A Guide to Transgender Sexting

Last Updated 22.11.2022
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Sexting is a modern sexual activity trend that's extremely fun, easily accessible, and, yes, educative. While most people only care about being physical, sexting allows them to further explore and learn more about pleasure, intimacy, and sex. Sexting is also a great flirting and foreplay technique. It all depends on how you play your cards.

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If you enjoy sexuality and pleasure, sexting is an interesting sexual activity that gives us that privilege without geographical barriers. Sexting is a medium where you can talk about physical pleasure with someone you like. You get turned on, and you get a chance to explore new and different sexual behaviors. Plus, you can share what excites you both already.

Sexual Activity for Everyone

There's nothing wrong with using your phone for sexual behaviors. If anything, it's meant to keep you in touch with people you love and give you unlimited access to people you would want to hook up with. The prevalence of mobile devices nowadays makes sexting more accessible than ever.

Whether you're struggling with your sexuality or identify with full pride as transgender, gay, bisexual, or lesbian, sexting allows you an intimate and low-pressure way to figure out what you're into. Sexting is the perfect blend of fantasy and experimentation in a much safer environment. This would explain the high sexting prevalence among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. In addition, this sexting behavior has a higher presence in transgender and cisgender young adults.

A Form of Sexual Communication

For trans people, online dating and hookup behaviors might slightly differ from their heterosexual counterparts. However, that does not take away any of the fun from it. With sexting, you may not have to worry about STIs or birth control, but with this decreased risk there is still a prevalence of checking your safety, especially being transgender.

It is easy to get confused by all the glamour and excitement around sexting. What exactly is sexting, and how do you go about it? Is it exchanging alluring photos? Does it involve sending long explicit paragraphs? Do you have to know all the playful emojis for a great sexting experience?

What Exactly is Sexting?

Sexting is a sexual activity that involves sharing any sex-related material over any digital device. Such content can be texts, images, gifs, memes, voice notes, or emails. As long as it's sexy and shared digitally, it's definitely a sext.

This brings us to the next discussion. What makes you a sexting transgender crackerjack? Authenticity will get you on top of the leaderboard faster than good camera angles. The secret to a great sexting session is staying honest about what turns you on. Being true to your desires allows you to accurately gauge your sexual compatibility with the other person.

Can People in a Relationship Sext?

This is an important discussion that most people get stuck at. Simply put, it is okay for anyone in a relationship to sext. However, everyone needs to be on the same page about sexting. This involves trust and confidentiality in your partner and respect for defined personal boundaries. If you're going to sexting with someone, they must respect your privacy.

They should not share any of the material with other people without your consent, even if you break up. In addition, you should both be into the idea of sexting, and nobody should force you into anything you're uncomfortable with. If someone is negligent of your boundaries, then they are not a trustworthy sexting partner. Be wary of sexting partners with such callous behavior. If you intend on sexting your partner while they are at work, it is highly advisable to use a device that the HR department or their boss cannot access. Nobody wants to be having a discussion with their boss about their sexual activity and behaviors.

According to studies, transgender individuals are more likely to be sexting with their partners or potential mates than cisgender males and females and are usually not in long-term relationships. Established couples are less likely to sext than their single counterparts.

Getting Started - A Perfect Template

When it comes to sexting behaviors and tips, there's always something you could learn from the internet, if not from your partner. However, most tips, guidelines, and associations are meant for a hetero audience, which sidelines the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender experiences.

Nevertheless, there are several basics that apply when sexting to ensure everyone practices safe and consensual behaviors. This helps to maintain the sexy and fun aspect of sexual activity. So before you start crafting the perfect sext, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Always Seek Consent

You've probably heard this a thousand times. Still, consent is the foundation of any healthy, stable, and happy relationship, regardless of gender. Asking for consent is a respectful behavior that ensures both partners are okay with sending and receiving sexts from each other. No matter the prevalence of this activity, no one should be pressured into sexting, regardless of the type of relationship they are in. Disregarding non-consent is toxic and manipulative behavior, which is a sign that you shouldn't be with them anyway, let alone sexting them. Don't let your behavior be a source of depression!

Please note that sexting consent is not an all-time free pass. In fact, make sure to ask for your partner's consent each time you want to send something explicit their way. Such considerate behavior allows your partner to work without disruptions, and they can say no when they are not in the right mental space for sexting.

Like any sexual activity, an individual is liable to change their consent about sexting behavior at any time. If you are uncertain about what your partner feels about certain behaviors and requests while sexting, you can ask them. A consent discussion about sex doesn't have to be a yes/no conversation. While sexting like this might work for some people, there are other interesting ways you could go about it. A little flirting will indicate whether they are into the idea or not. Shoot them a flirt text and see how they respond to your sexting.

2. Discuss Your Boundaries

You must have a defined structure of what is acceptable and what's not, no matter the prevalence of naughty texting. This includes what you're willing to sext about, the media you're willing to share, and what happens to the sexting conversations afterward. Sexting behaviors come with a lot of responsibilities to each other and to your relationship as well. This is especially important to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals who are still closeted or want to keep their sexual activity low-key. Crossing their boundaries can result in being a source of depression.

In addition, the sexting consent discussion allows you to agree on a safe and suitable platform for sexting. There is a prevalence of dating apps out there, but you'd be wise to go for a secure app that doesn't upload your media on your cloud/drive and should have a secure privacy policy. Privacy is important for all, but for transgender people overall and cis females, the risk of exposure can be devastating. Establishing what you're both into while sexting allows you to steer away from creepy and illegal behaviors.

3. Clarify Your Intentions

Before you start with sexting behaviors, you must make your intentions clear. Are you just looking for a hot and sexy way to spend your time, or are you looking for something more? Just like sex, sexting is a very intimate behavior, so be sure you trust your partner. Being clear about your needs ensures that the sexting behaviors remain consensual, fun, and no cause for depression for either partner.

4. Double-Check Before You Hit Send

The easiest way to swirl into anxiety and depression is to send a naughty text to the wrong person. As such, it is wise to turn off the auto-download feature on your sexting device unless you want your very explicit photos uploaded to the family album and your naughty behavior exposed.

A Sexting Adventure

Now that you're ready to turn on your freaky sexting behavior, you better prepare to get all hot and bothered. A simple starter kit includes a sexy gif keyboard and stickers. After all, pictures can be worth a lot more than words.

Don't wallow in depression or get worried when things get awkward and you have nothing to text back. It happens sometimes. However, don't leave your partner in the dark. Be vulnerable; this will allow you to laugh at your mistakes and experiment some more while sexting.

Here are several examples of sexting behaviors you could use;

1. Send Sexy Previews

This is a great sexting behavior that helps build up excitement before a date, especially for long-distance relationships. Describe in explicit detail what they should expect when you meet. This strategy is best suited for couples seeking to spice their sexual relationship.

2. Shoot a Text of Your Sexual Request

Sexting is a hot sexy way to talk to your partner about sexual behavior that's important to you, but without the nerve-wracking anxiety that comes with such conversations. Sexting is a bold behavior that allows you to get what you want sexually with decreased risk of compromising on consent and boundaries. Be sure to decline behavior or suggestions you might find uncomfortable in real life. This, like all other sexual activities, should not result in depression!

3. Describe Your Fantasies

This is a great sexting behavior if you're trying to introduce a fantasy. If you are both open people who can discuss anything, this serves as erotic fodder for your conversations. You don't have to reveal all your deepest fantasies if you don't want to.

4. Shoot them a Naughty, Teasing Text

This kind of sexting is best suited for long-distance couples who want to retain the steamy nature of their relationship. Not only does it amp their sexual urge, but it also helps to fight the depression that most long-distance partners have to deal with. In addition, flirty texts are a fun and effective foreplay technique. These texts could go anywhere from simple teases to full-on kink play.

5. Share Memories from a Passionate Night

Bringing up your raunchiest memories is a great way to get the ball rolling and strengthen your intimacy. Such a discussion allows you to recreate memories while building relationship continuity. If your relationship dynamic allows it, you can also share special sexual memories with an ex, regardless of their gender. Make sure it is okay, otherwise something fun and flirty can become a depression in their happiness.

6. Flirty Compliments

Take this opportunity to shower your partner with praise about how good they are in bed or how physically attractive they are when sexting. In this case, compliments reinforce factual stuff about them and their sexual performance to your advantage.


Sexting is a world with so many associations that we can never fully explore, and our tips are a guide to get you started. As you get more comfortable with yourself, your partner, and the idea of sexting, sending an explicit photo or a raunchy text will become much easier. As your sexting confidence grows, don't be afraid to turn the explicit dial all the way up!

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