientation should not be a factor in any of this, but, sadly, it is today. We need to be a megaphone for challenging the current turbulent and divisive times, make our voices heard, and unify the LGBTQ+ and other progressive allied communities to demand a return to the values upon which this country was founded.

    A Call to Action

    It's time for a cultural awakening like never before. It’s time for those within our Taimi community to stand together; it’s time for those in the LGBTQ+ community all over the world to stand together; and it’s time for all who hold the values of “America the Beautiful” to stand in support of these values.

    And how do we do this? The majority of Americans are fine people who hold America’s democratic principles in their hearts. All of our users, all in the LGBTQ+ community, and all of those who support freedom for all, have a loud voice when they stand together. They can vote; they can place pressure on local, state, and national lawmakers. And they can join organizations that support the principles of our Constitution and our heritage.

    America the Beautiful; America the Queer. It’s our “battle cry.”

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