Ace Week 2020

Last Updated 25.10.2020
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During Ace Week, which will be celebrated on October 25–31, we raise awareness about asexuality and express our support for asexual people worldwide.

Ace Week, formerly known as Asexual Awareness Week, is a global initiative meant to educate society about asexuality and its types, support asexual people, and strive towards the future where they won’t be misunderstood, judged, or stigmatized.

Even today, in the mind of plenty of people, asexuality “equals” celibacy, lack of libido, inability to find a partner, or a temporary phase. Obviously, these mindsets are wrong — considering how deep, complicated, and individual sexuality, or lack thereof, is.

Asexuality is an umbrella term, as asexual people often use more specific terms for their gender or romantic orientation— gray-asexual, demiromantic, panromantic, queerplatonic and several other labels are their way to identify themselves.

As the world's biggest LGBTQ+ platform, Taimi offers a safe and secure space for everyone, no matter what they seek — dates, long-term relationships, networking opportunities, friends, or even a platform for their original content and streaming.

Being the most inclusive LGBTQ+ platform on the market and offering a full-fledged social network within the app, Taimi is guaranteed to be the best place for aces to find friends, like-minded people, share the content without the fear of judgment, and just be themselves! We are embracing the diversity of our community and are proud to have asexual people as a part of our ever-growing family of over 8 million Taimi app users.

Join us this Ace Week, as we celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community together! Spread the word about Ace Week, and support your fellow asexual people, and share your coming out stories with us — we are here for you.

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